Hearing this, Jiang Ziya was overjoyed: "The Third Martial Sister has just defeated Li Jing and his son, and now with the help of the Dragon King and other Taoist friends, why worry about something big?" It’ s really a joy. "

Aoqin, the dragon king of the East China Sea, couldn’t help but say, "Empress Shijie just defeated Li Jing and his son? So Nezha is dead? " The main purpose of his coming here is to kill Nezha. If Nezha is dead, the purpose of this trip is meaningless. Of course, there is another reason. Since the death of the dragon clan chief Ji Long, the Dragon King has increasingly felt that it was a mistake for the dragon to take refuge in the present heaven, and he wanted to find another backer. The arrival of Ao Guang made the Dragon King Aoqin see the opportunity.
Shijie looked at Aoqin, the dragon king of the East China Sea with a nervous face and said with a smile, "That’s not true. Li Jing and his son escaped quickly and slipped away." When Aoqin heard this, he breathed a sigh of relief. Aoqin just breathed a sigh of relief, but he listened to Lu Ya and asked, "Who are your dragon clan leaders now?" Aoqin’s face froze, and the other three dragon lineal children also looked unnatural. The increasing decline of the dragon for thousands of years was related to the killing of their heads by land pressure in those years. Now, when land pressure was mentioned, the atmosphere froze, and for a while, everyone did not speak.
However, Lu Ya didn’t know this, which was unintentional. Ao Guang quickly opened his mouth and said to Lu Ya: "Brother Lu doesn’t know something. Since that year, the Dragon has not chosen another clan leader, and Haotian has secretly blocked it, which has caused some contradictions within the Dragon." Lu Ya heard the words, but he recognized the meaning of Ao Guang’s words and immediately said, "If that’s the case, then we’ll go back and ask the master to help solve this problem." When Aoqin, the Dragon King of the East China Sea, and others’ eyes lit up, Aoqin said, "Please go back and talk to the Saint Qinglian. Thank you, Lao Long."
Kong Xuan said with a smile, "The Dragon King doesn’t have to be polite. Brother Ao Guang is also our other disciples." Aoqinlian said, "That’s that."
Not to mention the conversation between Kong Xuan and others in the Zhou Dynasty camp, it is said that when Excavate and others saw that the East China Sea Dragon King Aoqin and others really went to the Zhou Dynasty camp, they could not help secretly worrying. Excavate and others returned to the tent with their own worries and sat down. Nezha said, "Why don’t I go back to Qianyuan Mountain now and ask the master to invite all the uncles to come, and the two uncles Manjusri and Cihang were taken away by the road flyover, and I don’t know how good or bad, so please come and invite all the uncles to come."
Li Jing thought about it, but there was nothing else he could do. He nodded, and then said to Nezha and Jin Shu, "Nezha will go back to Qianyuan Mountain first, and Jin Shu will go to the Yuxu Palace in Kunlun to ask Master Zhang to see what Master Zhang will do." Nezha and Jin Yun should be, out of the camp, was about to leave, then see a man riding a Hei Hu down to the sky.
Jin Yun asked, "Who is the Taoist priest? What are you doing in my Shang camp? "
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Chapter one hundred and seventeen The East China Sea Dragon King Aoqin
It was at the invitation of Buddhist Shen Gongbao that the bearer came to Zhao Gongming, Jizhou. When Zhao Gongming heard about it, he got off to Hei Hu and said, "Being original is Zhao Gongming in Luofu Cave, Emei Mountain." Nezha and Jin Yun smell speech a surprised, Zhao Gongming? Zhao Gongming’s position in intercepting religion is extremely high, which is similar to that of Guang Chengzi, the first of the twelve Golden Immortals. Nezha and Jin Yun hurried forward to see the ceremony: "It turned out to be Zhao Gongming’s predecessors. I wonder why Zhao Gongming’s predecessors came here?" Zhao Gongming said with a smile, "Shen Gongbao, the master of Chaoge, asked me to come and help Xibohou."
Nezha and Jin Yun were overjoyed, so they didn’t invite the master and see you later. Now they invited Zhao Gongming into the camp.
Nezha and Jin Yun just entered the coach’s tent. When Li Jing saw that their two sons had gone back, she was about to ask questions when she saw a Taoist coming behind them. The bearer was beautiful, middle-aged, white-faced, and full of eyes. She was surprised. She saw that Jia Meng, the fourth general of the demon family, got up, and then hurried forward to pay homage to the bearer and said, "Zhao Shibo."
When Xibohou and Li Jingwen heard this, they got up and greeted each other.
