Since the Anhui army took the initiative to stop the attack two hours ago, Fang Qingkun knew that the credit for this World War I had been earned. In any case, it was possible to rise another liter in the future and become a division commander or even a commander in time

Indeed, the war in Maanshan is not over yet. When Zhao Dongyun, the capital of Beijing, received a report from the front that the Anhui army had stopped attacking and the pontoon bridge had been successfully erected, he immediately ordered Pan Luanqing to be awarded four titles and honors.
Yu Dujiang’s meritorious soldiers were generously rewarded together with all the officers and soldiers of the 17th Brigade who participated in the war. All the officers and soldiers in the 17th Brigade were given additional salaries in January, and the fourth army was given additional salaries in half a month for direct or participation. All the soldiers killed and wounded were given generous pensions to show Zhao Dongyun’s preferential treatment.
After being rewarded by the capital and reported to the ninth division of the front line, the ordinary soldiers, including officers Pan Luanqing, are full of smiles. The officers have a bright future in the future, and they are happy that the soldiers have increased their salaries and that the families of the dead are in high spirits or grieved. This will not be considered by Zhao Dongyun for the time being.
When a large number of trench troops of the ninth division crossed the river overnight, the front lines of Maanshan and Rentouji fell into a strange calm, in which the Anhui army stopped taking the initiative to attack but dug up fortifications, and the ninth division was already exhausted because of hard work for many days and France launched a large-scale counterattack. Both sides fell into a strange calm
However, when the front lines of the two sides were calm, the torch lights of the Yangtze River, which was erected by the army, never stopped.
A large number of torches have also appeared in the east, south and west directions, all of which came from Jinling and Wuhu to reinforce the Anhui army
At this time, both sides have accumulated the maximum energy to seek the maximum fighting capacity in the post-battle.
It is rare for senior and middle-level generals of the ninth division of the temporary headquarters of the ninth division on the south bank of the Yangtze River to sit together and fight. The staff officers are explaining the current war in detail.
Chapter four hundred and twenty The ninth division counterattacked
"At present, the situation of our army is still relatively dangerous. Although some troops and supplies have been reinforced, the enemy reinforcements have not stopped either. According to the report from our reconnaissance cavalry, another brigade has arrived in the southeast of the enemy. At present, the brigade is not numbered. It should be a brigade of the Liangjiang Army. At the same time, the fourth Huncheng Brigade in the west informed Wuhu that the second Huncheng Brigade of the enemy had news. They should be coming towards our army."
After the brief explanation of the war staff, Pan Luanqing first said, "Handsome, see you according to the position. We will take the initiative to launch an attack early in the morning. We will supplement the enemy and launch a breakthrough in the junction with the Seventh Division, and then divide and conquer the two parts."
Lin Yong didn’t decide anything directly, but turned his head slightly. Sun Hanchen, the brigade commander of the tenth brigade, was a veteran general in the army. Although he was close to Wang Shizhen and Wang Yingkai in his early years, he later fell to Zhao Dongyun as an important backbone general in the early days of Fengjun, like Chen Guangyuan and others. After the third standard of the Third Association, the second standard of Jinzhou Scout Camp was taken, and the department was renamed as Fengtian No.1 Hybrid Association. After the second standard was taken, the Fengjun Standing Army was established and the first town was the second association.
After the first town of the Fengtian Standing Army was renamed the Second Association of the Ninth Division of the Central Army, it was renamed the Tenth Brigade of the Central Army, and the brigade commander of the Tenth Brigade remained in the post today.
But in the army veteran generals qualifications can be said to be no worse than those in the strategist.
When Sun Hanchen saw Lin Yong, he knew that Lin Yong wanted to transfer the pressure to himself again. However, after working with Lin Yong for many years, he also knew all the details of Lin Yong and that it was probably not a good thing to force Lin Yong to make any decision.
Immediately, he said, "Although our army is tired now, our morale is still good. My tenth brigade is still in good condition. After the rest tonight, I have enough ammunition and supplies, and I have the ability to attack the enemy’s supplementary brigade and the junction of the seventh division. At that time, I will have the confidence to take the troops to make a circuitous surprise attack!"
"Are we going to detour in that direction?" Next to Fang Qingkun is also asked
"Naturally, it is necessary to pick soft persimmons and pinch us to detour to the right. At that time, we will cooperate with the 17 th Brigade and the 33 rd Regiment to defeat the 7 th Division of Liangjiang in the shortest time, while the 34 th Regiment here is to pin down the 4 th Division Supplementary Brigade to ensure the safety of our brigade!"
"According to our current strength, I am afraid it is still a little less!" Fang Qingkun ask again
At this time, Lin Yong also said, "The current situation is already favorable to us. It is time for those Anhui troops to know that we are powerful!"
Fengjun’s strength lies not in its defensive ability, but in its offensive ability. The main forces of Fengjun, such as the third division, the ninth division and the tenth division, are famous for their good offensive skills.
