"Stop giving money for half a month this month," Qin Yu said lightly. "Let’s settle the account after Li Shu calls me."

"I’m white" Ma Laoer nodded.
"Well, you pay Coco as soon as possible."
"That’s it."
The two ended the call after communication.
Qin Yu’s side is preparing to increase the purchase volume to win over new interests and partners, and Xiaohu’s side has finally made a move.
Two days later, Pingdao District
Xiao Zhang arrived at the city sanitation management office early in the morning and then got familiar with it and entered the office of the director in charge of Pingdao District.
Ten minutes later.
The director sat at his desk with a face of difficulty smoking a cigarette and said, "The big nephew didn’t talk to the department about renewing the contract … mainly someone greeted him."
Xiao Zhang crossed his legs and stepped in and asked, "What do you say about noodles?"
"Just say that the rules of the snow clearing project may have to be changed and the pilot project of our flat road may be chosen", the director responded lightly "I asked our company to suspend the contract renewal with the joint company and named your company, saying that all aspects of your qualifications may not meet the new rules"
"Hehe" Xiao Zhang smiled. "Isn’t that just rushing to kick me out?"
After a long silence, the director asked, "Did you offend someone recently, big nephew?"
"Yes" Xiao Zhang nodded.
"Then hurry up and get this thing over with," the director gently persuaded. "Say something soft if you offend any immortals, or your company will not be in the company next quarter. How much will you lose? You can’t raise a noodle. Hey, do you think we still have a grudge against money these days? "
"Uncle, I just want to ask you that there is no delay in renewing the contract, right?" Xiao Zhang asked with an expression.
"I can’t do this. Are you white?" The director euphemistically told Xiao Zhang that you didn’t bow your head.
Xiao Zhang smiled and said, "OK, then I won’t be difficult for you, uncle. I’ll solve this myself."
after an hour
Xiao Zhang called Ma Laoer and said bluntly, "I want to see Qin Yu."
Chapter DiSiSiLiu Pure interest negotiation
Near noon
Qin Yu rushed at him in a car and said, "Go to Tuzha Street."
"Good" Cha slammed the agile shift car and left the superintendent’s compound.
Che Qinyu turned his head to look at Cha Meng and asked with a smile, "How is it hurt?"
"It doesn’t matter. It’s so neat." Cha Meng replied with a big grin.
"Can a dry driver in a superintendent adapt?" Qin Yu asked again
"It’s good to have food and drink," Cha Meng bared his teeth. "There’s nothing to do except pick you up. There’s more freedom and it’s better than before. Haha!"
Qi Lin was afraid that the shooting incident in Fengbei would happen again, so he was worried that Qin Yu ‘an left Cha Meng in Songjiang, and Qin Yu also spent some money to help him get a long-term residence status and formally introduced him to the superintendent as a temporary employee.
This kind of identity is indeed a little low for the planning area to be called upon, but it is good that he has a good personality and has never said anything to complain about