Later, when I returned to Mu Xian ‘an, I was concealed by Ling Qing’s rescue and deliberately avoided the golden cicada bodhi old zu.

Before the decisive battle, it was even more self-invited to guard Mu Xian ‘an to hide this dispute.
At this time, she said after seeing the people’s happiness.
"Your elders, my senior sister wants to invite you to stay in Mu Xian ‘an."
When we parted the day before yesterday, Dan Ying eagerly invited Tian Ying.
However, she was eager to send her master to reincarnation, and Lingqing and others were also worried that Zhang Zhe would go to ask questions against the bodhi old zu of hemp god in the future.
Now that Cui Renying has been invited, I think everything has been arranged.
Lingqing and others here are going to stay at Qingsongding for a few days and then turn to Zhushan Zhuguang to hold an immortal banquet.
However, he still needs to consolidate now, and he is not in a hurry.
Therefore, Tian Ying should come after asking for everyone’s opinions.
Although this disaster was attracted by Mu Xian ‘an, except Baihua Fairy and Xing Xian Gu Ding Huiying.
And some people who don’t know the number of days stubbornly stopped Lingqing from being killed by him, but they didn’t lose much
Wen Xiu Ying and Cui Renying are among the four gods.
Now that Dan Ying is also in the seat, it makes people in southern Xinjiang who hate Mu Xian ‘an dare to be angry and dare not speak.
Soon they cleaned up and followed Cui Renying to Mu Xian ‘an in a mount together with Lingyun.
Lu Lingqing saw that Cui Renying was riding the wind and gave her a bird symbol as a mount.
Let the heart envy her and be surprised. Thank you quickly.
At the gate of the manor, Dan Ying was greeted with Wen Xiu Ying and a group of Mu Xian ‘an brothers.
At this time, the evil fog and cigar smoke caused by the gathering of immortals in southern Xinjiang have disappeared in Baihua Manor.
Although it’s bald, it seems a little bleak.
But there is also a sense of lightness and elegance that sweeps away the noise.
"You are willing to come, but Mu Xian ‘an is full of glory."
Guang Hanxian saw all the people giving their hands in a salute and said, "Please!"
"Why can’t the fairy invite me to wait?"
Tian Yong hand a ritual way
Then everyone followed her to the hall.
At this time, someone has already prepared a banquet and waited for everyone to sit down.
Dan ying wanted to invite ling Qing and others to sit in the throne, but when she saw everyone’s firm words, Wen Xiuying sat in the throne and she accompanied her
Ling Qing and others also understand that this is to help the new owner of the lotus fairy wood fairy temple.
Otherwise, as soon as everyone takes a seat, they will see Wen Xiuying end up with a glass of wine and say
"Previously, I was waiting for a reckless collision with you. Today, Wen Xiuying would like to apologize to you for being the owner of Muxian Temple.
I hope you can be a lot of culvert. "
After that, he raised his glass and gulped it down.
"It’s extremely extreme, and each side has its own doom."
Lingyun also walked over and said, "Now that you and I have survived this robbery, it’s time to fall in love with the cause of peace and friendship."
"Wen an master where words previously is doom.
You and I have eliminated the merit of robbing dust, and what is there? Is it a culvert or not?
Wen’ an Lord YanChong "
Tian Yong looked at the glass and drank it off as well, which was regarded as a past feud.
Now, the culprit has been punished, and Dan Ying has been kind to Zhu Guang.