After Lin Yong made a decision, the ninth division was quickly prepared. First, some recruits were transferred from the rear to make up for the loss. The seventeenth brigade was already the tenth brigade, and then a large number of weapons, especially ammunition, were hoarded on this precious night.
In the evening, a mountain artillery battalion of the ninth division also succeeded in crossing the river. In the middle of the night, another mountain artillery battalion originally belonging to the first mixed brigade crossed the river, which was limited by the original equipment of the ninth division. Two field artillery battalions crossed the river in a short time, which increased the artillery firepower of the ninth division after crossing the river. Meng Enyuan personally transferred the mountain artillery battalion of the first mixed brigade and temporarily placed it under the command of the ninth division. Otherwise, it would be difficult for the ninth division to have sufficient firepower by itself.
The equipment establishment in Fengjun is very similar to that in the old Beiyang era. Every division artillery is assigned according to a mountain artillery battalion and two field artillery battalions, while the mixed brigade depends on the situation. Some are equipped with a mountain artillery battalion, while others are equipped with a mountain artillery battalion and a field artillery battalion.
Considering that this kind of artillery firepower configuration is not bad in the northern plain, but in the south, especially in the hilly, water network and mountainous terrain of the south, the maneuverability of field guns will be greatly limited after the war. The high command has already considered further increasing the number of mountain guns in some southern troops and reducing the number of field guns.
Otherwise, this kind of war in the southern region with two field artillery battalions and one mountain artillery battalion will be greatly restricted by great mobility.
After being reinforced by two mountain artillery battalions, the ninth division crossing the river finally has the ability to launch an attack alone, instead of limiting the war along the Yangtze River as before, and it is supported by artillery on the north shore.
The next day, more than 60 75mm field guns of Fengjun troops on the north bank of the Yangtze River were deployed early, which declared that the Ninth Division had officially entered the counter-offensive stage.
But there was no attack on the eve of Lebanon, not because the ninth division didn’t want to play the attack on the eve of Lebanon, but because the ninth division was not ready at that time
It takes a long time to prepare for a division-level attack, not to say that Lin Yong said that the attack can be attacked. Prepare for this counterattack. The ninth division was busy all night. In addition to transporting and replenishing a lot of ammunition, it also transported two mountain artillery battalions and a 120 mm mortar battalion across the river.
When these weapons and ammunition are transported across the river, they will continue to move about five kilometers into the front line, and these are all necessary.
By the time the ninth division was ready, it was already past seven o’clock. It can be said that the ninth division was ready for duty or immediately launched an attack!
With the field artillery fire on the north shore, we have crossed the river and are close to deploying two mountain artillery battalions, more than 30 mountain artillery battalions, more than 120 mm mortars, and more than 10 mm mortars have been fired one after another. Almost in an instant, hundreds of shells fell on the opposite Anhui army position, and as the shelling continued for just ten minutes, all kinds of artillery of Fengjun fired thousands of shells at the opposite Anhui army position.
When the artillery continued to fire, the infantry regiment of the ninth division, the tenth brigade and the thirty-sixth regiment of the front line also charged!
Fengjun’s attack is quite different from that of other warlord’s troops. Most of his troops attack the regimental base, and although they will be scattered during the charge, the details are still the same as the old skirmisher line tactics during the Franco-Prussian War. The scale is huge, and the front may be several kilometers long at the same time.
However, large-scale equipment with light machine guns is different from the military attack tactics. The military attack has always disliked large-scale surface attacks and generally plays a key breakthrough.
Specifically, the team light machine gun, which is in charge of the 60mm mortar core, has the habit of serving the army at the same time. That is, the front-line commanders like to put equipment, especially mortars and machine guns, into a certain unit. However, this unit acts as a sharp knife to tear the enemy’s defense line and finally break through the enemy’s direction.
This tactic can often lead to more than one regiment of machine guns and mortars, especially light machine guns, in an infantry battalion. In the normal establishment, only one machine gun is used in each platoon. However, in actual combat, especially when a key breakthrough attack is taken, it is often to transfer light machine guns from other troops and then enrich them into the attacking troops to ensure that each class has a heavy machine gun.
At present, the attack of the ninth division is like this. Although there are less than 3,000 people in the 36th regiment, there are more than 100 guns in the rear. In addition, they themselves have won more than 20 10 mm mortars and rushed to the first battalion of the main attack force. What’s more, each class has a light machine gun and each company has three 60 mm mortars.
When the ninth division strengthened most of its weapons and equipment to the 36th regiment, it led to the fact that the firepower of the 36th regiment was far greater than that of the army in this era, even if it was a strong army like the Fourth Division Supplementary Brigade.
Yesterday, the Supplementary Brigade of the Fourth Division of Anhui Army made the Seventeenth Brigade of the Ninth Division of Fengjun experience the fierce offensive when the Fourth Division swept the south. However, the fortunes of the Supplementary Brigade of the Fourth Division have also tasted the powerful offensive ability of Fengjun.
