Even if you succeed in capturing Scar alive, is Scar a hostage more than a hostage controlled by other terrorists? At that time, other terrorists will still use their hostages to threaten the two to release them and catch them. Unlike terrorists, They really dare to kill hostages, but Lin Feng dare not kill Scar. Such a thing is not without precedent.

However, An An’s kind advice was treated like this. Let her gnash her teeth with anger and wish to violently beat windson.
Under heavy pressure, windson felt that his mind had never been clear and thorough. All kinds of solutions come to mind, and then they are compared and selected.
After thinking for a long time, Lin Feng finally sorted out the plan in his mind. He suddenly said, "If Ann gives you a flash bomb, are you sure to rescue old Edward from the chaos of terrorists’ emergency retreat?"
"Save old Edward? It seems that what you want to solve now is your own problem! " An An was puzzled by Lin Feng’s question and asked, "Why do terrorists retreat in an emergency? Have you received any news? "
"no!" Lin Feng decisively shook his head and said, "You answer my question first!"
At this moment, Lin Feng’s slightly embarrassed face is filled with strong confidence, which makes his whole person seem radiant and full of strong conviction.
An An couldn’t help feeling a little drunk, but the harsh training made her wake up quickly and quickly replied, "No, I won’t help you this time unless you tell me the whole plan first!" "
After thinking about it, I felt that Ann could be trusted. From the first time he met her, I knew that she would never be an unscrupulous person. Windson intuition has always been very accurate. And his plan also needs Ann’s cooperation. Therefore, he still explained the plan and Ann in detail.
An An made a quick calculation in his mind. Zhan Yan smiled and said, "Well, your plan is very thorough and the possibility of success is great. I really don’t know how long your head is."
"Well, time is running out. Now that you have agreed, let’s start action at once!" Windson forcibly waved and said.
2 am
Scar closed his eyes and rested on the sand in the control center. He hated windson!
Although the hijacking operation has been successful so far, it’s not easy to explain that Yin Wolf and Fat Man, the spiritual experts in their four organizations, died here at the same time and let him go back.
"Did the little mouse appear?" Scar suddenly opened his eyes and asked.
"Not yet, but if I were him, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be trapped." Black hand shook his head and replied.
"Hum, it’s better if he doesn’t appear. I think Chen Baichuan’s political opponents are also happy to see this scene!" Scar sneered and said, "Anyway, we still have old Edward in our hands, and the old guy can’t help the federal government not bowing!" "
"Boss, there he is …" The black hand suddenly exclaimed: "In the power cabin!"
Scar immediately went to the front of the holographic projection and saw a dazzling white light flash. After that, Lin Feng jumped out of the maintenance channel in front of the power cabin and quickly rushed into the power cabin. Three or two times, he knocked down two of his men who were staying in the power cabin.
"Lin Feng, what do you mean?" Scar immediately connected the communication with the power cabin and asked coldly, "Do you think I really dare not kill anyone?" In a separate conversation, Scar also took off the mask of Sven.
"I just want a few hostages, too. You can kill people, but I can’t?" Lin Feng smiled at the monitoring probe and said, "Look, I have two hostages now. Isn’t it fair that you kill one and I kill one?"
"Ha-ha … ha-ha …" Scar laughed wildly as if she had heard something ridiculous. It took a while to stop laughing and said, "Fair? You only have two people, and you tell me it’s fair? If you kill me alone, I can kill two, twenty or even two hundred people to be buried with my men! "
In the holographic projection, Lin Feng grabbed a scar’s men from the ground with a sneer and put an assault rifle to his head and said, "So you mean you don’t care about your men’s lives?"
"Joke, you can kill them as much as you want. It’s ridiculous that you still threaten me with them!" Scar paused and showed a cruel smile and said, "Lin Feng, my patience is about to run out. Call someone to bring it in+who!"
"Do you think I really dare not kill your people?" Windson was a bad asked.
"Then you kill and watch. I’m looking forward to it. Haha." Scar smilingly looks like watching a good show. Even the terrorist in Windson’s hand is a fearless one.
"Well, that’s what you said!" Windson bitten to grind and pulled the trigger. In an instant, a beautiful blue light penetrated the terrorist’s head in windson’s hand. Then Lin Feng threw the body in his hand to one side without changing color and caught another terrorist in his hand and asked, "Are you still looking forward to it now?"
This time, the terrorists caught by windson immediately changed their faces.
