The chicken that was sent back is suffocating me, and finally it can lay a good egg! ! !

At noon, Chen was happy to stew a big bowl of eggs for several children and drop sesame oil. Don’t smell so fragrant.
Zhao Qinhua was waiting for the egg at home. As a result, she waited and waited until late, but she didn’t see any movement. It was good to catch the chick, but it just didn’t lay eggs.
In a blink of an eye, Yuechuan got the news from the commune that Chen Yougong had successfully arrived in other provinces and was waiting to choose wood and study.
Yuechuan also specially turned to the Chen family.
"Don’t worry, Auntie, it’s safe this time."
When Chen heard the news, the big stone fell in his heart, which is really good news.
Yao Shangqing is also worried that he didn’t sleep well these days
In June, Baijia Village began to prepare for a double robbery. Yuechuan took out all the farm tools in the village and let everyone polish and polish the sickle. This year, the wheat grows exceptionally well and the ears are full.
Chen Yougong came home the day before the village arranged to grab the harvest and didn’t rest, so he devoted himself to the work the next day.
Primary school is also on wheat leave
Chen Shaoyuan took Chen Jia’s younger brother and sister to pick up wheat ears in the field.
The cut ears of wheat should be put in threshing ground Dashihuan to be threshed and then dried before they can be put into the warehouse for public grain.
The temperature is also high these days, and the sun is not good.
Several children in the Chen family also picked up wheat and put it in the basket, and then sent it to the accountant according to the weight. The convertible centimeters may be one point or two points depending on how many kilograms.
Zhou Jiacun next door, of course, also started.
Wait until Baijia Village finishes Zhou Jiefang and give Chen Yougong a message.
The labor force was too great, and Yao’s mother fainted in the field on the last day.
I have something to say today is Monday, but there is also good news that the leader is on a business trip, so I will touch the little fish. Hey, hee hee, thank you. I voted for the overlord ticket or the angel who irrigated nutrient solution from 22-1-11: 24: 5 to 22-1-19 at 16: 21: 43 ~
Thanks to the little angel of irrigation nutrient solution chasing 2 bottles a month; 1 bottle of worms;
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 29 Eggs
The wheat in Baijiacun has been shipped to threshing ground, just waiting to be threshed and dried, and then the public grain is paid enough, and then the grain is distributed
Chen Guren did their job well and went home from work. These days, they are all tired. Next, they have to plow the fields and dam the fields, and finally plant them. We have to see if the soil moisture is good enough for the rain.
"We all want to eat well these days, isn’t that good? Mix cornmeal pancakes with more oil to make them fragrant and crisp. "Chen thinks about things in the kitchen." Put a few eggs in the noodles, which is more fragrant. "
Yao Shangqing agreed, and turned to work in the kitchen.
"By the way, let’s not cook a meal today." Chen thought that since we want to eat a good meal, we should all eat well.
Yue-e Li had just washed her face and was a little surprised to hear this. "Mom, that’s enough, there are too many left."
Chen didn’t listen to her at all and followed her into the kitchen. "Come here, second daughter-in-law. Let’s make pancakes with salty soup."
Yue-e Li certainly knows what salty soup is. It tastes delicious.
It’s so lively to plant agaric on the wall outside that it can grow on its own. You hardly look at the green leaves. It tastes like agaric, but agaric is expensive. Then cut a strand of bacon at the bottom of the eaves and fry it with vegetables. Finally, boil it in water, put the sweet potato vermicelli in and cook it until it’s soft. Then beat the eggs next to the pot until the eggs float and sprinkle with chopped green onion and sesame oil. The taste is fragrant.
This will be Yao Shangqing’s surprise. "Mom, is this too big?"
Chen feels that the two daughters-in-law are too young to be willing to eat as an old man. "Wave has been working for so long and can’t eat well. Besides, there is still farming to do. I’m hungry."
Although Yue-e Li is really distressed by things, since her mother-in-law has said so, she is also very competitive. After two sisters-in-law are in the kitchen, they start to work in full swing.
It’s so sweet that even several children are reluctant to go out to play at the kitchen door.
Chen Yougong did find a reason to go out. He didn’t dare to tell his daughter-in-law that he was going to look at the situation first.
Zhou Jiefang village head is waiting for him. God, it’s already dusty. Two people are walking together with a novel.
"It’s not a big problem. I asked the village’s former dry barefoot doctor to come and see it. It’s just that my body is too weak. It’s hot and I passed out. People have already woken up. I just asked your sister-in-law to make egg tea for me."
Chen Yougong listened to this egg tea, but he was grateful. "This egg tea is too expensive."
