Xu also said, "Xiaoyue Yue?"

Abortion nodded shame way "Jiang Yue"
Xu laughed. "How did you recognize me?"
Xu is really curious that Xiaoyue has never seen him.
Although he has a mobile phone in his hand, there are many men talking at the door.
Xu also thinks that he is full of diaosi breath, and his clothes are not famous brands. What can the girl recognize him except that he is clean and looks solid, simple and shabby?
Xiaoyue Yue giggled when she heard this. "Don’t you know that the company created that gift as your head? There are not many people who don’t know you in the Taoke APP. "
Xu Zheng, it suddenly occurred to me that the cartoon character of yesterday’s gift "Forcing God to Come" wore golden boots and armor, but his face was Xu conveniently taking photos, that is, Xu ID head.
Xu Wenwen was a little embarrassed.
Xu has always felt that the photo was taken by himself as ugly. The photo of the company may be a face of stupidity when it forces God to come to face.
But now Xiaoyue actually recognized Xu Xu with that ugly photo and simply didn’t want to live.
Although the old man is not handsome, he has fine eyes anyway, isn’t he?
Have I always recognized this fine features by myself?
I look ugly in the picture in the eyes of others?
Xu now really wants to jump into the sea and die.
Xu Qing cleared his throat and was about to speak. An inappropriate and slightly sarcastic voice came from behind him since childhood.
"Yo, let’s spend a boyfriend in class? People say that Ban Hua’s eyes are higher than the top if he doesn’t have a boyfriend. Now, when you look at Ban Hua, where are the eyes higher than the top? It’s the eyes of our Ban Hua … Tut tut, how is it a bit elusive? A poor and ugly person dressed in cheap goods will affect our school’s feng shui. "
It’s a girl in a long skirt and flat sandals.
The girl’s skin is very white, her eyes are very big, her hair is very black and very long. It is indeed a beautiful woman, but the sarcastic face makes this beautiful image collapse, which makes people feel a little disgusted at first sight.
In particular, it is even more shameful for such a student to draw thick makeup and red lips and deliberately stand up to the career line on his chest to attract men’s coveted eyes.
This really shouldn’t be what students do.
There is a woman and a man next to this girl.
Another girl wears round thin-rimmed glasses and combs a half-pill head. She is full of fashion, tastes better and looks better than a coquettish girl. She is chewing gum in her mouth and is too lazy to pay attention to pride.
That man in a suit and tie with a flying nose looks rich and handsome, but his expression is more wanton
See so three people Xu Yang raised an eyebrow.
Of course, he is a wise man with limited permission.
He instantly guessed the situation that Xiaoyue faced.
Xiaoyue is outstanding in appearance, temperament or shape. I saw her at a glance in the crowd just now, of course, because she stood out from the crowd
Such a beautiful girl class is of course to be praised by men.
But if such a beautiful woman doesn’t know how to get along with other girls, she will be jealous and bullied
Xiaoyue Yue is obviously not the kind of girl who will pull her face and try to please others.
Xiaoyue Yue’s school has never been anywhere. These two girls in the same class are still young. Xiaoyue Yue is a cold type and has never found a chance to attack her. Now I see Xiaoyue Yue, a boy, talking and laughing. Xiaoyue Yue is even shy. Of course, they think she is a boyfriend outside Xiaoyue Yue’s school.
It’s Xiaoyue Yue, the boyfriend, who is really dressed in rags.
The two girls finally found an emotional breakthrough and pie mouth came along.
Some dog blood Xu has always been too lazy to pay attention to such things. When he saw Xiaoyue’s complicated expression, he sighed and said, this is a kind girl. I always want to help her.
Crowd classification of species
Xiaoyue, of course, it is impossible for the two women to get along peacefully and harmoniously.
Xu Yang raised an eyebrow and looked at the enchanting girl with a smile. "Your class flower can choose me as her boyfriend. I have always praised her that your position is indeed your greatest advantage, but I have to admit that another thing is to say to you about this matter, and you have to admit that your position is really low! Think I’m poor and ugly. Do you think your eyes are bad? "
Chapter one hundred and one Cars
On anyone who sees Xu dressed like this and hears Xu talk like this will think that this person is a complete diaosi.
Of course, there are rich people in this world who like to wear plain clothes. These people have bad tastes, and anyone can stop them and change them. But if a rich person who likes to wear plain clothes is really here, he will never say such things.
Such remark seem a bit explosive.
Outbreaks will never wear plain clothes.
The two female classmates, the man in the suit and tie, seem to be a poor diaosi.
The enchanting female classmate sneered, "Yo yo, I am low? You can get it! Look at you, you are poor, just because you are worthy of my judgment? It’s just that Xiaoyue can look at you, and we can each look at you. "
The cold and proud female classmate also speaks faintly.
She said not to Xu but to Xiaoyue.
"Xiaoyueyue doesn’t have anything to do around this evening. Why don’t you go and play with us? I just made a boyfriend and we’ll go to his house to eat hot pot."
Eating hot pot in summer is really a great thing.
A philosopher once said that it is an ultimate enjoyment to drink cold drinks in winter and eat hot pot in summer, but human life can’t be too bound.
Humans always enjoy race.
Tianhai city men will eat more.
No one can say "stupid" when eating hot pot at this time.
This is an ultimate enjoyment.
Xiaoyue Yue just wanted to refuse. Xu has laughed. "Yueyue, since your classmate sincerely invited us, why do you have to refuse?" Wouldn’t it be nice to have a meal before we eat in the evening? "
Xu thought abortion was different for granted.
Xiaoyue doesn’t want these people to pester her, but Xu feels that these people bully Xiaoyue too much and trample on their dignity … How can the old host be suppressed by you guys?
Xu now has embarrassed these guys.
He really wants to know what kind of boyfriend this proud girl has found that can make her so domineering.
Xiaoyue Yue didn’t know what Xu was going to do, but after all, Xu still had a very complicated involvement, so she sighed and didn’t refuse to promise Xu to go to the classmate’s house to have a look.
The coquettish female classmate even disdained the smell speech. "It was a poor man who even wanted to rub a meal, but you can go with us and show you what money is."
With that, the enchanting female classmate took a charming look at the man in the suit and tie and said, "Brother Wen?"
The arrogant female classmate is holding the man’s arm. Obviously, the man waiting outside the door is the so-called boyfriend of the arrogant female classmate.
On the man’s shoes and clothes, he looks like a rich man.
Is Xu ignored.