Ling Yuansheng thought it carefully and then figured it out.

If there are forces attacking Baiyun Mountain, hundreds and thousands of people will directly rush into the large array and fall into a dreamland.
At this time, it is necessary to manipulate the illusion and let these people into the array kill each other.
Even if there are people with firm minds, how many are there?
Ling yuan was very excited at the thought of here. There is no white flower in Lingshi.
"In that case, let’s start."
With a wave of his hand, the bodhi old zu sleeve rolled up and Ling Yuansheng disappeared in situ before he could react.
After a while, the two men came to the true Xuanzong compound to send them outside the array.
"Visit the Elder Tai"
"Well, get up."
"Elder Xie Tai"
After a while, the bodhi old zu came to Wufangcheng, then arrived at Baigui Road through Wufangcheng and finally arrived at Baiyun Island.
The ancestors of the true Xuanzong floating dust visited the Ling clan and paid great attention to it.
Then I saw the three or four hundred Ling clan people in Baiyun Mountain Square lined up neatly and waited with a serious expression.
Suddenly, hundreds of Ling clan people flashed in front of them, and when the flashes disappeared, they saw the bodhi old zu with his left hand behind his back and his right hand stroking his beard.
Ling Yuansheng is very respectful next to him.
"This is the first school of cultivating immortals in Beihai, and the true Xuanzong floating dust ancestor Zur has not yet paid a visit."
As soon as this statement appeared, hundreds of Ling clan talents reacted with blindness and said, "I’ll meet the ancestors of the floating dust."
Ling Yuansheng smiled apologetically, "Let the seniors laugh."
The bodhi old zu waved his hand to "prevent"
Immediately, he said, "This place is nice. It has three medium-sized veins, so you don’t need to add the ability of Lingshi to fuel the old misty array."
"How can a medium-sized spirit pulse get into the eyes of its predecessors?"
The bodhi old zu floating dust didn’t mean his words, but asked, "How many array wizards are there in your family? What level have they reached? "
"Report back that there are more than a dozen first-order array wizards in the younger generation, and one just broke through the second-order array wizard."
In the past few years, Ling Ren ‘an has made great progress because of arranging a large number of array repairs. Not long ago, he successfully broke through. Now he is a second-order array mage.
"Is there a second-order array mage?"
Ling Yuansheng was a little flustered when he saw the floating dust and the bodhi old zu frowning. "What’s wrong with the elder?"
Smell speech floating dust bodhi old zu shook his head "this way is not to call them all over the old have something to command"
Fourteen first-order array mages and a new breakthrough second-order array mage have gathered in front of the bodhi old zu after half a wick fragrance.
"After the old will decorate a third-order large array, you have to do odd jobs next to it. Of course, it’s too difficult for you to do it."
He told fourteen first-order array teachers and then looked at the only second-order array mage in Ling’s family.
"What’s your name?"
"Report to the bodhi old zu and the younger generation Ling Ren ‘an"
"Well, although you just broke through soon, after all, being a second-order array mage is much better than these fourteen people. You can do some small things with the old man during the disposal period."
Ling Ren ‘an excitedly said, "The younger generation is obedient."
The bodhi old zu of floating dust is a fourth-order array mage. Although it is very short, he will certainly gain a lot of array knowledge.
The most important thing is that you can take the opportunity to find out your own difficulties in learning array. If the other party can solve them, it is suspected that you have made a lot of money.
The fourteen Lingshi first-order array wizards looked at him differently, and their eyes were full of envy. If it weren’t for the estimation that Lingren ‘an was a family elder, they would show their eagerness to replace him.
The bodhi old zu said, "I’ll take a look at the terrain here first, and then consider it as the most appropriate disposal."
Ling Yuansheng Ling Ren ‘an accompanied the floating dust bodhi old zu, and the rest of them were scattered. Some elders of Ling’s Tsukiji got together and waited for news.
The bodhi old zu with a thoughtful expression on his face beside Ling Ren ‘an respectfully.
Ling Yuansheng asked, "What do you think?"
"If you want to arrange a misty array, the terrain here needs to be changed."
"But it’s not a big change, it’s just a small change."
Smell speech ling yuan was born with a sigh of relief.
Then the bodhi old zu told him that if he changed it, he would keep it in mind and arrange someone to change the terrain.