Chapter two hundred and sixty-seven Mountain
"Don’t deceive you that a few killers in the city of peace is indeed related to our Begalin family, but it was sent by the insider in Frye’s family in the city of peace. We didn’t know it beforehand, but we hope you don’t take it to heart. Sofitel made a gift to you here. " With that, Yingfeite raised his glass.
"It doesn’t matter if it’s not the owner’s intention. I won’t care." Said windson raised his glass and touched Sofitel lightly. "Now things are clear. If there is nothing, I will go back first. I am tired after sitting in the car for a few days." While speaking windson has stood up.
Sofitel never thought that Lin Feng would leave when he said he would leave. He quickly got up and grabbed him and said, "Since you have come, please stay longer. There should be a lot to talk about between us!"
"Talk about? Master, what can we talk about? " Windson turned and looked at sommert with a smile.
"You have come from God Blessed Big Six, so we shouldn’t disturb your interest in traveling, but since you can talk about cooperation with Frye family, why can’t you talk to us? Isn’t the royal family and the Begalin family inferior to a Frye family? "
Lin Feng sat down again and looked at Jason, who had never opened his mouth, and said, "I talked about cooperation with the Frye family because their caravan took me out of the Sahara desert. It is also right to thank them."
"But as far as I know, on the way back, Lord Lin Feng rescued Frye’s caravan. Isn’t that a thank you?"
"Hehe, it seems that the Sofitel master knows a lot." Lin Feng pointed said.
Sophie said that those sand thieves had something to do with the Begalin family that day. Now Sofitel said that, that’s for sure.
"Forest air sir, do you have any conditions or come straight to the point? We are all businessmen. I think as long as we can reach a consensus. We have the possibility of cooperation, don’t we? " Jason, who had been silent, finally spoke.
"In fact, I don’t care who I work with, but now I’m in some trouble. I’m sure the Sofitel master must know that he is so well-connected. Good. My lovely pets are lost. Now I need to find them. This is my test for Frye’s family and the condition of cooperation. As for cooperation, as long as anyone can help me find the news of pets. Well said. " Windson said in no hurry to play with the glass.
Sofitel was overjoyed to see Lin Feng loosen his mouth and said, "I have also heard that your pet must be very cute. Supervisor Jason and I will do our best to help you find those two cute little guys."
"It’s true that it’s not much good news for you Lin Feng to wait for us on Hope 6."
"That’s great, but I don’t know where my pet has gone. I’m not sure whether it’s Hope 6 or not. The little guy is always energetic. " Windson narrowing her eyes said.
"We understand that you can rest assured." Two people agreed at the same time.
Write a bad check this trick windson often use this time Begalin and Bias two families to find him, which is undoubtedly the best solution. Although it seems a little sorry for the Frye family who had previously agreed with him, the Bias family has come forward. Even if Charlemagne kissed Jiraiya, there would be no second result unless he didn’t want to stay in the empire.
Although he has written a bad check to the Begalin family and the Bi Bias family, he still let people bring the news to Charman. After only staying in the evil wind city for three days, Lin Feng and his party continued to go to the pale mountain. Cangben Mountain is not within the scope of comparable sub-empires. It’s a long way to go, but more than two months is enough for them to travel there.
Cangben Mountain is covered with ice and snow all the year round. Clouds and smoke filled the air. A little pure white on the top of the mountain seems to be isolated from the world of mortals … Looking down from a high point, the whole world is in front of us. Everything will look pale. How can all the past not disappear, vanish, and fog turn … When everything melts, only the towering glaciers will show their face in the morning sun …
Only here is the real existence in the illusory world, standing in the clouds, standing in a mysterious array of guards.
"Brother Xiaofeng really wants to go in?" Blue beibei took windson’s hand and shook it violently.
"Of course, when they came, we agreed, but now we can’t play to depend on! And you guys. " Windson said seriously.
