"Let’s withdraw!" This is called adults gnashing their teeth!

"Hum, you won this game, but we will come again!" Then I saw a strange scene. The man behind him directly picked him up, and then a pair of huge wings emerged from behind him and took the man in front directly to the sky!
Kakashi also saw the flying man, but he couldn’t stop him. He could watch him fly away, and then Kakashi led KINOMOTO SAKURA and their tigers straight to the top of the mountain.
"Kay, how are you?"
"KINOMOTO SAKURA, look at teacher Akai’s injury!" I’m crying at this time every day! She knows it’s because of her, or Miss Akai wouldn’t be so passive!
"I’m fine every day. Let KINOMOTO SAKURA have a look first!"
"Ah, I said what’s the matter with you? Now let it go? Akai’s injury is serious. I’ll look at it first. Every day, you should check it yourself and wait for me to help you look at the injury! "
"I’m not hurt. Please look at Teacher Akai first!"
"Good so decided! Stop playing and go to work! " KINOMOTO SAKURA gave orders, and even the color tiger jumped out!
Kakashi cleaned around to see if there was anything worthy of attention. Every day, he simply dealt with his injury and began to explain the attack with Kakashi.
"So you don’t know their identity?"
"Well, we don’t know what they attacked us, but they seem to be very nervous about this place. We were attacked by them only when we arrived at this place. In addition, I found that they seem to be familiar with our Muye people, like teacher Akai, who was directly recognized by them. Even before they left, I heard the name of teacher Kakashi! It seems that I just know that you support them before I go away! "
"Oh, it’s really troublesome. It’s really a wave of unrest!" Kakashi patted his head and looked far away. I don’t know what to think! to be continued
Chapter 6 Influence of Changes
It was three days later when Kakashi and his party returned to Konoha.
Kakashi asked several cockroaches to go directly to rest. They were also very tired all the way. They didn’t want to go every day and accompanied Akai directly to the hospital.
Akai’s injury has almost healed, and he can walk, run and jump, but KINOMOTO SAKURA insisted that he go to the examination center, and Kakashi directly took Akai to the hospital!
When he arrived at the hospital, Kakashi saw Akai being taken care of, so he went directly to the Huoying Office for handover.
"Is it okay to give it to you here every day?"
"Don’t worry, Teacher Kakashi, I will take good care of Teacher Akai. Besides, if Teacher Hongdou receives the news, Teacher Hongdou will come!"
"Well, in that case, I’m relieved! Unfortunately, Xiao Bury is not on duty today! "
"What’s the matter? Just remember Xiao Bury when you go out, right? Kakashi? " At this time, silence is pushed through the door!
"ah! Quiet sister, are you on duty today? "
"No, I was forcibly pulled by someone! Someone heard from the doorman that someone was injured and dragged me directly! "
"Ah ha ha!" While red beans are smiling!
"Well, I’ll hand it in when you come!"
"Go to three generations of adults also out! Waiting for you! "
"well! I just have something to tell them! "
Kakashi left the ward directly by teleportation.
"Well, what’s the situation with Akai?"
"He opened five doors!" Hurriedly say it out every day!
"How long? Is there anyone? "
"I have been fighting with people for about ten minutes. It is estimated that teacher Akai will abolish himself when teacher Kakashi comes!"
"Okay, I see. Is he there?"
"Oh, there are still some injuries that should be handled by KINOMOTO SAKURA!"
"Well, after all, there is a lack of necessary equipment in the wild, so let’s check it!"
"Mute, help me check it and help me check it every day. She is also injured!"
"Ok, I know!"
When Kakashi arrived at the Huoying Office, he found that they had all arrived for three generations.
"What’s the matter? How can there be so many people? "
"Ha ha, I heard that you were attacked!" Three generations of mirth
"Your news is really slow!" Kakashi muttered a little.
"All right, let’s not talk about Kakashi. You’d better tell me everything you know!" Three generations directly told Kakashi
"Well, when I came back, I talked to Akai sometime. Akai told me about it. Akai said that those people were very familiar with us, which broke his identity. Even when I supported him, Akai heard that they came to me, which means that these people are very familiar with our konoha, but we know nothing about them."
