"It’s okay. Sister Beibei, Brother Xiaofeng and I are a family. Who dares to come to our house for trouble?" Sun Yaoyue also comforted.

Blue Beibei is right to know the relationship between Lin Feng and bamboo slips. There are not many people who want to woo Lin Feng to find trouble with Lin Feng with the strength of bamboo slips in the Federation. Presumably, Sun Chuanyu specially came to send this combat suit with the Logo of Sun Shi consortium to Lin Feng today for this purpose.
Will people get tired of asking for tickets all the time? Then take a rest for a while. If you feel good, vote for it, and let Longmen get up the spirit and grab it directly. Hehe.

Chapter 49 Water discharge?
After trying to persuade Lan Beibei, they watched it carefully.
The official forum of this Universiade is like a frying pan when the current forest air is lonely. In the title, there are many posts with the names of forest air and lonely breeze, which are also Qian Qian absolutely. It’s no wonder that as the top martial arts master in the family of martial arts, he can already be regarded as a legendary figure. How come it’s not surprising to take part in a martial arts competition in a college sports meeting?
Windson casually glanced at these posts, including wooing, courting, wanting to learn from a master, and nonsense.
There are several posts that have attracted Lin Feng’s attention. These posts are all suspicious. This is Lin Feng’s self-hype. Among all the imperial five-star fighters whose real identity has been confirmed, no one is under the age of 5 o. After all, it is indispensable to become a top fighter with rich experience and life experience. Is it possible?
However, there is more to Lin Feng’s troubles than that. In addition to those skeptics, there are some posts accusing Lin Feng of serious lack of sportsmanship and competitive spirit. It is absolutely an outrageous behavior to release water in such an important game. The post strongly urged the official to punish Lin Feng and Lan Beibei, and suggested depriving them of their qualifications in the quarter-finals.
But it’s not that there is no one who supports windson. The supporters of windson think that it’s natural for senior brothers to let pool. If an imperial five-star fighter wants to compete with his school sister for the champion of a college sports meeting fighting competition, it will be despised! The two groups of people quarreled upside down in the forum, eager for a real-life fight.
In a smoky atmosphere, there are also a few people who calmly and objectively think that senior brothers can be understood by younger sisters, but it is not too much to openly release water in more important competitions as a contempt for the competitive spirit of sports. This argument has also been supported by a large number of people.
Generally speaking, Lin Feng and Lan Beibei are on the cusp this time, and more than n people are waiting for the official decision.
"Aunt seems to be in a bit of trouble this time!" Windson didn’t think that he would cause so many things after the Id of the Fighting House was exposed. In fact, he didn’t value the ranking of the quarter-finals. Even if he was disqualified this time, he could still enter the army through his uncle’s relationship. Windson will feel some trouble mainly for Blue Beibei, who is confident to win the championship this time. I’m afraid she will cry if she is suddenly disqualified from the quarter-finals.
"Brother Xiao Feng is all my fault …" Blue Beibei’s voice was a little low, so it began to show signs of cloudy to light rain.
"Babe, don’t worry, it’s okay!" Sun Chuanyu also liked the little girl Lanbeibei very much and quickly calmed down: "In fact, there is no solution …"
"How to solve it?" Blue beibei heard that there was a solution and quickly asked.
"It’s a good thing that Brother Xiaofeng released water thoroughly this time and simply didn’t go to the game with you. It would be more troublesome if he released water in the ring."
"Aunt, what do you mean?" Lan Beibei is very confused. "Why do you say that Brother Xiao Feng is more troublesome if he releases water in the ring? Anyway, what’s the difference between releasing water? "
Sun Chuanyu seems to be very happy that Lan Beibei also called her aunt. He touched Lan Beibei’s little head and said, "Little fool, now everyone knows that your brother Xiaofeng is alone. If you lose to you in the ring, will others believe you?"
Beibei Lan shook her head and said, "No!"
Although many people know that a master in a fighting home may not beat an ordinary fighter who has practiced internal skills in reality, there is still no fighter who has practiced internal skills. Families or individuals who really practice internal skills are usually very low-key, and those who know that the Blue Family has a family-run internal skill method are also people in this village, and ordinary people in the Federation don’t know much. Now everyone knows that Lan Beibei and Lin Feng are brothers and sisters. If Lin Feng loses in the ring, he will definitely think that it is Lin Feng who releases water and will never think about anything else.
"I see what you mean, aunt. If I lose in the ring, others must think that I shattered glass is explaining that no one will believe me. Now that I simply didn’t go to the competition, there is a lot of room for manoeuvre. " Windson suddenly realize.
"That’s right." Sun Chuanyu nodded with a smile.
"Aunt small wind elder brother what do you mean? Why don’t I understand? " Sun Yaoyue listened in bewilderment.
"Yeah, I still don’t understand!" Blue beibei said, scratching his head.
Qin Xinyu also understood and explained with a smile: "If your brother Xiaofeng loses in the competition with your baby, others will definitely think that your brother Xiaofeng is releasing water and won’t think about anything else. Now your brother Xiaofeng didn’t take part in the competition at all, so just make up a reason why he didn’t take part in the competition. Even if you still don’t believe it, you can’t find any reason to refute it. After all, there are countless people who have not participated in the competition for various reasons in history. "
"Oh …" Sun Yaoyue and blue beibei finally understood.
"That want to make up a what reason? Let’s see. Brother Xiaofeng ate a bad stomach? Or was it hit by a car? Or did you go out and fall into a ditch? ….. "Sun Yaoyue one reason to constantly jump out to listen to windson is in distress situation.
"Little Moon, are you helping Brother Xiaofeng or cursing Brother Xiaofeng? Why do I get more and more wrong?" Windson quickly interrupted my little girl’s words and then told her that I was afraid I would be raped by dinosaurs.
Sun Chuanyu couldn’t listen any longer. He smiled and advised, "Don’t talk nonsense when the moon is fine."
"Hum, who told Brother Xiaofeng not to tell me that he was alone?" Sun Yaoyue mercilessly stared windson one eye in the small track.
Windson this just know my girl is intentional, but he didn’t dare to provoke the little ancestor or we don’t know what she will be up to. So Lin Feng quickly asked for forgiveness: "Little Moon is a bad thing for Brother Xiaofeng. Wait a minute. Brother Xiaofeng cooks dinner himself, okay?" 。”
"All right, I’ll forgive you so-so, but I want to eat the jade steamed dumplings you made last time and …" Sun Yaoyue heard that Lin Feng had to cook in person, and his previous dissatisfaction was immediately thrown to the outside world.
"Okay, okay, no problem!" Windson scrambling promised. "You’d better help Brother Xiaofeng to think about the reasons."
Sun Yaoyue smiled and saw that they had had enough trouble before saying, "There is no need to make up any reasons. I have already passed the air with the organizing Committee of this fighting competition and they will help us make a perfect explanation."
"Thank you, aunt!" Windson realized that Sun Chuanyu had already got things done before he came. What did he get through with the organizing committee? I think I put pressure on them. Those officials are not fuel-efficient lamps. They can’t be so accommodating.
Starting from the next chapter, a small period of "firm" support is expected to continue …
The poll on the homepage is almost closed. I just looked at it. There are so many people who advocate neutral style these days.