After two months’ leisurely journey, Lin Feng and his party finally reached the Cangshan Mountain range. He inquired with Aioules about all this. Only the strength of demigods can enter here, and others will be stopped. Now he can’t bring Qin Xinyu and them into the array and won’t let people go. This is also the gateway to the sacred mountain. If you want to go in, the strength of the demigod is the pass.
Qin Xinyu took Lan Beibei with a serious face and said, "Beibei can’t get in if we don’t make trouble."
"All right, all right! But we agreed that you would let us out as soon as we got to the Cangshan Mountain. " Blue beibei helpless can only nod but still don’t forget to windson threatened.
"Very good! I’ll let you out as soon as you enter the Cangshan Mountain. " Windson nodded and assured, but in my heart added "no". Now he doesn’t know the specific situation of Cangben Mountain, which dare to let them out. Now where they are, you can already see the outline of the tall Cangshan Mountain, but the specific situation is covered by fog, which is very unreasonable. Even the height of the mountain is blocked at most, but the foot of Cangshan Mountain is also covered by fog. From the outside, you can only see a huge column of fog.
"A Feng be careful!" "Crystal House" appeared in the hands of Lin Feng and finally let Qin Xinyu enter the "Crystal House". Now that they have entered, especially the girl Lan Beibei, Lin Fengke was not planning to let them out before the end of the pale mountain.
Pack up the "Crystal House" and Lin Fengchong rushed into the lingering clouds of the pale mountain.
"What person!"
Just entering the range of clouds, two figures rushed out of the clouds and blocked Lin Feng’s way, carrying epee breath and being restrained, which was already a level 9 master. In the hope, even the king will be treated with courtesy when he meets the master of Grade 6 and Grade 9. If a mercenary group has a master of Grade 9, he will be in charge. Then you can become famous directly without publicity. I didn’t expect to be the only gatekeeper here.
"comparable to the imperial forest air!" Said windson took out a light green jade stick and handed it over. This thing is windson specially let than Bias family help each other before departure want windson, of course, a promise.
Although it is said that as long as you have the strength of a demigod, you can go to the sacred mountain, but you can’t do it for unknown reasons. This thing is also the purpose of his visit to the evil wind city. Without this identification, it’s not impossible to go up there, but it’s a lot of trouble. It’s like an ID card on the earth, but there is no wisdom brain here to verify the authenticity.
"Comparable to the empire? Have you ever heard of it? " The man on the left took the jade sticker. Looking through it, I asked my companions around me.
"Why do you care so much? We are just here to prevent people with insufficient strength from going up." The big fellow on the right nodded to Lin Feng and said, "Your Excellency, please." Said a will be on the left side of the big fellow hand jade stick robbed come back to windson.
Windson nodded and continued upward. According to Aiouleis, there is a reception desk at the foot of Cangshan Mountain for ten years, and then there will be experts who want to enter Cangshan Mountain to explore secrets. At other times, only the people who keep the mountain have never seen the mountain.
At the foot of the whole mountain. Windson only met the two gatekeepers and swordsmen, and there was no living creature along the way. The more thick fog covered the line of sight, the deeper it went. The greater the fog. This should be the fog that spread from the mountain of Cangben, which has already happened here. What kind of situation will it be on the mountain!
All the way forward in the cloud cover, Lin Fengxian has a hidden vast mountain courtyard. Before reaching the courtyard gate, Lin Fengxian feels that there are nearly 20 powerful smells inside. I didn’t expect that Hope Six still hides so many masters.
"Haha, there are new friends coming!"
Lin Fenggang stopped in front of the courtyard and a generous laugh followed by an old crane who pushed the door and came out.
"hey! ? Where is the little brother from? " The old man looked at windson obviously in front of the door. And Yan asked. I hope there are only a few demigods in the big six. Even if I’m not familiar, I’ve seen a few young people like windson. The old man obviously met for the first time.
"comparable to the sub-empire!" Windson calmly replied.
