Liu Ba also stirred up his feelings. "Master Xiang will be fine! In the future, he will shake the moonlight! "

Lu Xiangdao: "I was once a prime minister and political enemy, and I looked around and died. A phoenix was even more powerful than a phoenix. This official is more powerful than a phoenix. I also have a white emperor to balance the official. I have a companion like a tiger. It seems calm, but in fact, the tide is surging. Sometimes I am really worried that I will go to Lu Ba one day. Remember, if I really go there, I will give him to your four brothers. I don’t trust you except the four of you. Because your surname is Lu, you must let him live at all costs and cure him!"
Chapter one hundred and three Go into the deep end of the cave alone (1)
After listening to Lu Xiang’s remarks, Lu Ba felt bad.
Lu is overbearing. "You will be fine, even if I die, I will not let you be fine."
Lu Xiangdao said, "No one wants something to happen to them, but things are always the same."
Lu Ba is also ignorant of the world, and he is stunned.
Lu Xiang added, "If you don’t talk about this, I will do everything for me now. By the way, you can arrange for Bei Gong sheep to resurrect the ice corpse or not. Not only can the ruthless god not stay and help Bei Gong sheep, but the two medical practitioners also killed and could not stay alive."
Lu overbearing "Yes!"
Then Lu Xiang and Lu Ba left the mountainside.
After Lu Xiang left, Bei Gong sheep came to a stone room
There are four people on duty at the stone door.
Joy Chen blood and Yu Bei blood were settled in this stone room.
Although Bei Gong Sheep brought them into the Cloud Palace, because this is an important place involving the secret place of land, Chen Yu’s movement is also restricted, and neither of them is allowed to leave the house without authorization unless it is important.
Although the two monsters are not free to move, they have been immersed in excitement.
Because the resurrection of the blood ancestors is the dream of their generations.
Now that the 200-year plan has finally been implemented, it is conceivable that the frozen blood ancestors will be revived after being soaked in the iron-faced medicine pool for half a month.
Erguai sometimes suffers from insomnia due to extreme excitement all night.
Bei Gong sheep came into the room looking angry.
The resurrection of The Hunger depends on the second monster of Bei Gong Sheep House. It is extremely respectful to Bei Gong sheep on the surface, and it dare not offend Bei Gong sheep.
Just let them kneel and call Grandpa Bei Gong Sheep.
Chen Bei blood carefully said, "What happened to Mr. Bei Gong?"
Bei Gong sheep said, "Mr. Xiang came earlier. He knew that the steel-toed man was a tough god. His anger almost cut my head off! Do you know that the emperor was trying to kill this demon? You almost killed me and Master Xiang! "
Lu Bei’s blood is busy. "It’s all because of our thoughtlessness that we almost brought trouble to Mr. Xiang Ye. We are really damn Mr. Xiang Ye. Did you support your resurrection of the blood ancestor when you learned that this steel-toed god is tough? It won’t rock the boat, will it? "
Bei Gong sheep said, "Fortunately, I asked Master Xiang to agree. Now I ask you if there is anything else you are hiding from me?"
Chen Yu two people secretly heaved a sigh of relief when they heard that Lu Xiang had not been investigated again.
If something goes wrong at this juncture, the centennial plan will fall short.
Joy Chen bloody way "Sir, we swear to keep things from you again. We are now Mr. Behind everything and listen to Mr. We are Mr. Slave …"
Yu Beixue also took the opportunity to say, "Mr. Hey, Mr. Blood Zu will not only create miracles but also make great contributions to the resurrection. Mr. Blood Zu will pour all rewards and Mr. Blood Zu’s achievements will exceed that of Mr. Blood Zu. Mr. Hua Tuo Bian Que Liu’s shoes are not worthy …"
Yu Bei’s blood compliment is right in the middle of Bei Gong Yang Huai.
Bei Gong sheep twitched with excitement, foaming at the mouth and fell to the ground.
Erguai quickly helped Bei Gong sheep like Sun helped Grandpa.
Bei Gong sheep rolled their eyes and he mumbled excitedly.
"Soon … soon I’m going to work miracles … I’m going to resurrect the frozen corpse for two hundred years, and I’ll leave it behind forever …"
After the symptoms of Bei Gong sheep eased and left, Chen Yu looked at each other.
Then there was a mockery in their eyes.
Joy Chen bloody way "he is a fool except for his medical skills."
Yu Bei’s blood is low. "Even an idiot, we can’t help it. If he resurrects his blood ancestor, it will be weak, such as a newborn baby."
Liu Na bloodletting "Don’t worry, I’ll let Yaotong arrange everything, and we still have the evil cause. If there is an accident, we can go out, so we can wait for the resurrection of the blood ancestors. Hahaha …"
Joy Chen blood excited smile.
Then Yu Beixue also gave an excited polar harsh smile.
Two people laugh like crazy. Four guards outside the stone room look at each other and don’t know what the two weirdos in this room are laughing at.
The next day, Lin Yi took people into this Yunshan to search for it.
I searched the place yesterday, but I don’t repeat the search today for two hours. I reported that I caught a father and said it was a mountain hunting.
Lin Yi ordered someone to bring the father.
So the father was brought to Lin Yi by the soldiers.
The father and the father look like they are in their sixties and their children are about thirty.
Both of them are hunters, dressed up.