They also don’t worry, sit mount, slowly walking away.

You know, in the HarmonyOS world, the gods can’t walk on clouds. Walking on clouds is the magical power of Pangu world, so Ye Song and his five people passed by. Became the focus of the light gods.
"Mother, mother, I want to fly on the clouds like those uncles." On the beach of an island, a small child pointed at Qing Ye and others who were flying in the air with immature voice.
The parents next to him looked at it and were dumbfounded.
"Mother, I want it, I want to fly on the cloud." The small child didn’t see the ugly color on his mother’s face, but shouted even more fiercely.
In the eyes of children, something magical. They will ask their parents to help him realize it.
After listening to the child, Ye Yao couldn’t help laughing: "This child is cute."
The prostitute smiled and said, "You were much cuter than him when you were a child, but you were also much more naughty." Ye Tian hey hey smiled.
Not long after, Qing Ye five people soon came to the sky above the sea of Shenjiao.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-five Six hundred trillion
, hit it. Let’s go down. We are in no hurry. Walk around. Me too. Qing Ye, some forces of Sichuan towel Gustav family, said. Then, as soon as I tap the faucet, I press the cloud head. Fell down to an island below.
They saw it, followed closely, and after five people landed on the island, they came to the city in the center of the island.
There are tens of thousands of sea areas in the whole celestial world of light, but the Shenprison Sea is the biggest one Jin. There are more than one trillion Li of Fiona Fang, in the center of Shenprison Sea, but it is Orville Island. Aowei Island is not big, only tens of thousands of miles of Fiona Fang. However, the surrounding ring-shaped islands have tens of billions of miles of Fiona Fang, and the smallest has billions of miles of Fiona Fang.
Tens of thousands of miles above Orville Island in Fiona Fang, the second, third and fourth generation elite disciples of Augusta family live. These elite disciples all have a mansion with tens of thousands to thousands of guards.
The islands around Aowei Island are the residence of some collateral disciples of Augusta family or some disciples with low strength and talent and angel corps.
Of course, every island is controlled by Augusta’s children.
Augusta has more than 1000 children, but the third generation has tens of thousands.
The island where Qing Ye five people landed was one of the leading islands named Zhentian. Under the coverage of Qing Ye’s gods, it was found that this Zhentian island has more than eight billion Li Fiona Fang, and there are about 200 million superior gods living in it.
The number of superior gods is 200 million, which is shocking, not including the middle and lower gods.
Among them, most of them are eight-winged angels, a small part are ten-winged angels, and twelve-winged angels. Qing Ye is not found.
Of course, although Shenprison Sea is the headquarters of Augusta family, besides these angels, there are also some other races from other gods or in the world of light.
In Zhentian Island, although the number of other races is small, there are also tens of millions.
Riding a god beast, Qing Ye and his party wandered through the megacity, which occupied more than half of the megacity island, with five billion miles of Fiona Fang. It is also the first time for everyone to see such a big city.
It is hell, compared with some big cities in heaven. It can be described by comparing ants with elephants.
Around Megatron, there are some cities the size of Fiona Fang, ranging from thousands to hundreds of millions.
However, in this deafening island, the status of Augusta family children and foreign strong people is obvious. From one of them, it can be seen that Augusta family children can fly high on the island. But others can’t, unless the strength reaches the strength of the seven-star demon, that is, the strength of the ten-winged angel.
Just when the five elements were riding a god beast, suddenly. The crowd around the street rushed to the front.
When Ye Yao saw this, he stopped a man and asked, "What happened ahead?"
The man was a little angry at first, but seeing Ye Tian and his party’s cultivation, he couldn’t see through all the middle gods, and he smiled respectfully. "I’m afraid this young master is new here. There are deep-sea magic whales in our prison. On the first day of every year, a magic whale auction is held. This magic whale is a treasure. Generally, a deep-sea magic whale of 100,000 years has a bead, and that bead is of great significance." Otherwise, it won’t be the Lord. "
Hearing this, Ye Tian lost interest. Knowing that the five elements were in front of him, the man then said, "However, this auction, I heard that there were items that were 100 times more expensive than deep-sea magic whales, and many superior gods were tempted, even some leaders came."
"Oh, it’s twice as expensive as a car." Ye Tian is interested.
The middle god then said some news about the auction, and he pleaded guilty and hurried to the auction.
