Su Yu roared at Su Ling’s anger, while Su Ling was stunned by his latosolic red eyes for a moment when he was about to appease him when he heard a muffled hum and looked at it. He saw the old man directly stun Su Yu with a knife!

"Send him to Piandian, face the wind, Yushu, and you two watch him!"
Huang Lao’s look was cold and he immediately gave orders to Su Ling. "He will be fine!"
Su Ling nodded. "I believe it!"
At this time, the two of them silently said’ I believe’, which contained Su Ling’s belief and seemed to cheer each other up!
No matter what Su Ao does, nothing must happen!
"The Dragon Rider listens to the order and continues to hide in place!"
A thousand people riding the royal dragon instantly flocked back like a flood!
It is worth one thing that although this short-term handover caused losses to both sides, less than 100 people were injured but no one died!
The imperial dragon rode back and the land in front of the temple suddenly became sparse!
The fruit of extremely winning and red tiger panting in situ is also quite unexpected for them!
"Month flow China with their respective looking for a palace to live! The rest will be discussed after rest! "
"Make it!"
Today, the moon has shed its gorgeous brocade robe and a dark blue robe, and the ink hair is neatly combed behind the head!
A big war didn’t affect him!
But at this time, no one, including Su Ling and others, knew that the person who appeared in a few days later was an equal shock to them!
In the same month, Liuhua took the Wulin Ministry back and the outside of the main hall was quiet again!
It’s the ground with broken limbs, which is even more bloody and horrible, and it reappears in front of everyone like purgatory!
Red all over the place!
Su Ao was captured and Yubo narrowly escaped from the Phoenix Gate and suffered heavy losses, but it did not meet expectations!
Outside the temple, everyone looked heavy and looked at everything in sight!
I’m afraid this place can’t stay
Even if each of them is used to all kinds of scenes, this cruel scene after a life-and-death struggle is still frightening!
"Well …"
Standing silently in front of the door for a long time, everyone suddenly comes from the roof!
The pupil of May quietly lit up and shouted, "Sister Tianyue is coming!"
At this time, Su Ling remembered that she was forgotten on the roof.
She is worried that when she looks at the roof, she will see Shui Tianyue slowly sliding!
But her pale eyes don’t blink at the direction of the main hall to force herself to calm down!
When she was awake, she saw the horrible scenes in front of her eyes. She swore that she would never want to see them again in this life!
Shui Tianyue tried to calm his mood with his back to the ground and his head down!
Later, Huang Laosan said in a low voice, "Go in first!"
He took Su Ling into the main hall and the others followed him slowly!
Shui Tianyue’s eyes struggled. Finally, she didn’t hold back and looked back. Immediately, she rushed into the main hall!
At that time, Yu Su, Chu Yi and Mo Ying still didn’t return!
Everyone knows whether the three of them are in a good or bad situation!
However, Shui Tianyue has been fainting on the roof and missed many important things!
It happened that she sat in the main hall and drank a mouthful of cold tea, then frowned and looked at all and suddenly asked, "Hey? What about Ghost Yan and Brother Su? "
She didn’t know that Su Ao was caught, but she always felt weak, but the ghost Yan disappeared strangely at this time!
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"Where are Ghost Yan and Brother Su?"