The commander of the first regiment said, "Ten times out of ten, the defenders in Sendai have lost most of their heavy artillery and rockets, and some mortars and rocket launchers are left. They know very well that our firepower advantage dare not fight with us to lure the enemy into the depths, and then come out to fight with us later."

LiuZhe sneer at "want to is beautiful! Command the Special Operations Division and the 1st Infantry Division to speed up their advance until they touch the Japanese pig’s nose! The digital artillery brigade stopped shooting and prepared a base shell to let the pigs have a good look at what is called accurate point shelling! "
After the order arrived, a digital artillery brigade stopped firing around Sendai, but the huge artillery group kept bombarding the 122 mm howitzer shells and 13 mm cannon shells in downtown Sendai. 152 mm howitzer shells were dumped for free, and they plowed them for several times. The city of Sendai blew up pieces of continuous flames. The fire wall knew that the defenders of Sendai were hiding in the ground. It was hard to get anything from this kind of fierce shelling. The artillery was still deeply fried. Because they were hit too hard, one or two old cannons were scrapped every hour, but foreign freighters kept bringing in more old artillery and shells. There was no way to build old artillery shells in the 1960 s and 1970 s. Many of them were small in scale. There is a backlog of millions of artillery shells in the arsenal warehouse, which can’t be sold. It takes a lot of money to destroy and protect the Soviet Union, but there are still a lot of them that are simply given to the Japanese army. The Japanese battlefield is equipped with 77-type self-propelled artillery units, which are only equipped with two brigades. These old-fashioned artillery units have come to sixteen regiments in one breath! Imagine 16 regiments of big guns exploding and fire at the same time. What’s even worse is that these 16 regiments are all strengthening regiments …
After thinking about it, Liu Zhe asked several 152mm howitzers to stop shooting and replenish ammunition. He had a hunch that Sendai was about to face a bloody battle. The artillery had to rest first, so that they didn’t have the strength to fire at that time. It was not good to finish these guards’ report, "Dr. Cheng is here!"
Liu Zhe asked, "Which Dr. Cheng?"
The guard said, "Dr. Cheng Xinghua!"
LiuZhe eyes a bright "? Take me there quickly, and I’ll meet him myself. "He rarely smiled. Since he set foot on this land in Japan, the bloody battle has never stopped. The butcher’s knife has been lying on the corpse for millions of miles. He feels that he is about to become a killing machine. It’s a pleasant thing to have an old friend come over and talk about it. He took up his cloak and strode out, and there was a chill outside, telling him that before he knew it, late autumn was coming, and a year was going to pass with the flying war!
Cheng Xinghua did come along with a fleet. When he passed through Tokyo Bay, he looked at the polluted black sea in Tokyo, which had been blown to the surface of the moon, and he gasped bitterly. How long did it take for the big Yan to be the big Yan? It has already turned an international metropolis with a population of 10 million into this ghost! He couldn’t help but feel a little at a loss when he saw that Sendai was bombarded by 46 mm naval guns and ship-to-ground missiles on the offshore platform, and the whole city was blown into a flaming mountain. Was it right or wrong for him to build this special weapon? But then he was relieved that it is better for Japanese people to cry than for Chinese people to cry, and it is better for the whole East Asia to cry. Japanese people pay their debts for their ancestors. They deserve it!
Boom Boom
Once again, the fire of Polaris platform can be easily crammed into a person’s muzzle, spewing out a strong flame and thunderous noise, and the sea rumbled. All the people in the whole fleet were shocked and pale. They were both excited and a little scared. Looking at the gun tube that was as thick as a giant column, the atmosphere was afraid to breathe, for fear of waking up this living steel behemoth. Without a telescope, they could also see that another pillar of fire went straight into the sky in the distance, and several buildings were blown to pieces. Hundreds of meters of falling rocks flew out of Fiona Fang, so they couldn’t reach a place. Inadvertently, Cheng Yin grabbed Cheng Xinghua’s hand in fear and said, "Good … Terrible!"
Is this terrible?
