"You are not the first choice." Zhao Jie nodded for many years and guessed the meaning of the article at a glance.

"Is it … Michael Chen?" Although unfamiliar, but not long ago, it was also popular. How could you not know the leading actor’s article of well-known online drama?
"Yeah, it’s him."
Silent for an article acerbity way "Zhao Jie …"
"Don’t worry!" Zhao Jie waved freely and said, "if he dares to go back on his word, he won’t be mixed up in circles?" Just feel free to play you. "
"Thank you, Sister Zhao!" The article got up and solemnly salute way
Zhao Jie, who accepted the article calmly, joked with a smile, "I didn’t accept this for nothing. You know that you are not the first choice, and to be honest, if it weren’t for a little problem in Michael Chen, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be your turn to collect your temper from the crew. Don’t make trouble for me!"
"Gee-how can I make trouble if he does it well?" The article said dismissively
Zhao Jie knows how to persuade with a sigh, but the agent still has to say it.
"Well, Sister Zhao, I’ll tell this news to Yi. She will be very happy!" The article changed the subject with a smile.
Frowned Zhao Jie didn’t advise again.
The article was about to leave with the play, but was stopped by Sister Zhao.
"What’s the hurry?" Sister Zhao threw away another play and then directly said, "Look at this, too."
"Er-"the article asked suspiciously, "Sister Zhao?"
"Idiot! Although Fang Dao is famous for being fast, even if it is fast, it is not as fast as watching drama! You didn’t act in two plays … "
"Zhao Jie! I don’t play games! " The article said seriously
Zhao Jieyin came to an abrupt end.
Zhao Jie looked at the article without speaking.
The article also looked at her and did not speak.
"There is no room for change?"
"Sister Zhao!" The article seriously said, "If I was filming for fame, I would have become popular!"
Zhao Jie sighed again and said naively, "Well, I’ll let people push it."
The "good" article nodded and walked away with the drama crossed.
Zhao Jie shook her head and turned to busy.
It’s not enough to just say yes. There are specific contracts to deal with. The agent is duty-bound
Unexpectedly, the article expected a positive reply from him, and the contract was sent soon. After signing the contract, the drea staff informed him that the crew would start up three days later.
Three days?
In such a hurry?
In the following week, the whole article was stupid.
After three days of boot, he finally saw Fang Siyi’s "fast" the next morning after a day of running in the crew!
That was fast!
It’s the limit to shoot three scenes a day at normal speed. It’s a good thing that they are urban emotional dramas, but it’s not too complicated. They can also reach the speed of four scenes a day at normal speed.
Generally speaking, "fast" means being able to reach five games.
Fang Siyi is a field!
Fully double the normal shooting speed!
It’s not without ng’s fact that the crew laughed many times because of their lines.
This doesn’t change the fact that the shooting speed is very fast at all!
In the original article, there was no idea and it began to move.
If we keep going at this rate …
Then can I consider that TV play?
Although Fang Siyi shoots fast, the article doesn’t recognize that he can show it quickly.