"Yes, yes, I am surprised by your bravery." Scar actually clapped her hands and laughed wildly: "Why don’t I expect it?" You keep killing. After you kill the one in your hand, it’s my turn to perform. I decided to kill 2o hostages this time to show you what color haha. "
"As you wish!" Windson seems determined to lift the assault rifle again.
Suddenly, the terrorist in Lin Feng’s hand suddenly raised his right hand and shouted wildly: "Let’s die together!" "
Then a bright light flashed across the holographic projection in front of scar and disappeared immediately. At the same time, a roar came up from the ground floor with a great sense of vibration, and most of the lights in the control center were extinguished in an instant.

Chapter ninety Hijacking (14)
The uncertain scar finally stabilized his figure and immediately turned to the upside-down hand and asked, "What’s going on?"
There is no need for a black hand to answer the gentle female voice of the brain of "Elegance" in the control center.
"Warning! The power cabin is seriously damaged. Please prepare for evacuation. Elegance is expected to explode in 10 minutes! "
"Warning! The power cabin is seriously damaged. Please prepare for evacuation. Elegance is expected to explode in 10 minutes! "
"Shit, that guy on the 7th detonated the high-explosive bomb he was responsible for installing!" The black hand immediately understood and asked anxiously, "What now?"
Scar’s face twisted severely, waved his hand and said decisively, "immediately notify everyone to gather in the second floor escape cabin!" Take old Edward with you, and we are going to leave the ship! "
The black hand nodded and immediately notified it.
Suddenly Scar added, "By the way, just make up a reason to let all passengers and crew stay in the room and kill anyone who comes out without authorization!" And don’t forget to ask Ralph’s gang to bring more’ hostages’ who will cooperate well! "
According to the practice on the space passenger plane, in order to avoid causing panic among passengers, the news of emergency disembarkation will not be directly reported to the whole ship until the last minute. Therefore, although all the passengers on board felt the explosion coming from the ground floor, they didn’t know why.
Under the deception and intimidation of terrorists, the vast majority of passengers and crew members chose to wait in their rooms, although they were somewhat suspicious. Only a few passengers ventured out of the door to see what had happened, but all of them were directly shot when they met terrorists. The terrorists of polar organizations are all murderous and dangerous, and there will be no scruples when the passenger plane is about to explode at this moment.
In the dark passage, all the terrorists are running with all their strength. As a luxury passenger plane, Elegance is really too big, and there is not much time for 10 minutes.
Finally. All the terrorists are concentrated in the escape pod on the second floor. Except for old Edward, who was picked up all the way. There are several guys dressed in crew clothes are among them, but no one seems to be watching around them.
Scar stood in the middle and waved directly without saying much. Pointing to the largest escape ship, he said, "Let our guests board first and then everyone will board the ship in order!" "
"Yes!" The terrorists gave a neat promise, and several people immediately took the lead with old Edward.
"Wait!" Suddenly a clear voice came from the terrorists. Everyone immediately looked at the past. Only to see a dazzling little sun rising in the crowd, Ran Ran.
"Is a flash bomb! Get down! " I don’t know who shouted. The trained terrorists immediately lay down.
Scar fell to the ground and rolled over, at the same time, he felt a burning feeling clinging to his head, and then there was a scream behind him. Scar knew that someone was shooting at him, so he didn’t dare to stop flying after falling to the ground and quickly fled to a bunker in his impression.
Scar, they should feel lucky. Because of the fear of smoke bombs from forest air, most terrorists put on fully enclosed spacesuits, and soon recovered their sight with the help of the filter system.
When Scar regained his sight, the scene in front of him made him feel very angry. Three or four men turned into corpses. Old Edward is nowhere to be found.
The person who just called "Wait" can’t see her face clearly although she is also wearing a fully enclosed spacesuit, but she can be recognized as a young woman from the voice, which should be the woman named An An who fled to the bottom with Lin Feng. But why did she show up here and take old Edward? Scar vaguely felt as if she had been cheated.
But there’s no time for scar to think. The brain of "Elegance" finally started the whole ship notification.
"Warning! Because the power cabin is seriously damaged, Elegance is expected to explode in 1 minute! Please leave the ship immediately! "
"Warning! Because the power cabin was badly damaged. Elegance is expected to explode in 55 minutes! Please leave the ship immediately! "
"Get on the escape ship quickly!" Scar finally made a decision to leave the ship, although old Edward was robbed. But there are still a few "hostages" in his hand, so don’t be afraid of being shot down by the destroyer that came. As long as it is delayed for a while, they can escape into the secret base of the organization near the guardian star. There is no need for them to risk their lives to stay on the Graceful.