When Li Jingwen heard that the other party was Zhao Gongming, he was even more respectful. Although Xibohou didn’t know Zhao Gongming’s position in the interception, he saw the respectful attitude of Li Jing and others, and now he invited Zhao Gongming to sit at the table. Zhao Gongming didn’t turn away when he saw this, and sat with Xibohou. After everyone sat down, Nezha and Jin Yun told Xibohou and others that Zhao Gongming had come to help. Everyone was happy, and others didn’t know the origin of Zhao Gongming. However, the four generals of the Magic Family know that Zhao Gongming is the Xuan Huang Shi of heaven and earth, and he cultivated the Yuan God when he was in the universe. It can be said that he has existed since the beginning of heaven and earth with Kong Xuan, the first disciple of Tianjiao. Although he has not yet reached the quasi-holy cultivation, his cultivation has reached the peak of Luo Jinxian, and his mana is very profound.
Zhao Gongming asked, "I just saw two little friends leaving in a cloud. I don’t know where they want to go?" They told Nezha and Jin Yun that they were going back to invite the experts to come. After listening to this, Zhao Gongming hesitated for a moment and said, "Kong Xuan, I have never met him. I have only seen the means of land pressure and rocky mountains. It is really extraordinary, but we are not without the strength of World War I. Since I have been invited by Brother Shen, I will fight tomorrow. If I lose, I will make plans."
When Xibo Hou Jichang heard this, he naturally agreed, and the four generals of the Magic Family and Li Jingsan and his son were also happy.
The next day, Zhao Gongming mustered all the soldiers and horses on the hour, got out of the camp, took up the battle, and the four generals of the Magic Family and Li Jingsan and his son supported him, and came to the city outside Jizhou to drum well.
Inside the commander’s tent of the Zhou Dynasty camp, Jiang Ziya listened to the soldiers’ report and said to the crowd, "It’s just strange that the Shang army asked for a war. This time, the main commanders are not Li Jingsan and his son." When Kong Xuan and others heard this, they were also surprised and asked, "Who is the other leader this time?" Jiang Ziya shook his head: "The other party didn’t report the name, but the soldier newspaper below is a middle-aged Taoist riding Hei Hu."
Lu Ya said, "Is it the second generation of disciples from the Interpretation School? However, I have never heard of anyone who mounts Hei Hu. " Shi Ji said with a smile, "No matter who it is, as long as the sages such as Yuan Shi don’t come, why are we afraid? It’s a pity that we couldn’t capture Li Jingsan and his son yesterday. This time, I will go to the battle and capture them so that I can remember my great achievements."
Aoqin, the dragon king of the East China Sea, and his three nephews also well-documented, and Ao Guang went with him. Therefore, Shijie put up four banners, lined up the generals of the Zhou Dynasty on the hour, and came out of the city. But when he saw the green banners flaunting, the murderous look went straight through the square, the red flag fluttered, and the golden helmets were surrounded, with five dragons on the left, and the generals of the Zhou Dynasty on the right, with the stone in the middle.
When I came to the front, Shijie saw Zhao Gongming, but I couldn’t help but wonder that the person who was in charge of this event turned out to be Zhao Gongming.
When Zhao Gongming saw Shijie, he patted Hei Hu and came to the front of the battle line. He said with emotion, "Sister Shijie, it was a long time ago, isn’t it?" In ancient times, they helped the Yellow Emperor in Xuanyuan to smash the Jiuli tribe, where the wizard Chiyou rebelled. After thousands of years, this goodbye has changed. Although they are both battlefields, they have divided the enemy and the enemy.
Shi Ji recalled what happened in those years, and she was also a little embarrassed. Although she hated explaining Twelve Jinxian, she had a good impression on Zhao Gongming and others. She said, "Brother Zhao Gongming, why do you help others? Now that Zhou Wang is dissolute, the princes have turned against you. You should follow the general trend of the world and stop teaching, and you should not come to conquer Zhou repeatedly, causing all the people to go to fire and water." Zhao Gongming frowned when he heard this, and said, "What you said is bad, martial sister. Su Hu was a minister of the Shang Dynasty, and he ate royal food, but he didn’t think about the emperor’s kindness. He should be arrested and blamed. You should help the ministers and stop them. You should wake up."
Shi Ji was unhappy and said, "In that case, it’s useless to talk more. The winner is king and the loser is kou, so we have had a fight."
Zhao Gongming knew that the battle could not be avoided and nodded: "Only so." Then he turned back and asked, "Who will meet the first array?" Nezha stepped on hot wheels and jumped to the front with a musket: "I’ll do it." Then, Aoqin, the dragon king of the East China Sea, walked out from the left side of Shijie and looked at Nezha. Longan sprayed with fierce hatred: "Nezha, today I will take your head and avenge my son."
Nezha didn’t know it was Aoqin, the dragon king of the East China Sea. When he saw the other side coming out and spewing out such a sentence, he couldn’t help but shout, "You crazy old man, I don’t know you. What do you care about me?"
