Tathagata also stood up from the lotus platform and put a stick on the "golden hoop stick" to stop it from falling. The 3,000 Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Lohan under the seat have stormed towards the cave of the All Demons, and some of them are even more powerful, targeting the Monkey King, including the Lohan named "Najing".

"The pearl of rice also shines!" Laughed the Monkey King contemptuously, seeing the dense army and the Buddha all over the sky flocking to the demon cave, his left arm showed itself and his right hand unhurriedly pulled out a pinch of monkey hair from above and threw it to the ground.
That handful of monkey hair grows one minute, two minutes, two minutes, four minutes and eight minutes in the wind … When it falls into mid-air, it has become a pile of monkey hair.
"Change!" The Monkey King smiled and pointed a white light at the pile of monkey hair, which instantly turned into "the Monkey King". Everyone was holding a "golden hoop" in his hand and instantly landed in front of the ground army.
"Little boys, let these ignorant barbarians see what it means to have too many soldiers to hold the old monkey’s hair!" The Monkey King ha ha a smile with one hand sticking to the golden hoop stick and the Tathagata, the pentapolar god of war and the five marshals, and easily coping with the oncoming magic expressions of arhats and bodhisattvas with one hand, always relaxed and disdainful. It seems that there is no real skill at all.
The "the Monkey King" below all showed their true nature and kept throwing their monkey hairs on the ground. When these monkey hairs landed, there was a "the Monkey King" born in the wind, and the newly born "the Monkey King" smashed a pinch of monkey hairs on himself on the ground at the moment of appearance …
In just one cup of tea, hundreds of thousands of troops were surrounded by a group of monkeys.
The Monkey King, who was standing in the sky overlooking the overall situation, smiled and shook his head and said, "Don’t mention it, young children. Give me a beating! Hey, I want to see who the hell it is! "
While speaking, the Tathagata was the first to be bounced off by the "golden hoop stick" and rushed up to stop it. The five-pole god of war and the five marshals were crushed to the ground by the "golden hoop stick".

Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Where did the bird come from?
"Bang" a loud noise, not only the "the Monkey King" on the ground, but also the army of the western Yuan domain can’t help but stagger, even the Wanyao Cave, which is protected by the "golden mask", can’t help but sway.
For a moment, Demon King Peng looked at the Monkey King with emotion and muttered to himself, "It turns out that Wukong has reached the realm of a great god!"
"Great God? !” Although Lord Peng was talking to himself just now, all the experts at the level of true fairy were present, so I could hear them clearly.
Lord Peng sighed lightly and explained gladly: "When Taoist Hongjun gave me this magic weapon, he once said that this magic weapon was one of the few defensive magic weapons in the three realms, which was made by collecting the aurora in the Antarctic and refining it with nine-day mysterious fire and Tai Chi array spells."
After a pause, the demon king Peng continued: "It is precisely because of this that this magic weapon can use the free energy in the air to repair the damage itself. Unless it reaches the level of a great god and can freely control the surrounding energy particles, or the attack output exceeds the upper limit it can bear, it will never break it-including shaking it by half."
When they smell speech, they all think of the violent shaking when the "golden hoop" just broke down. Everyone thinks and looks at the Monkey King’s eyes with something else.
Niu Mowang sighed with a sigh: "Wukong is the real animal-level pervert that we can’t compare!"
The "Golden Hoop" smashed the five-pole God of War and the five marshals into the deep pit at the first blow, and life and death were unknown. Followed by the crowd had no time to catch my breath, the second and third times came.
Just like a pile driver, the "best wishes" under the remote control command of the Monkey King slammed into the deep pit that was smashed for the first time. In this pit. There should be the bodies of the five-pole god of war and the five marshals-perhaps it should be said that they are "remains".
The Monkey King’s fourth command "golden hoop" hit after the pit is bottomless, maybe it broke through the barrier between heaven and earth. No one doubts that the five-pole god of war and the five marshals can still climb out of this pit.
In the face of such an earth and fierce attack, you should be thankful that you can keep your own Yuan God. As for the flesh, basically don’t think about such unrealistic things.
