Ten drops of the power of the Lord God? Montero was delighted and said respectfully, "Yes, thank you, Chief."

The power of the Lord God is not as precious as the main artifact, but it is also a rare thing. It contains a drop of energy from the Lord God. When you are against the enemy, you can burn a drop of the Lord God’s divine power, which is the middle god and enough to kill a superior god.
General plane family, a drop of the power of the Lord God, is the treasure of every family, and it is the treasure that countless superior gods desperately compete for. Only some super families with the Lord God give the power of the Lord God as a reward to some family children. Even so, this kind of opportunity is rare, even if there is, it is also a drop. I don’t want this time, it is ten drops.
Montero immediately thought of the key, which was ordered by the Lord God Ange Zhen’s adult. As long as this matter is over, I am afraid that the heads of families will get more things.
When he returned to his palace, Montero immediately called Ling Qian, the general manager. A moment later, a silver-haired old man came to Montero and respectfully said, "Young master, I wonder what you asked me to do?"
This silver-haired old man Ling Qian was assigned to Montero by the family, and his strength is also the peak of the superior god.
When he met Ling Qian, an old man with silver hair, Montero told Han Jin what he said, and then said, "I suspect that the dog slave Marquarong is in trouble. Or, if you are dead, send someone down to check. If so, the strength of that Qing Ye should be around the middle god. This time, send four Seraphim down. "
Ling Qian respectfully said, "It’s young master. I’ll go now."
"Wait." Montero called back Ling Qian, who was just about to leave the written version, and then said, "Remember, don’t make it public, just catch that Qing Ye in secret, or just kill him."
This matter involves the main temple, Lord Ange. A little energy of the Lord God is scattered, which is somewhat detrimental to the face of the Lord God. It is best to deal with it in secret.
Ling Qian naturally understood that he should be respectful now, and then withdrew.
Four Seraphim, enough to kill a god in the middle, in this regard, Montero didn’t worry too much. In fact, if he didn’t want to finish it 100% of the time, Montero didn’t want to send four Seraphim from the God of Light. You know, it’s not easy to enter the material plane from the highest level and the God’s position, and the cost is not low. If a superior god enters the physical plane from the divine plane, he needs one trillion ink stones.
Ink stone is a kind of currency that circulates in the four major to high positions and the sacred position.
The deity of the superior god is only worth ten million magic stones. As you can imagine, some super-rich families are not necessary and will not go to the mortal material plane.
Seraphim is equivalent to the middle god. Although the transmission cost of the middle god to the material mortal plane is not as high as that of the upper god, it is also calculated by billions of ink stones.
"Is this Qing Ye also the middle god who went to the Dragon God mainland from other gods?" Montero thought to himself.
Generally speaking, the material mortal plane is a master without a middle level of deity, because after reaching the deity level, people will choose to leave the material mortal plane and enter the deity plane or the highest level plane.
"No matter what, let Ling Qian bother with this matter. He will handle it well then. The plane war will begin in less than ten thousand years. I’d better step up my retreat and integrate the meaning and enhance my strength." Montero thought, and now he ordered it. Closed to the outside world.
When Ling Qian knew that Montero was closed to the outside world, he knew that Montero would let himself handle the matter with full authority, and then he chose four Seraphim lower bounds with good strength to handle the matter.
Qing Ye didn’t know that he had attracted the attention of the high-level officials of the Light Gods. At this time, Qing Ye and Nu Wa entered the second floor of the city of hell through a mouth.
The difference between the second floor and the first floor is the cells in mid-air. There are hundreds of cells on the first floor, but on the second floor, there are only a dozen scattered cells. Unlike those in the first floor, those in these cells look weak.
The first floor of the cell is full of saint area fighters. Is it a wizard of sanctuary? Qing Ye thought.
In fact, Qing Ye’s guess is right. The dozen or so prisoners in the cell are all wizards of the sanctuary. After seeing Julia and Nu Wa, these imprisoned wizards of the sanctuary, like the prisoners of the sanctuary in the first cell, see Julia and Nu Wa as shining with hope.
