With a puzzled expression at the beginning of Yuan Dynasty, Lao Tzu explained: "The world we are in now, opened by Pangu, can be called Pangu World, but. In addition to the Pangu world, there is another world. According to the teacher, it was founded by a person from HarmonyOS. We can call it the HarmonyOS world. "

After listening to Lao Zi’s words, Yuan Shi’s mouth was wide open. Even though he was a sage, he was surprised. Another world? Since he was born for so many years, he never knew there was another world, so how not to surprise him.
A saint is not omniscient, unless he reaches the realm of HarmonyOS.
"Big Brother, you mean the teacher said there is another HarmonyOS world?" Yuan Shi reconfirmed to Lao Zi.
"That’s right." Lao tze nodded his head.
Whew, he relaxed his mind. Yuan Shi frowned and said, "Qing Ye is not in Pangu world, but in HarmonyOS world? Master elder brother, what is the implication? "
He couldn’t figure out why I came here. If I just came to tell him about it and the existence of another HarmonyOS world, I didn’t seem to have to come here.
"Qing Ye and prostitutes went to the HarmonyOS world, mana. Then it is humble. Now, according to my guess, it should be restored to around Luo Jinxian. " I stared at the beginning and said.
"What? ! Qing Ye and Nu Wa lost all their powers. Then rebuild! " Yuan Shi can’t bear the feelings in his heart anymore, and his face is excited. If this is the case, what does it mean? It means that they can defeat Qing Ye and the prostitute with one finger now. Of course, he never thought that he could kill Qing Ye and the prostitute.
After all, the saints who have proved the Tao have pinned their hopes on heaven and their souls will not leave.
However, Qing Ye and Nannai have not recovered their powers. So, before the two of them regained their powers. You can do a lot of things, such as dealing with the religion, the evil religion, and the evil religion!
"Ha, ha, ha, leaf
Check, the state "heart prostitutes mana try your best to rebuild! God helps me wait, master. No. Your eyes are shining, and you have been sitting still for thousands of years. Yuan Shi has never been so excited as today.
"Tianjiao dominates the six realms, and Qing Ye’s disciples have been in charge of the six realms for more than 10,000 years. It’s time for a change, and Qing Ye went against the sky in those days, sealing the demon under the gods, and letting his four disciples Liu Ya sit on the throne of heaven. It’s a fate, and now we let him abdicate, which is also for Lao Tzu.
Yuan Shi smiled and said, "OK, Big Brother is absolutely right. The demon race is just an animal. How dare he rule the Heaven? Hum, Qing Ye bullied my disciples in those days, but only by relying on Qing Ye, while Qing Ye only relied on HarmonyOS’s sword and other treasures. Now, I want to see who can help these disciples in the Heaven without Qing Ye and prostitutes. "
Laozi also laughed: "When Brother Tongtian of Wanxian Array was defeated by Qing Ye, it was only this tragic situation that caused the interception. I believe Brother Tongtian also strongly agreed with this matter. At that time, we, the interpreter and the interception will join hands again to win back the face."
Yuan Shi smiled and said, "Big Brother is absolutely right. Our Sanqing was originally an organic whole. Then, we will take a trip to Biyou Palace now.
Lao Tzu brushed the dust, nodded and smiled: "When Dashan finished speaking, Lao Tzu and Yuanshi rode their mounts to the Biyou Palace in Penglaixian Island in the East China Sea.
Moments later, Lao Zi and Yuan Shi came to the Biyou Palace, and they got off the four elephants and the green cow respectively. After they arrived, there was a fire and water boy in front of the Tongtian Block. Bye, introduced them to Biyou Palace.
When we entered the Biyou Palace, Lao Zi and Yuan Shi met Tongtian, who was sitting on the futon on the ground, and Sanxiao, who stood aside.
At that time, in the Wanxian array, the interception of education only escaped many Taoist priests and three clouds, and later Lao Tzu turned Hu into a Buddha. He took the Taoist Duobao away to be reincarnated some days. He didn’t want the Taoist Duobao to bear a grudge and defected to western Buddhism and became the leader of Hinayana Buddhism. So, now, only Sanxiao, who had thousands of immortals coming to Korea, accompanied him to heaven.
Looking at Lao Zi and Yuan Shi coming in, Tongtian didn’t get up, but Sanxiao didn’t pay homage to them. They look ugly, although it is expected that Tongtian had a problem with them in those years, but Sanxiao is the next generation after all, and both of them are saints, so they are treated with such courtesy and naturally feel very uncomfortable.
"Brother Tongtian, you are a good disciple, and you don’t bow to the master elder brother and me." Yuan Shi said coldly.
"Beginning, my disciple is not for you. If you are here today to teach my disciple. Then please go back. " The sky is also cold and cold.
In those days, Zhunti and Jieyin forced their disciples to go to the west to enter Western Buddhism, but Yuan Shi and Lao Zi turned a blind eye and did not stop them. This matter, Tongtian naturally did not forget. If Qing Ye fell on his face, he was unhappy with Qing Ye, but he admired Qing Ye. After all, Qing Ye defeated him by relying on strength.
But for Lao Zi and Yuan Shi, he was angry.
"Tongtian teacher younger brother, beginning teacher younger brother, ok. We are one of the three clean-ups. Let it go. " At this time, Lao Tzu began to be a nice guy and appealed to him.
"Hum, I don’t know Lao tze, what do you think of coming to my Biyou Palace today?" Tongtian said coldly.
Lao Tzu’s face changed, but he felt a little apologetic when he thought that he had taken Duobao to the natural barrier to be reincarnated, so that Duobao rebelled against Jiejiao and entered Western Buddhism, which was somewhat related to him. I will endure it now.
"Brother Tongtian, Brother Yuanshi and I have come here to discuss something with you." Lao tze tone calm way.
"Hum, different ways, no common goal." Tongtian directly said coldly.
"You." Yuan Shi’s face changed. At this moment, Lao Tzu raised his hand to stop him and said, "Don’t Brother Tongtian want to avenge the Wanxian Array that year? Is brother Tongtian willing to see the tragic situation of interception? "
Tongtian’s face changed, he stared at Lao Tzu and said, "Lao Tzu, what do you mean?" .
Ignoring Tongtian, Lao Tzu continued: "We learned that Ye Tianhe and Nuwa had gone to another world and lost their mana, and then began to practice meditation, but their mana has not been restored."
When Lao Tzu said this, Tongtian understood, although he didn’t know what it meant that Qing Ye and a prostitute had gone to another world.
Tongyao sneered: "Do you want to deal with the heavenly religion?"
Laozi said with a smile, "Heaven teaches against heaven, and we are in harmony with heaven. Then we will go to Zixiao Palace in Sanqing and ask the teacher for instructions. The teacher will call us, explain and intercept the three religions."
However, at this time, Tongtian interrupted coldly: "Six realms of orthodoxy? Hum, I’m not interested, if you Lao Tzu and Tongtian are here today for this matter. Then please go back. "
While Qing Ye and the female milk are away, they bully the Tianjiao students. Although he is angry with the Qing Dynasty, he can’t do it yet.
"Brother Tongtian, are you willing?" Lao Tzu’s face finally changed. Unexpectedly, things were unexpected. Yuan Shi also said at this moment: "Hum, Tongtian, you are bored and not available. In this case, big brother, it is the same for both of us to ask the teacher."
Tongtian ignored them and waved directly: "Don’t send."
Chapter three hundred and thirty The crisis of land pressure