"Little Three is always right to listen to girls!" Bao Da seems to see that Su Ling hardly speaks, and then his arm hit a side. Bao Xiaosan warned the eldest brother in a tone.

Although this Bao Xiaosan doesn’t understand, he nodded like an order and said nothing more!
"Girl, if there is nothing else, let’s go first!" See Su Ling nodded and directly pulled Bao Xiaosan out of the wing.
The room was calm again. Su Ling sat alone on the soft couch, watching her sleeping face uneasy. Xiao Xue couldn’t help underestimating the sentence, "You said that you are a good girl and have become like this. My heart is broken!"
In the wing, when the door was creaked away from the outside again, Su Ling looked up and suddenly her cheeks were slightly cold. "Are you here?"
Huang Yin-li looked at Su Ling with a silver mask through the gap in her eye socket and suddenly changed her face. When she thought about it carefully, she didn’t find that she had offended her and asked, "Do you know me?"
Su Ling squinted and curled her lips. "I don’t know!"
Cut the burn three-dimensional glass corners of the mouth twitched for a while and then slowly walked to the soft bed, eyes holding the thoughts, and eyes lingered on Shinohara’s snow cheeks.
At the same time, Su Ling Yu Guang is also looking at him. She can detect his thoughts and unquestionable feelings for Shinohara Snow from his performance and behavior.
But isn’t it because of their two life experiences that he will be discouraged from facing Shinohara Snow again and again? ! I don’t know what structure the brain circuit of the old Huang family man is!
If there’s a problem, don’t say it. Let’s solve it together! Huang Yin-li’s performance now is the same as that of the first time!
But fortunately, burn old has been trained by her! After that, let him change it and encourage him!
"You keep her for so long to have a rest! I’ll take care of it here! " In fact, Huang Yin-li’s selfishness Su Ling doesn’t know!
But things that are too easy to get will never be cherished! So thinking about Su Ling waved directly "I’m not tired! If you have something to do, go to work. I don’t trust others to watch her! Besides, we don’t know you well, so it’s not like that to let you be alone in the same room!
Although my family will definitely marry a husband or marry after the snow, it doesn’t make sense to take care of her without you! You are busy! "
If you don’t say Su Ling’s small nature, even the third child can be beaten! Don’t even dare to reveal your true colors now.
You are wronged! It must be humbled!
But it’s so rare to be alone with Shinohara Snow, and how can you let go of it easily!
After thinking for a moment, Huang Yin-li suddenly said in a melancholy tone, "I heard that the whole capital is now telling the story of the dust king, and it seems that many young officials have begun to inquire about him. I wonder if he is addicted to the gentle village law now!"
Su Ling "…"
Huang Yin-li’s heart is really black!
Tell her about Huang Lao? What’s the trouble?
Mind bright Su Ling how can you not understand burn three-dimensional glass meaning turned to smile and slowly got up so surprised and said, "is it? I have to go and see it! If you dare to divorce three times, it is a matter of minutes! "
Say Su Ling got up and went to the door, but Huang Yin-li also smiled since the annihilation plan succeeded, but I didn’t know that he could be alone with Shinohara Snow now because of kindness and Ling gave him a chance!
After Su Ling gently put the door outside, her smile on her diamond lips also instantly converges! This time, she hopes everyone can have a good result!
Shinohara, don’t get hurt again! And don’t be stubborn again!
Since we love each other, let’s be together!
"Want to divorce Wang again?" Su Ling is facing the door, and her thoughts are flying in confusion. Suddenly, she will come to burn the old boring words.
Eyebrows a see burn old one Zhang Jun face black as drops of ink eyes, also holding the dangerous dark mans leaned in the face of Su Ling.
Seeing this, Su Ling’s heart jumped and smiled dryly. "How can you be serious!"
When will old Nima Huang come! She just came to give Huang Yin-li a step, but Mao didn’t tell her that the monster Huang Lao was outside the door!
And if she can say whatever she wants at ordinary times, now she will have a little fluctuation in her heart because of what she just said, which is not normal!
"Children’s play?" Burn old eyes dangerous dark mans more and more strong moment face awe-inspiring directly to pull Su Ling to her arms immediately when she came not to exclaim, he instantly to pull away.
At this time, Su Ling couldn’t help cursing the ancients for what’s wrong with them? Can you walk well? Nothing. Why are you always flying around?
Once again, stepping on the solid floor, Su Ling found that she had been taken to his room by the old fellow Huang! The airtight room with closed doors and windows suddenly made her feel a little nervous.
For a moment, Su Ling flashed her eyes at Huang Laosan. "What are you doing?"
"What do you say?" Burn old will Su Ling in the door and his arm at this time this gesture is quite a bit of a wallop.
Su Ling tried to lower her height when Huang Lao’s handsome and tall figure leaned over with oppression. "A hero has something to say!" She said wryly.
This is the second watch. Is it really appropriate to add a third watch today?
Su Ling panicked and looked at the old burn and blocked himself at the door. The phoenix eyes kept going round and round, but at close range Su Ling couldn’t help but stop looking at the old burn cheek and found that he had a lot of green and black stubble at this time.
These days, I’m tired and worried, and it’s because of her close contact that Su Ling suddenly realized that his efforts slipped into her eyes like a long stream of water, and then she shattered her once-defensive attitude like a feather with a flick of her hand.