After the middle god left, Ye Tian looked at Qing Ye and Nunai with a pitiful look: "Father, mother." I haven’t finished waiting for him. Qing Ye smiled and said, "Well, I know you want to see it. Let’s go, we are not in a hurry to go to Orville Island anyway. "
Ye Yao rejoiced: "Yeah! I knew my father was the best.
The prostitute smiled and said, "God, you must give me some peace later."
Ye Yao looked serious: "Yes, mother."
Qing Ye and Nu Wa smiled at each other.
The auction is not far, only a few hundred miles away. In a short time, five people came to the auction.
The auction site is a circular open-air square, with a hundred miles of Fiona Fang.
In the center of the open-air square, it is an auction platform, but the seats are lined with rings around it. It can be seen that the seats are distinguished by strength. Ten miles near the center, Fiona Fang is the seat of the superior god, while ten miles to fifty miles away, Fiona Fang is the seat of the middle god. After fifty miles, it is the seat of the next god.
When they entered the auction site, five people took their seats and sat on them, waiting for the auction to be held.
Before long, the auction went on as scheduled.
The first item in the auction is a deep-sea monster whale with a history of one million years. The deep-sea monster whale with a history of one million years is still very rare in Shenprison Sea, and it is rare in ten thousand years, so this deep-sea monster whale has become the right one for bidding among the gods.
Qing Ye, a deep-sea monster whale, had heard about it when he was in the Dragon-God continent on the mortal material plane. At that time, the eight-winged angel Xiubang and others who went down to the Dragon-God continent, Xiao Buqing, talked about catching Qing Ye back to Mi Mingyi. Throw it into the sea of divine prison, and let the deep-sea magic whale break the magic Qing Ye to death.
Therefore, Qing Ye still pays more attention to this magic sea whale.
I saw a million-year-old deep-sea monster whale on the stage, which was black and blue with a pair of silver eyes shining with intense killing. It was not long, only a few hundred meters. Born with four claws, the surface of the body is covered with a hard scale, which has the strength of a middle god.
Qing Ye was also curious about the fact that the beads in the deep-sea magic whale could be absorbed by people and made a breakthrough. When the gods penetrated, he found that there was a dark yellow bead in the middle of the deep-sea magic whale, which contained an energy similar to the power of the Lord God.
Yes, as Ye Qing guessed, these dark yellow beads are equivalent to some refined demon Dan in Pangu world, which can improve the skill for cultivation.
After auctioning dozens of items in succession. Finally. The final item of the auction finally appeared in front of everyone. To Qing Ye’s surprise, it was a dead stone.
The auctioneer said, "This sacred stone. It’s our master’s income. As for what kind of ore it is called, we don’t know, but this sacred stone can’t hurt it even if it leads the strong and uses the main artifact. "
Commanding the strong with the main artifact can’t hurt it, causing an uproar and the gods are in uproar. Those superior gods present were all moved.
The host of the auction saw the gods reflect on the stage. Very satisfied, and then smiled: "Before refining, the main artifact can’t hurt it." It is conceivable that what level of weapons or armor will be reached if this sacred stone is used. " Speaking of this, the auction hosts are all excited.
Yeah, even the main artifact can’t be hurt. What level will that be?
Those superior gods are all excited, especially some messengers of the Lord God, who are determined to auction it down and offer it to their Lord God.
Qing Ye eyebrows a wrinkly, feel strange, dead stone is the ore of Pangu world, how come here?
Dead stone, to put it bluntly, is some star iron, however, this star iron, the density is extremely high, and there is a wave of energy from the inside, Qing Ye god knowledge exhibition, immediately found this dead stone with a square of 10 meters inside the center has something similar to a round core.
Iron concentrate. Qing Ye not andao, at this moment, nuwa obviously also found, looking at Qing Ye. Ye counted and nodded.
For Qing Ye, the dead stone is disdainful, but the core iron concentrate is inside. But it can compare with some innate things. Moreover, son Ye Tian practiced the "nebula tactic". If it is mixed with refining into his dragon ball and laid with it, the effect is good.
At this time, Ye Tian also said: "Father. Mother, I want that iron concentrate. " Looks like this little guy found out, too.
Qing Ye nodded and smiled: "Good." Then he said, "Magic machine, you will auction this iron concentrate later."