But at least

"You can’t compete with handsome if you practice alcohol for another ten thousand years!"
Su Long Hao Shuang Wei Xiao Yin Su Wangfu echoed.
"No, no, really not line! This terran dragon wife is overbearing! Wait for the king to rest for one night and fight again! "
However, it is obvious that Su Yu’s drinking is weak and his mouth is full of nonsense, which is not enough for his father.
In the end, the wine game ended with Su Yu’s fiasco and drunkenness. He was sent back to his room with the help of three girls who were full of love.
"You can’t drink less. What are you arguing with your master about?"
"Grandpa, you have drunk too much."
"Aner, go and get the hangover tea."
Three women’s distressed voices kept ringing around Su Yu.
"Smelly look down upon you time still dare to calculate you old! Hundreds of officials forced the palace to hum! Even if you do that position, you are still my Su Longer! "
Su Long laughed and looked at Su Yu being helped to leave his back. His voice was full of carefree and he went back to his room alone with a pot of spirits.
But people know that Su Long seems to laugh after being drunk, but two lines of tears flow quietly.
Children are talented, resourceful, courageous and ambitious! This made him both satisfied, worried and distressed.
The more talented people live, the more tired they are!
It’s a pity that my feather is too good. He is destined to live and everyone is tired. Since he wants to sit in that position, it is doomed that I, as a father, can’t give him much help and can’t cover the haze above his head any more.
Su Longxin is very proud, but he also has uncontrollable yearning and a touch of bitterness.
If you know that Yu Er has become so brilliant, you won’t dislike that I won’t take care of the children alone!
Su Long wing steps with a lonely bleak figure beside the wall pilaster bloody sword casually throw next to him at the horizon waning moon crack mouth smiled and said, "you give me a good bitch! Handsome children are also very powerful! Come back and see Yu Er if you have something to do! He is handsome, overbearing and heroic! "
"General, go back to your room and rest."
Carefully assist Su Long before riding a fighter with jet.
"get out! Don’t bother handsome drinking! "
One night passed in a flash, and then three women took good care of Su Yu. Although her head ached because of drunkenness, she could not get up the next day.
It’s not genius. Su Yu got up at first light. Ling Aner took care of washing and changing clothes.
Little fox ran around Su Yu’s room in peace and climbed Ling Aner’s skirts and climbed her shoulders. This little fox especially likes to stick to Ling Aner now.
It’s not that it doesn’t recognize Su Yu, the owner. Who let it be busy all day? When it takes care of it, there is no pity. An can follow Ling Aner and become three female pets.
"Grandpa, why are you up so early? Why don’t you get some sleep?"
Ling Aner complained in her tender voice that she blamed Su Yu for not knowing how to cherish herself.
Poor her grandfather, who has slept very little every day since he took the position of Lord. After he came to the Imperial City, he often couldn’t sleep at night and stayed up all night planning and layout before sitting at his desk. The oil lamp in Su Yu’s room was often on night after night, and she and his two women were dying of love.
"Success is inseparable from my own efforts, and I am not qualified to slack off now."
Su Yu smiled and washed her face refreshed. "What’s more, there is still a good show to see today! Do not miss it! "
"What good show?"
Ling Aner’s beautiful eyes are wide open and moist, and her eyes are full of beautiful faces to Su Yu.
"I won’t tell you"
Su Yu evil spirit smiled and stretched out his hand and hooked GouLing Ann’s little Joan nose.
"Grandpa, you are so bad!"
Ling Aner pouted, but the beautiful corners of her mouth rippled and she couldn’t turn into honey.
Chapter 2 Long live the new Lord!
Su Yu was talking with Ling Aner and a servant hurried to report that "tens of thousands of people gathered outside Gongye Wangfu! They all asked to see you! "
"oh? Then wait for the king to check it out! "
Su Yu smiled and pushed the door and strode towards the outside of the house.
The show is coming!
Outside the Suwangfu Gate
"Little Lord!"
"Little Lord!"
"Little Lord!"
Su Yu just stepped out of the gate of Su Wangfu and saw that the street outside the house was crowded with people, and it was full of folks! The street, which used to be spacious, was already packed, and human beings gathered outside the palace of Su.
There are fighters dressed in robes, armed with sharp weapons, beggars in rags, peasant wives with babies, shopkeepers with abacus and children with sweat towels on their shoulders, and all kinds of people gather to shout Su Yu’s name.
Su Yu went out and saw Su Long’s wry smile before he went out.
"Dad, what’s going on!"
Su Yu was so surprised that he didn’t do two steps before going.
Su Long gave him an angry stare. "How do I know that I always slept well and was awakened by this group of people early in the morning!"
Su Long complained, but he couldn’t bear to be harsh on these people. He ordered jet to ride in the mansion and not appear! Some domestic servants stay here to keep order.
"You want to find the little prince!"
Su Long’s voice was particularly bright, and he dragged Su Yu to push it out.
Poor Su Zhanshen was filled with joy. When these people came to thank themselves, there was a rescue result. I didn’t expect these guys to shout Su Yu’s name!
"You kings don’t know what they’ve done, but they’ve worked hard to put on such a big fight on a blind date."
Su Yu smiled wryly, handing over and being kind.
This long street is tens of thousands of people, to say the least.
"We are gathered here to hear that the little prince rejected the petition of officials yesterday!"
There was a gown that knelt on his knees. He looked respectful and took out a thing from his pocket and said, "We are all rough people who don’t understand heaven, geography or the great cause of our country! We know that the little prince drives the orcs! Drive out the aliens! Plastic terran backbone! Hundreds of battles to protect the lives of millions of people in the Imperial Capital! "
"Such a great warrior is a godsend to our Terran! We don’t beg, don’t send out millions of people in this imperial city to petition and beg the little prince to be our emperor in Dabao! Be the emperor of heaven! Be the Terran Emperor! "
The sound of the gown is bright. He holds the scroll high, and several people around him are beating it!