But at this moment, he said, "teacher, we have found Qin. It’s Qin. He’s dead!" What?

I heard an exclamation that Wu Zheng’s eyes were wide open, and I couldn’t believe it. Looking at Kong and Kong Liang brothers, let alone Wu, even Song Jiang couldn’t help breathing and clenched his fist to hide his cuffs. "Who killed Qin?"
Song Jiang, if this question has a result, you can judge a lot of things.
If Qin died at the hands of the imperial court, then his plan is unlikely to be leaked, but if he died at the hands of Classical Song Jiang believes that their plan has been leaked.
I’ve never been so nervous. Sung River stared at Kong and Kong Liang because they answered almost this, and their future was like a trend.
Listen to the Kong Kong Liang brothers shook their heads and said, "When we used to, there was no one there. There were some sunken ship fragments floating around, and there were some bodies, and Qin bodies were mixed with those bodies."
Song Jiang frowned and stared at the two brothers. "So you two don’t know whether Qin died by hand?"
Kong and Kong Liang nodded and listened to the tunnel "but we have brought Qin’s body back."
Wu’s eyes lit up and he took a admiring look at the two brothers and said, "Not bad!"
Soon Qin’s body was carried up, although it was soaked in water for a while, but after all, it didn’t take long to see Qin’s body and it didn’t change much
Looking at the lying body, Sung River and Wu came forward to have a look. Two people can be sure that Qin Shen didn’t hurt him, and the only fatal wound was the blood hole between the eyebrows on his forehead.
Wu smoothed her beard and said, "If there is no mistake, Qin should have been hurt by people’s finger strength. Whether it’s the Nguyen Brothers or Bian Xiang’s classical style, they are not good at fingering. If they really want to kill people, their means will be even more explosive, and they will not be like this. I can judge that Qin 19th is a dead Chu Yi and Hu Yan burning their hands."
Spit out a mouthful of polluted air. Sung River is a little relieved to say, "So good, so good."
At the moment, a coarse voice came far away and said, "Brother Gong, brother, go to Juyi Hall, and classical brother is back."
Song Jiang and Wu looked at each other with a dignified look, and Wu looked at Song Jiangdao after a little hesitation. "Go and have a look."
At this time, the large Juyi Hall is quiet, but all the leaders who come here are sitting there one by one with a shocked look and looking at the quiet face of several bodies in the middle of the hall.
Anyone who is not blind can recognize the figures lying on the ground without breath at the moment. The Nguyen Brothers, Gongsun Sheng and Bianxiang are the famous leaders in the shanzhai, especially the classical right-hand man. It can be said that several people are almost the strongest supporters of the classical shanzhai.
Of course, everyone’s attention is half to a few people’s bodies, and half of them sit there and sink into silence.
At the moment, a terrible smell is coming to the classical center, and everyone can feel the power of classical body, which belongs to heaven and human form, but when they see classical heart, there will be an enlightenment that sitting in front of them is a statue of a terrible man and a strong man.
Classical made no secret of exposing himself to heaven and man, which obviously brought great impact to these people.
If classical breakthrough in the realm of heaven and man is a great event for Liangshan, then it is a great misfortune for Liangshan that Nguyen Brothers, Gongsun Sheng and Bianxiang died. At this time, the mood of the leaders in the hall can be imagined.
It is this situation that Song Jiangtong and Wu and likui jy walked into the hall.
Song Jiang first saw the bodies. When he saw the bodies of several Nguyen brothers, Song Jiang’s eyes shrank, and when he quickly stepped forward, he burst into tears. "Little Seven brothers, Bianxiang brothers and Taoist Gong Sun, how can you just leave? Wake up, wake up for me …"
Many people’s eyes are sore, and some people are moved to look at crying like a crybaby. Song Jiang’s heart is full of affection and righteousness and sighs.
When he shook his body, Sung River turned out to be a sad, over-comatose man who fell to the ground in the past.
Wu hurriedly took the pulse of the ex-Sung River and then looked up at a group of people, and said, "Brother Sung River, he was so sad that his qi and blood stagnated and temporarily fainted."
Classical, who has been sitting there all the time, slowly sat up and stepped forward and took a look at Song Jiang and sighed, "People can’t be resurrected when they die, and you don’t have to be too sad. They followed me to intercept Chu thieves, and they were ready to die!"
Sung river faint woke up and turned around as if to see the classical side suddenly burst into tears. "Who is the classical brother? Who hurt the seven brothers?" Chu Yi and Hu Yan burned them, and Song Jiang swore to heaven that several brothers would avenge themselves. "
Classical patted sung river on the shoulder and said, "The male brothers are concerned. If Xiaoqi is clever, they will be very pleased."
With a cold eye, Classical said, "Xiaoqi, they will never forget that they hated me in Liangshan. If they don’t report it to Classical, they will swear!"
"Kill loyalist revenge!"
"Kill loyalist revenge!"
Sung river suddenly gnashed her teeth and a field all the leaders followed sink to drink a way.
At that time, the Juyi Hall echoed with revenge.
A sign for someone to carry the bodies of several Nguyen brothers to Classical, and Song Jiang, Wu and others were the first to sit in the theme.
At the moment, Classical looked around at everyone and his eyes were filled with majesty: "Heaven is fatuous and treacherous, and our officials forced the people to stand against the banner of good deeds. It is not against our will that this court will attack us. You may wish to join me in World War I"