Aoqin, the dragon king of the East China Sea, laughed instead of anger: "Hey, hey, hey, you are a crazy child. I am Aoqin, the dragon king of the East China Sea. You don’t know me, but I know you." When Nezha heard that it was Aoqin, the dragon king of the East China Sea, he was secretly surprised: "It turned out to be this old loach." He said with a smile, "Who am I? It turns out that the little one is stuck, and the old one will come out and bite." Aoqin, the dragon king of the East China Sea, was furious when he heard this. He rode forward with a painted halberd and killed Nezha: "Yellow-haired girl, today is your death."
Nezha held a sharp fire gun and fought with it, killing the wind and cloud, and the sky was dark, and everyone on both sides withdrew from the distance.
Aoqin, the dragon king of the East China Sea, was one of the top ten dragon gods of the Dragon in the flood season. His own strength had already reached the late stage of Luo Jinxian, much higher than that of Nezha. After several rounds, Nezha had already fallen behind. When Nezha saw this, his spear was attacked with all his might, and a little spark struck Aoqin, the dragon king of the East China Sea. The square halberd in Aoqin’s hand evolved into a cold light, and it was broken. Nezha saw that he took out the gold bricks and threw them at Aoqin, the dragon king of the East China Sea. The BRICS roared at Aoqin, and it hit Aoqin in an instant. Nezha was delighted, only to find that the BRICS hit Aoqin, such as touching the innate gold essence, and it sounded like nothing happened. When Nezha looked closely, he saw that Aoqin was covered with a piece of dark golden Long Lin.
Nezha offered the Gankun Circle again and struck Aoqin, too. Aoqin said with a smile, "Although your Lingbao is good, it’s useless to strike it a few more times, but you can’t break my Long Lin unless the quasi-saint comes." Then he stabbed him with a painting halberd and shouted, "When will be beheaded wait?" Nezha didn’t throw in the towel so much, and then offered the three treasures of jade ruyi, only to see that the three treasures of jade ruyi gave off a golden light, and the red gem in the middle gave off a faint red light to protect itself. Aoqin struck with a halberd, but it was impossible to break the red light for a while, and it was only shaken back by dozens of meters.
Aoqin knew the three treasures of jade, and when he saw Nezha’s proud manner and rage, he gave a drink and shook himself. He saw a dragon with seven claws at the bottom, which was a hundred feet long and had two horns at the head, appearing in front of everyone’s eyes, and then his seven claws shone brightly, so he shot at Nezha.
Chapter one hundred and eighteen The magic house four will show off.
Nezha is proud of the strong defense of Sambo Jade Ruyi. Unexpectedly, after the East China Sea Dragon King Aoqin turned into the ontology, he bombarded directly with the powerful power of the ontology. He only heard the crashing sound, and the earth of Fiona Fang Thyme trembled. Then, when the East China Sea Dragon King Aoqin was knocked back, the reddish light emitted by Sambo Jade Ruyi was broken under this heavy blow.
Nezha suffered from the bite and couldn’t hold it back. His mind was like a heavy blow. He only felt the pain of more than 300 lotus root joints all over his body, and he flew out. When he fell to the ground, he splashed dust. At this time, Aoqin, the dragon king of the East China Sea, had returned to his body. When he saw it, he raised the painted halberd and was about to take the head of Nezha’s neck. Li Jing, who was on the side, was worried about his beloved son, and shouted, "Don’t hurt my son." When the sword was stabbed, Excavate didn’t even prove that he was an immortal. How could he be the opponent of Aoqin, the dragon king of the East China Sea? When the sword was stabbed by Excavate, it made him fly backwards, and he couldn’t stop the car. He rolled back all the way and rolled to Nezha’s side, pouring out his painstaking efforts and fainted directly.
Aoqin, the dragon king of the East China Sea, stepped forward and was about to kill Li Jing and his son. Seeing that his father and brother were injured, Jin Yun, who was watching the battle, was anxious and angry and shouted, "Look at the sword." With a shake of his shoulders, the two swords behind him went up into the sky and turned into a green light attack. Aoqin, the dragon king of the East China Sea, saw that the green light was not weak, so he rushed back to the halberd and turned it back. Jin Yun was still waiting for the sword to be killed. Peng Zu from the Zhou Dynasty had already come to kill with a Xuanwu cold water sword, and the two men fought together.
Aoqin, the Dragon King of the East China Sea, saw that it was now or never, so he took the heads of Excavate and Nezha with a halberd. The four magic families over there in the Shang Dynasty knew that they would never do it again. I was afraid that Excavate and his son were hard to live, snorted, then shook his shoulders, rushed up an Excalibur behind him, and gave a clear light with one finger of his hands. The Excalibur shook three times, and they saw that Excalibur rolled up a black wind, and what was shocking was that there were ten thousand blades hidden in the black wind.