Windson voice suddenly seems to be with a strange law. Palin, influenced by this kind of voice, involuntarily looked into Lin Feng’s eyes, but now Lin Feng’s deep black eyes suddenly and slowly turned into a black hole that could devour everything, guiding his consciousness into the voice in his ear, but it still echoed deeply into his heart and made him unable to refuse.

"The colonel also told me that all abnormal situations should be reported to me during his retreat. All the orders of the colonel will be transferred by me. You must unconditionally execute any orders I have distributed, and you must have no objection! Do you understand? "
"I understand your orders and I will carry them out unconditionally without any objection!" Palin’s expression was dull and her mouth was repeating.
"Well, do you have anything else?" Windson suddenly increased the volume and the voice was always clear.
Palin was shocked as if she had woken up from the deepest dream and asked hesitantly, "What did you just say?"
"Colonel commanded before healing in the process of his retreat will also pay attention to the situation in the group after his command will be conveyed by me! Do you have anything else? " Windson said coldly.
"Oh, it’s nothing." Palmer forest consciousness replied didn’t go to think about windson’s words if you have any questions.
"Well, you continue to act according to the order of the colonel before the retreat. The war fortress and the peripheral fleet continue to move forward to the inner layer of the meteorite desert. When it reaches its destination, the peripheral fleet
In the process of spiritual practice in the underworld, Lin Feng has a deep understanding of soul force, that is, spirit. A little hypnosis certainly won’t beat him. Moreover, in order to perfectly lay the brand of obeying oneself in Palin’s heart without causing his subconscious resistance to Lin Feng’s rhetoric, it took a lot of brains to make him not directly loyal to himself, but turn a corner to make him think that obeying oneself is actually equivalent to obeying the golden horn and finally being loyal to Jinjiao. Palin easily accepted Lin Feng’s words in his heart and made Lin Feng’s plan a success.

After Palin left, Lin Feng learned through the girl that the injuries of No.1 and No.2 had healed, so he immediately ordered the two puppet guards to guard at the door of Jinjiao’s dormitory instead of themselves, and did not allow anyone to enter his room again and began to look at other things left by Jinjiao. Maybe there were clues he ignored?
However, windson once again disappointed that nothing left by Jinjiao seems to be related to the situation of the inner layer of meteorite desert.
Fairy crystal, let alone the black token, and Lin Feng couldn’t study anything. Only a small but complicated and abstruse array proved that this token was forged by a yogi, but I didn’t understand what it was for.
Those bottles of Dan medicine Lin Feng have also been poured out and seen, and even the bottles have been smashed, which is nothing unusual. Dan medicine is very common, and it is not as good as the Dan medicine refined by Lin Feng himself with the five-element tripod.
To windson’s surprise, the crystal ball like an art ornament doesn’t know where Jinjiao got it. It is an extremely rare magic weapon in space. Unlike ordinary storage magic weapons, which can only hold dead objects, there is a life space in this crystal ball that people and animals can enter.
When windson ontology enters, the space in the crystal ball is not large, only about 2 meters in diameter. Fiona Fang is surrounded by a circle of Woods, a hut and a pond, just like looking in from the outside.
Although the place is small, but the scenery is very beautiful, the sky is blue, a few white clouds are fluttering slowly, and even there is a round of hot sun in the distance to the east, which sheds warm sunshine. Windson heart a move to the depths of the forest, didn’t walk more than ten meters met a soft transparent barrier across the barrier to look out is still a lush forest but how also can’t walk in the past. Windson knew that the scene behind this barrier was just caused by magic array like the scenery of the sky. Only the ground in the middle of Fiona Fang is the real thing.
Walking in the Woods only more than ten meters deep, surrounded by trees and birds singing softly, people can’t tell what is true and what is false.
Windson slowly walked out of the Woods along a bluestone path through the neat lawn like a green carpet and came to the pond. In the pond, lotus flowers were in full bloom, and more than a dozen carp of all colors shuttled under the water.
Windson didn’t stay by the pond. Although he liked the scenery here very much, he still had clues about the inner layer of meteorite desert in his heart. If there is something that Lin Feng wants in this space, it will probably be hidden in that small house not far away.

Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Crossing
The house doesn’t occupy much land, only about 100 square meters, only one room. The tree structure looks ancient and full of vitality.
The front hall, the back bedroom and the middle bedroom in the room are separated by bamboo curtains, and the interior decoration is extremely simple. There is only one bed in the bedroom, and there is only one table and one chair in the hall.
Looking at the empty room, Lin Feng wanted to cry. Don’t mention the clues about the inner layer of meteorite desert in the room. There isn’t even a cup. How can he not be depressed?
Unwilling windson searched carefully in the house, even turned over the tables, chairs and beds, and still didn’t find anything special. Windson finally gave up.
Out of the house windson a butt sitting on the ground looking at the beautiful scenery in front of me gradually calmed down. Although I didn’t find what I wanted, it was also a pleasure to get such a magic weapon of space.
This kind of magic weapon that can accommodate life is extremely rare in the field of repair. It is almost as difficult to refine such a magic weapon in the field of repair as it is to refine a quasi-fairy device. However, this magic weapon also has some shortcomings, that is, the body of the magic weapon is fragile. When the owner enters, the body of the magic weapon is very dangerous. If someone attacks outside at this moment, it will cause space collapse and throw the people and things in the magic weapon into the turbulence of space. This may be the reason why Jinjiao didn’t hide in it for healing.
After sitting for a while, Lin Feng returned to Jinjiao’s dormitory and gave this magic weapon a name of "Crystal House" and then put it in the ring.
The last thing hidden in Jinjiao Neidan is that piece of jade. There is also no information that Lin Feng wants in it. But an achievement method of demon cultivation. Looking at this demon-repairing achievement method, Lin Feng suddenly remembered the two little things and dolls that had not been seen at home for a long time.
And dolls are natural animals, clever and abnormal. With the help of Lin Fengdan medicine, we have embarked on the road of practice, but what we need is an achievement method. Now, with this jade slip, the practice of the two little guys can be on the right track. Just windson got the "Crystal House" again. If you can go back smoothly this time, you can also go out to play with those two little guys in the future. It’s really wronged them to keep two natural beasts hiding at home.
At sixes and sevens think along while Lin Fengcai put away all these things. As for Jinjiao’s inner Dan and one-horned horn left behind, it is of little use to windson for the time being. One-horned horn may be used for refining later. And although the demon’s inner alchemy is a tonic pill for most practitioners, it happened that Lin Fengyou cocoa’s endless supply of pure aura was not very interested in the spiritual force purified by Jinjiao in the inner alchemy, and the spiritual force was the most suitable for them only after their own practice. Lin Feng intends to give this Inner Dan or doll later. The inner elixir of the demon repair is of course more useful for the same demon repair.
After all the things are packed up, Lin Fengque’s nest is not going to go back to his own small room. He just sat cross-legged on the bed in Jinjiao’s dormitory and slowly entered the pranayama state. When killing Jinjiao, Lin Feng suffered internal injuries except for the big hole in his shoulder blade. Although with the help of "anti-God Dan". Much better. But it still needs to be further combed and nursed back to health to fully recover.
And before the assassination, windson has reached the bottleneck of the second broken Dan. He is afraid of being Jinjiao now forcefully to keep his true yuan in this state. Now that Jinjiao is dead, Lin Feng doesn’t need to worry about it. If he can succeed in crushing Dan twice before entering the meteorite desert, he must be able to face the unpredictable crisis in the meteorite desert more calmly.
Unfortunately, it was not until the third day when Stormwind entered the inner layer of meteorite desert that Lin Feng succeeded in breaking Dan for the second time. This is not only because of the previous injury, but more importantly, during this time, Lin Feng will be distracted every time he practices, which makes him a little nervous. After careful reflection, Lin Feng determined that it was a magic charm. At the beginning, he used the magic charm to frame Jinjiao himself, and he had to enter the chamber of secrets full of magic charm.