Julia and nuwa glances, Qing Ye was about to offer HarmonyOS sword do the same thing to break the dozen cells, all of a sudden, there was a tremor on the ground. This kind of vibration is no less than the movement of hundreds of sanctuary guards in the hell city wearing heavy armor and riding rhinoceros horn iron cattle.
With the sound of trembling getting closer and closer, a huge figure appeared in the eyes of Julia and Nu Wa. A huge bone dragon, which is more than 30 meters high and nearly 100 meters long, is coming with a faint green light.
Chapter two hundred and forty-seven Open the eye of the scourge
Erlong? Qing Ye and the female milk have a slight ash, but this is an undead monster. I can’t think of Douchuan pomelo lamb even having this one. Read the latest chapter and please go to Bone Dragon. The biological chain of the undead Warcraft is high-end. Judging from the smell of this bone dragon, Qing Ye’s strength is not weaker than that of Dragon Nine, which is at the peak of the sanctuary. After the death of the dragon, Wizards who practice the necromancer’s method will refine their own necromancer’s bone dragon with soul force and secret method sacrifices. The strength before death will also affect the strength after being refined into the necromancer’s bone dragon. However, although the bone dragon is powerful, it can’t be compared with that before death. This bone dragon has the strength of several peaks in the sacred area, but it has reached the level of God before death. God-level Warcraft is generally much stronger than God-level human beings. If this is a real dragon, then Qing Ye and female milk can deal with it now.
Sanctuary Warcraft can speak, but after his death, the bone dragon was unconscious, just an attack tool controlled by the necromancer behind him. When the bone dragon came to Qing Ye and a few hundred meters away from the female, it let out a loud dragon song. This chapter was released by the release of the dragon song, which showed a gloomy and shocking sound wave and attacked Qing Ye and Nvjuan.
When Qing Ye saw this, he didn’t offer HarmonyOS Sword and other treasures, but with a wave of his left hand, a clear spirit blocked this sonic wave like a barrier, and his strength rippled. After the sonic wave, Qing Ye and Nvjuan stood still, and when they saw the dragon’s dragons attack was invalid, there was a sound of indecision in the empty space everywhere. They knew that it was the necromancer who controlled the dragon, and Qing Ye’s knowledge was displayed, and they found the hiding place of the necromancer. Pointing his finger at the distant void, he went straight for miles, and there was a dull noise. Then he saw a figure shrouded in black gas appearing in mid-air. After the bearer appeared, he looked at Qing Ye in indecision with a pair of eyes suffused with coloring. The appearance of the necromancer reminded Qing Ye of the ghost emissary in the nether world. Since the Mountain of Warcraft, he hasn’t seen this ghost emissary. However, Qing Ye always felt that the organization of this nether world has been there. With Qing Ye’s more and more understanding of the world, he affirmed that the organization of the Ghost House should not belong to the mainland of the Dragon God, but to other places.’ Young people, the city of hell is not the place where you should come.’ After the necromancer was shocked, he said coldly, if he was not intimidated by Qing Ye’s previous strength, he would not be so polite. Qing Ye recovered from his meditation and said,’ The city of hell is not. , the city of hell, is the light of the Vatican, light and the undead always confrontation, this ding, how can the undead wizard defected to the light of the Vatican?
The necromancer’s cold eyes glowed green, and’ Jie Jie’ sneered:’ So, you die! "Say that finish, the necromancer’s magic skill refers to Qing Ye and the female milk, drinking:" Great white, the man killed, and the woman left ".It’s a different reading experience. After hearing the words of the necromancer, Qing Ye looked at the female mother and said with a smile,’ It seems that the charm of the wife’s adult is really great.’ Even this necromancer who is only interested in the undead magical creatures is interested in the female milk, right?
