Qing Ye and the prostitute breathed a sigh of relief, and then flew deep again. However, this time they were cautious, and in this way, they kept flying forward. One day, two days, half a month, one catty. The month passed. However, in addition to the endless space of HarmonyOS aura, there are some innate Lingbao, but can’t see anything else.

Both of them have picked Jin Xian’s high peak, and Wan Li flew instantly. For a month, it is impossible to know how far they flew.
Just as Qing Ye and Nu Wan were about to give up and go back. Suddenly, a wall of air condensed by almost real chaotic airflow appeared in front of them. This chaotic gas wall can’t reach the sky or the ground. There is no end to the extension. When Qing Ye and Nu Wa unfold their gods, they can’t find out how high, how long and how thick this chaotic gas wall is, and what’s more strange is that their gods can’t penetrate this chaotic gas wall.
Stopped in front of the chaotic gas wall, the two of them were like a little ant. Qing Ye frowned and looked dignified. "Wife, please step back for a while and let me break it." Say that finish, will open the god axe sacrifice.
The prostitute retreated tens of thousands of miles and stood still. Hold up the clouds above your head and pay attention.
A binge drinking reveals Pangu’s true self. Lei Guang surrounded the whole body, and his eyes flashed with lightning. There was a clear cloud overhead, and the nine ancestors jumped out in two places at once, and then they sailed into Qing Ye’s body.
"Pangu opens the sky, heaven and earth retreat, open the axe of the gods, break!"
As Pangu reappeared, Qing Ye suddenly split forward with an axe in his hand, only to see a huge axe wave break hundreds of thousands of miles of space, and then hit the chaotic gas wall.
Boom! With the full blow of the axe, the space oscillated, the endless HarmonyOS aura, and the chaotic airflow became violent and restless, just like countless angry fierce beasts, and then collided, forming one huge storm after another.
Qing Ye an axe to blow, not expected to cause such a result, panic and retreat, but still be the force of the earthquake shock your unbearable wow. Spit out blood, nuwa see Qing Ye injured, can’t help but exclaim, fly forward.
And after the chaotic gas wall was hit by the axe. It was broken for tens of thousands of miles and entered a huge rift valley inward, but it was only an instant and it was restored to its original state.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-one The other side of the chaotic gas wall
Buqing shook his head at the female pot, and then I sat down on my knees and took the elixir. Rest up, while the woman is guarding.
Everything in heaven and earth is silent, only endless HarmonyOS aura and chaotic air flow floating in it, and occasionally, dust storms formed by congenital poisonous sand roar past.
Time passed bit by bit, and Qing Ye sat in the meantime, and Qingyun appeared on his head. The nine ancestors were busy on Qingyun, and the eye of the punishment on his forehead was shining, and the chaos robbed the thunder.
And the eye of the scourge in the middle of Qing Ye’s forehead is now out, and like the eye of the scourge of the nine ancestors, they are rhythmic together, just like the same pulse, and "plop, plop" responds to the rhythm together.
Qing Ye has entered a state of emptiness, only feeling that he is the sky and the earth, but the endless air flow between heaven and earth is his own body, and the elements of each department are constantly changing and merging, naturalizing the spleen, hydrating the kidney, lignifying the liver and generating fire. Aquatic wood, gold begets water.
Heaven and earth evolve themselves, the vast universe, and the universe is contained in the heart.
Qing Ye’s mind, 36 products violet is sending out the dazzling green light, suddenly, disappear, again, is now under the Qing Ye dish sit, Qing Ye.
Thirty-six products of violet are the treasures of congenital chaos. The origin of Qing Ye’s taxiing. It’s Qing Ye life’s core monuments Lingbao. Standing on it, everything is invulnerable. At this moment, the 36-product violet keeps spinning, giving off a series of innate clear air, and then wrapping Qing Ye. Constantly seeping into Qing Ye’s body, gradually,’s Nine Ancestors and Wizards in Qing Ye were also wrapped up by the fresh air from the 36-product violet.