"hey. What a loser! " Monkey Sun sneered. The "golden hoop" has returned to normal size, and he holds it in his hand. "Your bald master is afraid to come up and find trouble with me. You think you have a long life. "
Monkey Sun gently blocked the "golden hoop" in his hand and bounced away a heavy hammer that chopped Huashan with a continuous wave of force. Sun Monkey’s eyes flashed with the pitfalls. He has always been the Lord who complains and takes revenge. Since the continuous arhat dares to sneak attack himself, he must pay for it!
The figure flashed that when they were still flying backwards in the air, a golden stick had been smashed at his top of the skull.
Monkey Sun didn’t leave a hand in this slam. Although he had time to block the diamond hammer in his hand, it was just that the diamond hammer was softer than a piece of tofu in front of the "golden hoop".
"ah!" That came out with a heart-rending cry that Yuan God barely escaped but was beaten to pieces by the Monkey King, a stick.
Monkey Sun’s success is naturally justified and tide wait for no man. The second stick has been smashed up before the continuous Yuan God could react.
This time, even the miserable shout didn’t have time to shout out a cry. The Yuan God with a continuous arhat was smashed in half by a "golden hoop", and then he was burned by a nine-ignorance fire, so that even the dregs could not see a trace.
"Bah! It seems that even these little rabbits, who have been cultivated and nourished for years, dare to come to the door to find trouble! " Monkey Sun wiped his face and his eyes changed from disdain to combativeness. "It seems that today it is time for these bastards to know how I got the name of defeating Buddha!"
While speaking, Monkey Sun made a crisp snap of his fingers and ordered the monkey Monkey Sun below: "Don’t let me go after all of them!" "
Thousands of monkeys on the ground immediately responded with a loud voice.
"It’s a pity that the monkey animal hasn’t had this kind of nameless fire for more than 1000 years."
Niu Mowang sighed and rubbed his hands with emotion. "Guys, get out. If you go late, you may not even find a chance to whip the body."
Fairy Zi Xia looked up at the Monkey King on Xiangyun and sighed lightly. She didn’t say anything. It was the first time to see him like this since she seemed to know Monkey Sun-probably it had something to do with his own feeling that he had no chance of winning in the face of the mysterious man in hell.
Violet Fairy and Snow Dance Fairy spat out their tongues gently. Honestly, the way the Monkey King is now makes them really feel like some devil incarnate. What I used to think about this monkey had nothing to do with the demon saint.
Lord Peng has put away the "golden mask" at the moment. The Monkey King suddenly came up with hundreds of thousands of monkeys, monkeys and grandchildren. This dramatic change made him and the other Great Sage have no reaction at that time. When he came to his senses, it was naturally the first time to collect the magic weapon-it was unnecessary to keep it as a decoration for the army that had to cope with the Western Yuan domain.
"Kill kill!" Thousands of monkeys waved their sticks and kept shouting. Originally, the mountain soldiers who were in the dominant position met with more monkeys and suddenly became blindsided. Although these monkeys can’t compare with the Monkey King’s incarnation, they are more than enough to deal with these heavenly generals.
At this time, the younger brothers in the respective abode of fairies and immortals of the six Great Sages also arrived.
Beat up Reservoir Dogs such exciting things naturally don’t need six holy crap out of the command under this help monsters to a faster than a kill these mountain soldiers who dare to invade the central yuan domain will come to these monsters which meeting soft?
In the blink of an eye, there were only hundreds of thousands of down archers left under the joint destruction of several forces.
Tathagata, did you ever think that the Monkey King would be so tough as to see the army of the Western Tai Chi Emperor annihilated here? Naturally, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to lose his 3,000 disciples-what’s more, his loss was not small. The most proud warrior, Jing, was killed by the Monkey King’s two strokes. How can he not be scared?
"Hey, where does big bald head want to go?" The Tathagata was about to give an order for all to retreat, but the words had not yet come out. the Monkey King’s "golden hoop" had already stood under his seat.
On the lotus platform.
Although the Tathagata was shocked in his heart, he still had a sorry expression on his face: "Wukong really didn’t expect that you would help to kill the heavenly soldiers for abuse and even destroy my Buddhist disciples without saying anything … Don’t you deserve the Buddhism in your heart?"
"Buddhism? Hey! " The Monkey King sneered, "The Buddha can’t cross me, the Monkey King, and I am practicing Buddhism and Taoism, but it’s a diabolical way! Tathagata, since you have the courage to attack me today, you should plan to die! None of the people who attacked here can leave alive today! "