Cheng Xinghua wasn’t sure how his baby granddaughter would react if she saw the pioneer railgun bombarding the big city. But look at the faces of the female art troupe members who came with Cheng Yin. He decided not to scare them any more. After all, a group of little girls in their teens and twenties had limited psychological endurance, so they were frightened. At this moment, a helicopter flew over and landed lightly on the deck. A general with an immortal breath jumped out of the plane and walked towards Cheng Xinghua helicopter with a smile. He said, "Welcome to Dongying, doctor!"
Cheng Xinghua punched the guy in the chest with two steps. "It’s so small that your murderous look is getting more and more scary. Do you soak people’s blood and fill the pool to sleep every day?"
Liu Zhe smiled. "That’s not true, but it’s almost the same!" Stretched out his hand and pulled the ostrich like hiding behind Cheng Xinghua, afraid to play with him. Cheng Yin pulled it out and looked at her. "I haven’t seen it for months and it has become more beautiful than before, especially in this military uniform."
Cheng Yin teeth straight fight "Liu … Liu Bobo …"
Cheng Xinghua said, "Call the general. It’s not that you can’t be so casual at home."
Liu Zhe waved his hand and said, "Let’s be casual and take my plane and I’ll take you to the offshore platform."
Cheng Yin urgently called "No!"
Liu Zhe asked, "What?"
Cheng Yin pointed to the double-mounted 46 mm naval gun. "It’s terrible. A fire can shock us to death!"
Liu Zhe said, "It’s almost ready for artillery shells. It won’t be a fire for a few hours without my order." Without saying anything, he pulled the two grandsons to the helicopter. Several members of the art troupe followed the helicopter and secretly looked at Liu Zhe. How did he even notice that he was wearing straight camouflage and smiling, and there was blood in his eyes? I couldn’t help but think, "He doesn’t have a big mouth with three heads and six arms. What newspaper made him as scary as Leitian?" They don’t know that this is because old friends have come. Liu Zhe is in a happy mood, and his murderous look is not so obvious. If he is directing a few battles, he will stare at these girls and probably cry.
The helicopter landed on the offshore platform, and the girls in the art troupe were excited to go by helicopter. Looking at the floating sea city and then at the layers of weapons, they were shocked and amazed. The soldiers on the offshore platform saw these beautiful and lively girls, and their eyes lit up. It is rare to see so many female art troupe members. They were so excited to help with their luggage and lead the way. It means that the female art troupe members are treated like this. If it is a group of men? Hum, which side is cool and which side is flashing! Liu Zhe smiled and turned to ask Cheng Xinghua, "Doctor, have you brought what I want?"
Cheng Xinghua said, "They all brought a total of 160 rounds ….." He looked a little struggling. "Are you sure you really want to move this weapon in Sendai? You probably don’t know the power of this weapon. I can tell you that it can be used for all bunkers and fortifications. Even if you hide tens of meters deep, it will be difficult to escape from it. A shell like this will be 500 meters in diameter and even live chickens will be gone … "
Liu Zhe said excitedly, "That’s great. This is exactly what I need!"
Cheng Xinghua said something to him, "But it doesn’t need more than 100 rounds of such shells to hit, and it doesn’t need more than 100 rounds of 12 or 30 rounds of such shells to hit the whole Sendai and turn it into a dead city!" This will be the most thorough massacre! "
LiuZhe gave me a malicious and complete look "I want to is the most thorough, let them even think of it in one hundred years will pee pants massacre! Doctor, do you know how many casualties the expeditionary force has suffered? Not counting those mercenaries, not counting the allies, the casualties of the first and sixteenth regiments, special warfare divisions and marine corps are close to 6,000, and many of them are dead civilian guns! "
Cheng Xinghua wondered, "Dead civilian gun?"
Liu Zhe said, "Yes! This country has gone crazy to resist us. They have driven every young person of school age into the military camp and sent them a uniform for training. A few days later, they were sent to the battlefield with a rifle and several magazines. The day before yesterday, I saw thousands of 15-and 16-year-old baby soldiers launching suicide charges against the defense line of Gurkha infantry division with heavy artillery fire. They were swept down one by one by Gaoping heavy machine guns, but they were as scared as martyrs. Finally, Gurkha soldiers came and killed them all with machetes, which was the end of this fierce battle! "
Cheng Xinghua turned pale. "Let thousands of guns not attack Gurkha mercenary defense. Are they crazy!"