"You don’t mind if you don’t get so many eggs in a few things." Zhou Jiefang has three children, two children, a little girl and his old parents, and his own life is also tight. It’s really not easy to take out two eggs.
"Let me know at any time when you get my place." Chen Yougong didn’t say thank you.
Zhou Jiefang also knows Chen Yougong.
Two people quietly touched the place where they lived in the village. Of course, the villagers lived or built houses with adobe, not to mention letting people go. They simply built a shed.
Weeks at the gate of liberation stretched out his hand to let Chen Yougong in and have a look.
Chen Yougong looked around and turned around and went in.
Yao Shangqing’s father is a professor at Peking University, and his mother is Zhou Xingyue. Before liberation, his family was a capitalist. He once studied abroad and spoke several languages. After returning to China, the country’s largest translator will not be released. After all, although Zhou Xingyue was born in a bad family, his parents have made contributions and funded him, but Yao Shangqing reported his father and mother for self-protection and promotion. Later, his second brother announced that Yao Shangqing would be released with his parents.
"Parents" Chen Yougong shouted as soon as he entered.
Yao Zhizhao didn’t react at the moment when a man suddenly came in the room.
Although Zhou Xingyue is weak, she will be better now, sewing clothes.
"Why are you here? So suddenly? " Yao Zhishang put the old newspaper in his hand a month or two ago, but he usually reads it over and over again because he has nothing to do.
Chen Yougong casually find a place to sit. "I heard that Niang fainted and didn’t dare to tell Shangqing to come and have a look first."
"I’m fine. Don’t tell her that you have a good life. Don’t come to see us." Zhou Xingyue loves her daughter dearly and wants her to live her own life.
Chen Yougong also don’t know how to speak at the moment or want to say something happy.
"By the way, when I came to see you when you went back, I picked up a doll on the roadside and went back. I was still a little girl. I was over one year old in a blink of an eye and two years old in November. I was beautiful, sensible and intelligent."
Yao Zhizhao and Zhou Xingyue look at each other. The oldest grandson is seven years old. They haven’t seen him yet.
"That’s fine. You have a good life. Don’t run here more. We are all doing well." Yao Zhizhao is the most painful little daughter, and she doesn’t want her to touch herself at all.
Chen Yougong didn’t tell them that his daughter-in-law wanted to come and see them.
Zhou Jiefang coughed at the door.
Chen Yougong knew it was time to go.
"Then my parents will come to see you again. You take good care of yourself and want to reunite with your family."
Yao Zhizhao is better. Zhou Xingyue heard this and her eyes were full of tears, so she couldn’t go out to see him off.
Chen Yougong waved and went back with Zhou Jiefang.
"Although you don’t say kind words, you have to say thank you to Captain Zhou."
Zhou Jiefang patted him on the shoulder. "I am a lout and I don’t know what a mistake is. The old couple are also down-to-earth people. They will take care of some after looking at them."
"Then I’ll take my daughter-in-law to come and have a look. These two guns have to wait for a rain for a while before they can be planted. Sometimes I have to trouble Captain Zhou to come and help." Chen Yougong thought about simply solving things once and for all
It’s ok to think about Zhou Jiefang. Everyone is exhausted these days and will not wander around outside. Most of them go home and go to bed early.
Chen Yougong went home after two people made an appointment.
The Chen family didn’t finish baking cakes and prepare soup until he came back when the pancakes were hot at home today.
Chen came outside to watch in the kitchen, and suddenly remembered that the eggs were still confiscated today. He patted his thigh and hurried to the chicken coop.
"How strange is this today than yesterday?" Chen muttered to pick up the eggs one by one, a total of seven. This is because I feel that I have worked hard these days and specially gave them more. Oh, it’s very kind of the fairy, regardless of how to pick up the eggs.
Chen Yougong will just push the door and come in, and Chen got a fright.
"Mom, what are you doing?"
Chen thought can’t expose the ahem two "I collect eggs? What did you do? You can’t see people when you work? " She quickly changed the subject.
Chen Yougong today looked at her father-in-law and felt a little uncomfortable.
"Mom, I have something to discuss with you."
Chen’s hand quietly concealed the egg and let Chen Yougong not see it because of darkness, but this would have to take him away first.
"What are you doing later? You haven’t washed your hands and face all day today. Go wash your hands and face first."
Chen Yougong wanted to say that he washed his hands, but he didn’t wash his face, but he didn’t refute it. He was obedient and went to wash his face.
Chen took a big break and quickly got all the eggs out, took things into the house and put them in the cupboard.
Chen Yougong washed his face and wiped the kitchen door. He glanced inside and was ready to enter the house.