In Yongjiang orphanage

Hao Ren looked at the surrounding environment wrapped in fog and said jokingly, "Lao Li, what do you think they are doing this for?" They won’t be able to trap us in this small secret, will they? "
"Who knows, but this secret is too fragile. Let me do it."
"Well, I taught you."
Uncle Li took out a bag full of wrinkled flowers from his arms
Look at this Chinese packaging. It’s been there for a while.
If it weren’t for today’s special day, he might not want to smoke.
Hua … What a cigarette!
Uncle Li pulled out a flower and threw it behind him to form a perfect parabola.
A bright light that belongs to the animal bender suddenly appeared from behind Uncle Li.
One second, a huge stone lion with a height of five meters slowly came out of the light and caught the small China with two claws.
"Slow down and smoke this cigarette. I can’t afford it. It’s Xiao Lu’s delivery. After smoking, there will be no waves."
The giant stone lion looked down at Uncle Fang Li, showing his yellow teeth and telling himself carefully.
I was very surprised to vomit the polluted air.
Slow down? Isn’t it a few things for Wang to talk slowly? Look at your shameful and stingy appearance.
I thought cigarettes were for smoking!
The huge stone lion bit his teeth and Dahua leaned over to come to Uncle Li.
Uncle Li suddenly got the message and took out a cheap one-dollar lighter to give it a cigarette.
Hoo ~
Soon a huge stone lion puffed up at the entrance of the orphanage.
That’s funny … and scary.
Lions can smoke. Damn it!
And a flower was soon finished by the lion.
It looked at Uncle Li’s pocket.
I noticed the stone lion’s eyes, and Uncle Li quietly put the exposed seeds in his pocket.
Shishi gave Uncle Li a bad look when he saw it, then got up and looked at the thick fog overhead with invincible eyes.
A land so fragile wants to trap the king? Funny!
"roar! ! !”
A huge lion’s roar suddenly resounded through the whole land.
The horror roar was amazing, and air billow instantly spread to the surrounding area, causing the surrounding land to start shaking violently
Cracks appear with the number of places where gas volume passes.
It seems that there is a roar that directly shatters the shakotan land.
For the really strong, the way to leave the secret world has always been so simple.
Secret key?
I am the key myself! ! !
At the same time, due to the sudden vibration of the former secret land, Liu Yuan failed to make a clean break with Qi Ling.
Miss the opportunity, Liu Yuanhao and Qi Ling confront each other.
It’s not that Liu Yuan doesn’t want to pursue 56-point thrashing. After all, Qi Ling is seriously injured now.
There are two deep bone wounds in the shoulder and chest.
And because Liu Yuan’s "Two Knives Flow, Purgatory Rashomon" carries a horrible purgatory fire.
All these purgatory fires have left the wounds of Qi Ling, which are constantly eroding the vitality of Qi Ling.
It is precisely because of these purgatory fires that Qi Linggen can’t help himself to recover from these wounds immediately.
This state of arousal is much weaker than it was at the beginning.
But Qi Ling was injured and Liu Yuan’s situation was not much better.
It’s not that Liu Yuan was badly injured.
You know, from the beginning of the battle to the present, Liu Yuan relied on what he saw and heard, and he was almost not badly hurt.
But he’s not hurt, but his weapon is gone!
Two standard industrial alloy steel knives have long been overwhelmed in a series of battles.
When I finally broke through the thunder barrier of Qiling, it was almost completely broken
And after they were cut by Lu Yuan to Qi Ling, the scales of Kirin completely collapsed.
Now without weapons, Lu Yuan is like a tiger without teeth.
You want me a toothless tiger to deal with a wounded unicorn …
Boy, if you want me to die, just say that there is no need to make such a crooked road!
When I think that I missed the chance to kill one blow because of that strange earthquake.
Liu Yuan hates tooth itch in his heart.
That’s … What a lie!
What Lu Yuan didn’t know was that the earthquake would happen because his secret land suddenly shifted.
And a transfer of the realm is bound to be accompanied by violent vibration.
It can be said that … he was a little unlucky, just as he was going to kill a blow, the boundary changed.
However, although there are no two alloy long knives, a chef of Liu Yuan still has a lot of kitchen utensils.
Think of this Liu Yuan bullet took out two kitchen knives from his royal beast.
These two kitchen knives are usually cut by Lu Yuan.
However, the vegetable chopping knife is definitely not as good as the original alloy steel knife in fighting.
But the eye is not paying attention to these times.
Although I just had two knives and purgatory Rashomon caused a lot of damage to Qi Ling and the purgatory fire hindered Qi Ling’s recovery ability to some extent.
But Liu Yuan can’t guarantee how long these purgatory fires will last.
Because after just a few seconds, Lu Yuan saw that the purgatory fire at Qi Ling’s wound began to be visible to the naked eye and the speed began to go out.
Look, it won’t take more than half a minute for these purgatory fires to be discharged from the body after awakening the spirit.
Without purgatory fire, the body can recover quickly.
Once let her recover, the situation will be completely different!
Think of this Liu Yuanjiang endured the eyes to sting.
Power operation purgatory breathing in the kitchen knife ready to qi ling continue to attack.
But at this time, a loud roar suddenly came from behind him
That amazing roar made the whole land shake violently.