Sitting on the 36-product violet, Qing Ye only felt that she had entered the mother’s body, and she was very comfortable and warm.
Nu Wa, who was guarding one side, kept a close eye on Qing Ye, who was sitting on the 36-product violet, with a pair of beautiful eyes, unblinkingly, under her gaze. I saw thirty-six violets of thirty-six products wrapped Qing Ye slowly.
Then, the surrounding space endless HarmonyOS airflow. Chaotic airflow and various innate reiki continue to converge on it.
Within 36 products violet, Qing Ye didn’t know what was happening outside, only feel every pore, every inch of skin, every hole opening, breathing together with heaven and earth, ups and downs together.
And Qing Ye’s soul seems to be out of the earth in an instant, out of the endless space, beyond one interface after another, endless. Virtual reality, empty space is illusory.
With the passage of time, a vortex storm has been formed in the tens of thousands of miles around Qing Ye. All kinds of air currents are twisted together and constantly oscillate. The source of the oscillation is within 36 products of violet.
Female prostitutes have withdrawn from tens of thousands of miles away, and Qingyun shines brightly overhead, looking at this huge vortex storm with a face of concern, but her gods can’t penetrate into it and can’t ascertain the situation inside.
At this moment, there was a loud noise in the sky, and the huge vortex storm was like being hit by a terrorist. The sky scattered in all directions and went straight to hundreds of Wan Li.
When the prostitute saw this, she was surprised. She started to run the whole body’s HarmonyOS Qi, offering the three dazzling rings, and settled the surrounding square space. But even so, the square space around the prostitute was still turbulent, just like the ups and downs of the sea, making a sound similar to the fierce waves beating on the rocks.
After the storm passed, the prostitute looked at the place where Qing Ye was sitting in the source heart, only to see 36 products of violet colorful, emitting thick original breath from space, so powerful that she could not help but retreat.
Thirty-six violets flowed continuously, then slowly stopped. Finally, thirty-six violets wrapped in Qing Ye opened and scattered.
Qing Ye sits on the 36-product violet, and her body is full of vigor and vitality, and her back is full of splendor. Above the clouds, the thunder once again condensed. Electricity, weather, the three ancestors are in two places at once, thus, the twelve ancestors have all been successfully condensed.
I saw the twelve ancestors busy in Qing Ye’s head above Qingyun, each guarding its own square, each casting a solution, each playing a secret, the surrounding high-altitude thunder and lightning, time or stagnation, or acceleration, hurricane flashes, drowning violent. The twelve ancestors were in two places, each with its own rules, for a while. Power spread out and covered millions of miles.
After a long time, Qing Ye opened her eyes, looked at the female milk, and only felt that within Qing Ye’s eyes, the universe of heaven and earth was ever-changing, and the way of destruction, life, reincarnation and change appeared one by one, and Nu Wa was not surprised and flew forward.
Qing Ye saw Nu Wa coming, and his mind was filled with thoughts. Will be thirty-six violet and twelve ancestors witch busy back in the body, stood up.
When Nu Wa came to Qing Ye, she couldn’t help but say with joy, "Congratulations to her husband. It seems that her husband has almost recovered."
Qing Ye also joked, "Thank you, wife. Thanks to my wife’s protection. " For this epiphany, Qing Ye was also delighted. Once he had an epiphany, although he didn’t restore the cultivation of saints, he also reached the quasi-holy peak, and he was one step away from breaking through to saints. At the same time, this epiphany made Qing Ye feel that his chance to join hands should be related to the 36 th fan and the 12 th ancestor wizard. According to the original heaven, the 36-product violet was the thing that gave birth to the 3,000-year-old heavenly fiend Pangu, but I don’t know why I was transformed from the 36-product violet to the HarmonyOS chaos.
After Qing Ye and Nu Wa frolicked for a while, Qing Ye once again came to the endless chaotic gas wall.
Looking at this chaotic gas wall that is lawless, unable to go to heaven or land, Qing Ye’s eyes are flashing, and it is this chaotic gas wall that makes Qing Ye have an epiphany.