Chapter 50 Personal Privacy
The quarter-finals of this year’s Universiade fighting competition are full of drama.
In the morning, the two games were cancelled due to the absence of two quarter-finals players in turn, but in the afternoon, the official forum of the fighting competition broke the news that Lin Feng was the lone forest wind, which attracted most people’s attention. In contrast, the other two quarter-finals held in the afternoon were less noticeable.
This afternoon’s game was a civil war between two contestants from the host Dream University. Stuart Liu and Kate King knew each other’s strength thoroughly, and both sides kept a certain strength to prepare for the rest of the game. After 10 minutes, Kate was "easily" thrown out of the ring by Stuart Liu, which attracted boos from the audience. The voices of "fake match" and "fake match" were higher and higher.
The last game of the day was the fighting master Harry Green of Rainbow Star Martin University against Ma Han, a contestant of Tianhaixing Plateau University. The two players did not disappoint the audience present, and diamond cut diamond played a full 30 minutes with a bang to give all the audience a wonderful fighting game. Finally, the referee ruled that Harry Green, a player from Martin University, won by points.
To most people’s surprise, the officials of the organizing committee of the tournament did not announce the names of the players who entered the semi-finals on the spot according to the regulations after the competition of the quarter-finals was completed, but announced that they would investigate the authenticity of all the competitions on that day, and the results will be announced in the official forum of the fighting competition tomorrow, so please pay attention.
Eight * zero * power * sub * book * w * w * t * x * t * 8 * 0. * c * o * m
The next day, according to the competition schedule, it happened to be a rest day. On this day, most people who continue to pay attention to the competition will choose to relax for a day to relieve their nervous nerves when watching the fighting competition the other day. However, on this day, the official forum of this year’s fighting competition was crowded, and everyone was discussing the results of the survey to be released soon.
It is often at this time that some boring people are most excited, and all kinds of rumors and gossip are flying all over the sky. One of the most concerned questions is whether Lin Feng and Lan Beibei will be disqualified from the quarterfinals by the organizing committee of the tournament.
Some people think that Lin Feng and Lan Beibei will definitely be disqualified from the quarter-finals, not only because Lin Feng openly released water in the competition and seriously violated the spirit of fair and just sports competition, but also because it is not enough for the public to be angry without punishment. Another reason is that Lan Beibei’s next opponent is Zhao Rulong, the son of the president of the Federation Fighting Association. In order to make Zhao Rulong win the championship of this fighting competition smoothly, the Federation Fighting Association will definitely put pressure on the organizing committee of the competition, and it is difficult for Lin Feng and Lan Beibei not to be disqualified.