"Well so! Is there anything else to add? "
"Indeed this is my crumbs from the battlefield! Ah Kai said that it was all the debris that those people guarded puppet, that is to say, it was really a puppet, and the information we had about puppet shows that these were new puppets. In the information we had, puppets were all made of wood, but these things were all made of powder and metal powder. It was nothing big for these things to follow the trend of the country. "
"But we can’t rule out these factors. No one can say that they know or have mastered part of the truth before the truth is long, and sometimes what we call the truth is the enemy’s deliberate guidance! So don’t jump to conclusions before things come out! " Shu Mao said very seriously
"Yes!" Kakashi answered very readily.
"There’s one thing that Akai understands very well!" Kakashi said uncertainly
"What is it?" Gang Shou, who hasn’t spoken for a long time, also asked about it. This matter has aroused her curiosity. Before Shu Mao said those words just now, she wondered if there was a traitor in Konoha again. Otherwise, how could the enemy know so clearly about their news?
"When Akai opened the door to escape armor, the man said it was endless, and it would be delayed. Then Akai would kill him, but he underestimated Akai’s physical quality. Akai deliberately sold a weak state, and sure enough, that guy was taken as a sneak attack by Akai. Otherwise, Akai didn’t know if that person could live because he knew Akai’s weaknesses very well!"
"What?" Hearing these words from Kakashi, Shu Mao and Gang Shou got up in surprise.
"What’s the matter? Are those people right? "
"Well, rubble, you lead a team to martial law. No flies are allowed to fly in here!"
"Yes!" It has always been the rubble like a shadow of a tree. As soon as it was directly agreed, it took him out with several secret guards, and the enchantment was built in the office building of Huo Ying Office.
"Sister, it seems that I’m worried that it’s true that my current strength has been completely true, but what my father still makes my opponent? I couldn’t figure it out at first, but after hearing this, I completely understood that my father had arranged some dark hands, and those dark hands might be the subsequent hands of adults! "
Shu Mao’s idea is right, but he is wrong. This is his father’s successor, but it is not a spot successor. This is to help him instead of fighting him directly.
"Adult, what shall we do now? Young master may find our base. Shall we transfer it? "
"I’ll ask the supervisor!" The man who fought Akai is just repairing his wounds at the moment.
He went into the house, and when he came out in a short time, he had something in his hand, and then he saw that the highest peak of Xueguo disappeared directly into the ground, and no one could find him. After the disappearance of this base, Xueguo had an active volcano.
"So now it’s a weak force staring at our konoha?" Gang Shou thinks that Muye is a delicious piece of fat. Everyone wants to come and have a bite! And now it’s a situation force staring at them. No wonder they’re in such a hurry now!
"This matter doesn’t matter. I will go to the short book street after the assessment of Zhongren, and I will go very far when I agree. Before we know those people, we will stay put, don’t startle them and don’t be suspicious!" Shu Mao spoke his mind directly.
"Well, in fact, we can do this without knowing them!" Three generations took a cigarette.
"In this case, Kakashi will stop here!"
"yes! By the way, since you are out of the three generations of adults, does it mean? "
"Well, that’s right. I wish you knew the news!"
"Remove the boundary from the rubble!"
"Sister, do you think I can finish the trial my father gave me?"
"It doesn’t matter whether you finish it or not. We will accompany you to finish this trial, which belongs to you and all of us!"
"Thank you, sister!" Shu Mao feels unprecedented peace as if the sky is falling and he is afraid!
Back to konoha, several little guys got together at this time.
"Naruto, what do you want to do by calling us all here?" My tooth has been here for a while, and I’m not used to waiting for people. He feels a little uncomfortable.
"Don’t worry, tooth. Since Naruto called us over, there must be something important. I think Naruto will explain it to us, right?" Xiaopang Dingji seldom helps Naruto speak.
"Yeah, I think so, too. I don’t think Naruto will let us come here for a reason." Zhinai’s thin voice indicates that he is too small to attract everyone’s attention
"Naruto, who else hasn’t come?" Chuda asked a sentence