Inside, the gods can clearly see an obscure avenue, which is like a nine-fold god, and the deductive space is infinite!

Infinite space accommodates the opening and ending of the Taiji Yinyang Golden Bridge, or the Golden Bridge in turn accommodates infinite space.
Finally …
Return to nothingness!
"Gankun Sun Moon is long!"
In Gankun, there are sun and moon, and endless mysterious changes, just like Pangu opened heaven and earth, Yin and Yang emerged, and the sun and moon appeared.
"Daoyou, our cause and effect are over!"
Purple clouds looked at an eyebrow in a state of deep perception and smiled gently.
"Congratulations, Hung-chun!"
Yuan Heng, who woke up from the feeling, took the lead in congratulating Zixiao with a hint of joy. "Haha, from now on, I am not alone!"
"Congratulations, Hung-chun!"
Nvwa 、 Fuxi and others, also got up and congratulated.
"Sitting in the sky, the futon is true."
"Heaven and earth are mysterious and yellow, so I should be the master."
"Pangu gave birth to Tai Chi, and two instruments and four images followed."
"Yin and Yang are balanced, and Xuanyuan has been divided since then."
"Xuanmen is the leader, and it will be a great success!"
"Friends, don’t …"
Every time the sage Zixiao sings, his voice is ethereal. This is because his past, present and future, his Hongjun Avenue, everything is in it.
If you are a mediocre person, you only think that you are showing off your own achievements. Only people with excellent understanding can feel the hidden metaphor, which is actually the general outline of Hongjun’s preaching in the future.
After Hung-chun preached that day, a mighty man wrote the supreme scripture-Huang Tingjing, which is famous in all worlds, as the scripture of Xuanmen’s supreme avenue!
These short words, in the population of Zixiao Sage, are accompanied by infinite purple gas, manifested by Hongjun Daowen, and sprinkled with endless auspicious feelings.
"Hung-chun, worthy of the word hung-chun!"
Yuan Heng stared at the sage of Zixiao, and could not help but gasp in admiration. Among all the positions in the heavens, this position of Hongjun is the most complicated. Even his position as the glorious master is slightly inferior. However, similarly, the future harvest will naturally be greater. "I’m afraid that when Zixiao Taoist friends return, they will add six positions of Taoist priests!" (To be continued. . )

Chapter three hundred and ten The heartless world, really can’t afford to hurt.
"A swish HongJun! Really worthy of a name! "
"What a purple sky!"
Hou Tu, Nu Wa and other great powers looked at the purple clouds that left, turned into a thick purple gas and left, and could not help sighing.
Respecting the luxurious life’s core monuments Purple Gas seems to have penetrated the "true one" after endless prosperity, which is fundamentally different from Zixiao’s own innate balance of Yin and Yang, as if fish are in water and ichthyosaurs originated from fish. Is it water? Is it fish? Or a dragon?
As the figure of Zixiao dissipates, the eyebrow finally wakes up from the thick Taoist environment, looking like the only purple gas in the world, and the pupil can’t help shrinking!
"How is it possible!"
Eyebrows are like waves in my heart, and my heart is complicated and inexplicable. It was originally like a leading role in destiny. It seems that my destiny is in me, and I feel omnipotent. I suddenly disappeared and looked around, and my heart can’t help but be bitter. "I thought that my eyebrows got a great luck and returned to the original, and I will soar from now on. I didn’t expect …"
This is a real ancestral spirit!
Like the people of Nu Wa and Been Earth, although the realm is lofty and the strength is unfathomable, they have only accumulated nearly ten times of robbery. They can see that this purple gas is extraordinary, long and endless, and the artistic conception is extremely lofty, but they don’t feel anything. Instead, they have a feeling that it should be so.
Can awaken the original eyebrow, but deeply understand that this is a group that will become a success, and will not be divided, and even the future will truly achieve the true "true one" realm of purple gas, the projection at this point in time!
In other words, when Zixiao sang the words of "one stroke turns into a great jun", he had already achieved "one"!
Purple clouds already represent Hongjun.
Has been stripped away from this era.
Has ….. In the future a certain space-time dimension! ! !
And just in front of him, in fact, it’s just the purple clouds in the future, the Hongjun in the future, in this era, at this point in time. Projection in front of yourself!
The phrase "One Swish of Hongjun" has exhausted the endless mystery of Tao and the mystery of Tao. This statement has already explained everything.
"And this …"
Slightly raised his eyebrows at the first being, and in a short moment, God’s eyes shone on the whole ninth God Cloud, and he incorporated it into his own fundus with his transformed "space" avenue, only to see endless arcs shuttling through space, which contained flickering light spots. Among these light spots, there are big and small. Of course, the biggest one is the Fuxi sage in front of you, and the smallest one is a surprise to the eyebrows, representing the light spot of Nu Wa. It is infinitely close to nothing!
This not only makes the eyebrows admire, but it is worthy of the most sacred nature that runs through the endless space-time dimension of the universe, and it is really incredible.
As for the supreme ancestor?
Well, it’s normal not to see it. After all, its achievements are incredible …
Just take back your eyes, and when you step, you want to go to your own seat, and inadvertently look up and pass by. My mind flashed like crackle, and a sudden chill rose from my back!
It’s like returning to the mortal era and being as cold as a polar glacier. Freeze the eyebrow-raising body …