Liu Zhe said, "They are not crazy because they want to soften our hearts in this way and then take advantage of it. Doctor, do you still think it is inhuman to touch these weapons?" With a long sigh, "I think it is the most humane to defeat the enemy as soon as possible and end this war."
Cheng Xinghua was silent for a long time before saying, "Maybe you’re right … If the war continues to spread, I’m afraid there will be thousands of casualties … That’s the most inhuman thing … My assistant and I will try our best to cooperate with you."
Liu Zhe said "Thank you"
Cheng Yin was listening to a second lieutenant’s self-introduction and suddenly saw a familiar figure sneaking away with several male soldiers. She called "Xiaojun!" without thinking.
That should be to speed up the pace and then speed up the pace.
Cheng Yinyin raised his voice "Small-Army-"
The men looked at one another and poked Liu Jun "I’m calling you!"
Liu Jun blushed and mumbled, "I don’t know her ….. Go, go!" He doesn’t know what. Every time he sees Cheng Yin, he is always flustered. He is both looking forward to seeing her and afraid of seeing her. He thinks that letting his comrades know that he knows a girl will definitely be laughed at or slipped away.
Cheng Yin gasps for breath in three steps and two steps. A small hand stretched out and caught Liujun’s ear. "Kid, I pretend to be in front of me, right? Believe it or not, I screwed your ear? "
Liu Jun exaggerated and shouted, "Hey, hey, hey, easy! My ear fell off!"
Cheng Yin was angry and funny. "You deserve it if you get rid of it. You have to pretend you don’t know me every time!"
Liu Jun said with a sad face, "Cousin, I have so many comrades-in-arms. How much do you leave me here?"
Cheng Yin snorted, "I’ll leave you noodles, then who will leave me noodles!" Turning to the eyes of Liujun’s comrades, I smiled like an orchid blooming slowly with morning dew. "Hello, my name is Cheng Yin from Dalian and I’m Xiaojun’s cousin. Nice to meet you."
The soldiers, who can do nothing but fight, are so simple and honest that they are scrambling to introduce themselves. At the same time, they don’t envy watching Liujun. It seems that they want to switch themselves with Liujun’s role. A junior officer with a slender scar on his face said, "Comrade Cheng Yin, your cousin is amazing. The battlefield is simply the enemy!"
Cheng Yin gherardini "is it? Why didn’t I know? I know that when he was two years old, every time I tried to find food in the refrigerator, his sister always called him very sweet. When he was three years old, he robbed his sister of food and wet his bed when he was six years old! "
The soldiers burst into laughter. Liu Jun’s face was red to his ears. What a shame this time. Why does Cheng Yin always play tricks on him every time he meets him? I don’t understand. The crane on the offshore platform stretched out a long boom to box the freighters one by one and hit one by one. The heavy artillery shells with 46 mm caliber shone with a chilling cold light against the setting sun, especially after seeing the scarlet skull sign on the surface. The cold was even stronger. Every move of the mobile hand was as light as possible. Send these deadly shells into the ammunition depot for fear of bumping into them and accidentally exploding them. It would be miserable!
Liu Jun was a little puzzled. "Cousin, what is the origin of these special shells? Everyone seems to be afraid of them?"
Cheng Yin frowned and said, "I don’t know. Anyway, I heard my grandfather say that this is a kind of lethal weapon, and its power is comparable to that of a nuclear bomb … Oh, don’t say that. Go and sit over there." Whatever it is, I dragged Liujun to the edge of the deck of the offshore platform to sit and enjoy the beautiful sunset. I smiled and took Cheng Xinghua to his headquarters to welcome the old doctor.
It was getting dark
"Boss, I saw a dog. Do you want to shoot him? Do you want us brothers to add some food?"
"Boss, I found a beautiful woman with excellent figure and skin. She is definitely a first-class beautiful woman. I guarantee her head … but I can’t find her head."