It’s funny to say. Now, against the 4th Division Supplementary Brigade and the 9th Division, they are both better at attacking. The only difference is that the 9th Division blocked the 4th Division Supplementary Brigade’s attack, but the 4th Division Supplementary Brigade failed to stop the 9th Division’s attack.
In less than two hours since the ninth division launched a formal large-scale counterattack, the 36th regiment of the vanguard attack force has continuously advanced for about one kilometer, destroying two defense lines of the fourth division’s supplementary brigade and killing 400 enemy troops.
And that’s not the key. The 36th Regiment’s dash has cut off the connection between the Fourth Division’s Supplementary Brigade and the Seventh Division of Liangjiang. The junction between the two has been pierced by the ninth division, and then the 35th Regiment of the 10th Brigade has followed suit, further expanding the gap in this junction.
By 12 noon, Fengjun had successfully made a gap about one kilometer wide and pushed forward about three kilometers.
And this is not over. After getting the news that the tenth brigade attacked smoothly, Pan Luanqing led the seventeenth brigade to launch a large-scale attack on the Seventh Division of Liangjiang.
Cooperate with the 36 th regiment of the 10 th Brigade to detour to the right, and finally form a two-sided attack situation with the 17 th Brigade
Perhaps the total strength of the ninth division in the war was not as much as that of the fourth division’s supplementary brigade and the seventh division of Liangjiang combined, but after the 36th regiment made a sudden detour, it was successful and merged with the fourth division’s supplementary brigade and the seventh division of Liangjiang.
In particular, a regiment of the 13th Brigade of the Right Wing of the Seventh Division of Liangjiang was attacked on three sides by the 36th, 35th and 34th regiments of Laifeng Army.
Although the Seventh Division of Liangjiang has high hopes for Duan Qirui to form troops, the equipment level and training are not bad, but it is the first time to participate in a large-scale war, and the experience is seriously insufficient. Moreover, the Ministry has been suffering for many days in a row, and the casualties are heavy. At this time, it is impossible to resist being attacked by three regiments of Fengjun.
In just two hours, the group completely collapsed!
After learning that the enemy’s right wing collapsed, Pan Luanqing decisively joined the 33rd Regiment to further increase the offensive against the Seventh Division of Liangjiang.
At this time, if you look at the map, the leader of the 36th Regiment of Fengjun formed a huge arrow to raid along Huaguoshan and Xishan, the 35th Regiment was behind the 36th Regiment, which resisted the supplementary brigade of the 4th Division in Huaguoshan and Cihu. In addition, the 34th Regiment of Fengjun launched a frontal attack on the west bank of Yushan Lake towards the 7th Division of Liangjiang, while the 33rd Regiment launched an attack on the 7th Division of Liangjiang in Rentouji area.
The front line of fierce fighting almost spread more than ten kilometers wide.
However, in this fierce battle between the two sides, the seventh division of Liangjiang was defeated by the right wing, which led to the rapid raid of the 36 th regiment all the way to the southwest and no one could stop it
If the 36th regiment of the Fangfeng Army continues to detour to the southwest, they will be able to bypass the back of the Seventh Division of Liangjiang River, and then the entire Seventh Division of Liangjiang River will be attacked from behind and completely fall into the encirclement of the Fengjun Army.
"Damn it!" Lei Zhenchun angrily threw the telescope in his hand and turned over. "Make the 14th Brigade turn towards me immediately!"
After listening to it, the adjutant was puzzled. "If we let the 14th brigade retreat now, I’m afraid it will be pursued by the enemy!"
Lei Zhenchun snorted, "If you don’t leave, you’ll be wrapped in dumplings!"
With Lei Zhenchun’s order, the Seventh Division of Liangjiang River quickly withdrew from the front line, and naturally it was not allowed to suffer heavy casualties during the withdrawal process. However, it was nothing compared with being surrounded by panic.
Lei Zhenchun was bent on leaving Lin Yong, but he wanted to leave him. At the same time, he immediately made the 17 th Brigade launch a storm pursuit and let the 36 th regiment speed up the detour to try to intercept the 7 th Division of the West Escape Liangjiang River.
At three o’clock in the afternoon, the 36th regiment of Meishan, located three kilometers south of Yuhuahu, collided violently with the Seventh Division of Liangjiang!
One wants to go and the other wants to escape, which leads to a bitter fight between the two sides.
Chapter four hundred and three The seventh division rout
Guns shouting and moaning is the most beautiful symphony of war in this era, which makes several generals so drunk.
Blood, black land and white smoke occasionally light up and flash together, which is enough to consume the painter’s canvas
War, many people think this is an art, an art of writing life.
However, for those soldiers in the battlefield, this is not art, this is human hell!
The machine gun of the rear supervision team threatened the officers, and the saber led the soldiers to charge at a quick pace with fear or numbness or excitement. They turned a blind eye to the bullets flying by them and hit the ground with a little smoke. They were aiming at nothing that seemed to stop their pace!