"Comparable to the empire? When did the Asian Empire produce such talents? " The old man still looks incredible.
"What are you doing at the door all the time, old man? Why don’t you let your little brother in?" Another voice in the yard interrupted the old man’s thinking.
"Hehe, I am also advanced to the little brother." The old man led windson into the yard. The whole yard is shrouded in the mist of the Cangshan Mountain, and the environment is very quiet. The wall of the small bridge and flowing water is just simply forked twice with branches. But it is very mysterious in the lingering clouds.
In the yard, the old man who led the way for Lin Feng has a total of 23 people, most of whom are middle-aged. Although they look middle-aged, there are many absolute ages present.
"It seems that it’s almost time now. There shouldn’t be anyone coming." The guide of the old man said.
Looking at all the masters gathered around, it seems that these people have been discussing business before, but he is an accident.
"Sorry, it seems that I’m late. I was listening to Mr. Iores talking about it. I thought there was still a week, but now it seems …" Windson said shyly.
"It’s not too late. There is still a week. It’s just that we people are bored and talk about it in advance. I just didn’t expect that there would be a master like the little brother in the Asian Empire." Kind voice faint ring that’s right … Just windson heard outside the hospital.
"It was originally introduced by the boy Aoleisi, but that boy is really. Why didn’t he come himself?" The old crane man caressed his beard and said.
"Well, I’m not sure about that either." Windson gently shook his head and said.
"Since the little brother has arrived, it seems that no one will come again. Let’s talk about it first and then talk about it." The old man standing in front of the stone table said, "In a week, the passage of the sacred mountain will be opened again. You must think about the dangers inside. I think everyone knows that once you get in, you can only get out if you find a way out. Don’t think about helping each other. The chances of being separated from each other are very small. "
"The probability of points together is very small? Didn’t we go in together? " Windson puzzled asked.
Old Crane explained, "Little Brother doesn’t know that the passage of Cangshan Mountain is opened once every ten years. Although it is the same passage, it is not the same landing point after entering the mountain. After entering it, you have to rely on yourself, not only to cope with the fierce variation of Warcraft inside, but also to get lost. Only the passage found in the mountain can come out, or you have to stay inside all the time."
"Oh, so it is! Didn’t you say that all three big six can go into Cangshan Mountain? It seems that everyone here wants to be big 6. " When Lin Feng came in, he had already looked at the costumes of all the people present. Although he didn’t know much about Hope Six, he still knew something about the costume style of Hope Six, and there were signs of some big powers, so Lin Feng was sure that all the people present were Hope Six.
"The once-in-a-decade passage of Cangben Mountain is not just one, but three. This is the passage of Hope Big 6, God Bless Big 6 and Wild Big 6 in other places, but now fewer and fewer people are going in to explore. If you are not a little brother this year, you will have no motivation to join us … Hehe." The old man explained.
"It’s normal for no one to go to Li Lao. Although it is said that the key to opening the magical relics on the Big Six is in the mountain of Cangshan, it’s been many years since the strength of the three Big Six was found for so many years, and several people will be in the mood to take the risk. We are not going in order to improve our strength. That key can be said to be illusory to us. " While a middle-aged man said to the sighing crane elder.
"Well, the opportunity to determine the number of people once every ten years is precious, but everyone has thought clearly." The old man in front of the stone table interrupted the middle-aged man and said again.

Chapter two hundred and sixty-eight See wolves again
A total of 24 people in the courtyard and Lin Feng finally decided to go, but only 18 people, four of whom gave up, came here just to meet an old friend who is rare at ordinary times. And the old man in front of the stone table and the crane old man who led Lin Feng in were a guide to take the 18 people to the open passage and maintain the order.
"Brother, why do you think of going into the pale mountain? At your age, the future is limitless. If you have an accident because of this expedition … it’s not worth it! " After the meeting, the crane old man pulled down the forest air and said with concern while strolling in the yard.