The female Juan took a white look at Qing Ye and spat,’ Be careful. After hearing the words of the necromancer, Bone Dragon gave a wild cry. When the big tail was swept away, it swept to the leaves. After the sound of the wind blade whistling, the giant tail had come to Qing Ye to look at the swept bone dragon giant tail, but Qing Ye didn’t take it to heart. The fairy spirit in the body started to work, and his right hand held the bone dragon giant tail in one block and one grip. See the necromancer one leng one leng, and then in the frightened eyes of the necromancer, Qing Ye’s right hand seemed to throw away a bug, and the super huge bone dragon flew out, and then fell thousands of meters, and the bone dragon fell to the ground, with a tremor and a loud noise, which was bigger than before.
When he fell to the ground, the huge bone of Bone Dragon burst out with a sound that seemed to break, and he screamed miserably. This young man today, however, blocked the blow of Bone Dragon and threw a flying bone dragon? The necromancer was horrified in his heart, and he knew the strength of the bone dragon. Even at the peak of the sanctuary, he dared not easily catch the blow of the bone dragon with his bare hands. "No wonder you can escape from the first floor of bardsley and their hands to the second floor, and the strength is so strong." After the shock, the necromancer coldly said, update the chapter, and the fastest!
What’s more, he thinks that Qing Ye and Nubi fled to the second floor from bardsley, but it’s no wonder that he would think so. You know, the first floor has hundreds of strong sanctuary, hundreds of sanctuary, so it’s hard to break through the power of the three empires. The city of hell is a dimensional space, and what happens on each floor is separated by space, so I don’t know what happened on the first floor.
Qing Ye zheng, said with a smile to the female Juan:’ Wife, we escaped in? "
The female mother winked mischievously and smiled:’ It seems not’. The necromancer, who was shrouded in the darkness and death, was cold, and became a L U three.’ Whether you escaped or not, You will die. "Say that finish, see the instructions, and the magic wand in your hand gives off a dark light. Then, an obscure magic spell spreads from the mouth of the undead magician, and the dark breath instantly enveloped the second floor of the city of hell. As the black mountain became more and more rich, I saw a head of green-haired zombies appearing in all directions. These green-haired zombies, with white faces, black eyes and straight bangs. Besides these green-haired zombies, there are only golden archers in the shape of skeletons flying in mid-air. There are more than green-haired corpses, and they are afraid of more than a hundred. Seeing this, Qing Ye was surprised. You know, it is the limit that the general wizard of sanctuary can call out several powerful undead pets, but this wizard of undead can call out so many undead monsters? No wonder he is the only one guarding the second floor. This one person is enough to cover the hundreds of warriors in the first floor of bardsley. These undead monsters have the strength of the initial stage of the sanctuary, but it is difficult to destroy the undead monsters. Even two strong people in the initial stage of the sanctuary with the same order may not be able to kill one.Look at these green-haired zombies, with disgusting black saliva in their mouths, and the girl’s face is wrinkly to knit:
Husband, this thing is disgusting and uncomfortable to look at. Let’s put out "Qing Ye laughs: OK" as early as possible. After that, we offered a sacrifice to HarmonyOS and Kongtong.
HarmonyOS sword into a dark blue light, constantly wear floor between those green hair boy resin and skeleton gold archers, and kongtong seal, directly into the size of a hill, pressure in the past, HarmonyOS sword through these green hair zombies and skeleton gold archers, left a hole in the chest of these undead, however, these holes are not enough to make the undead die, and HarmonyOS brush the sword to kill crime. The green-haired corpse and skeleton gold archer who have been absorbed by the death breath are like a human who has lost his soul. They keep falling down. Every time they absorb the death breath of the undead, the murderous qi in HarmonyOS’s sword becomes more and more oppressive, and the body of the sword is more intense and faint. If it weren’t for Qing Ye’s sacrifice for so many years, it would be difficult to control it with the present fortuneteller’s body. When this light shines on these undead, they send out painful screams, which directly turn to ashes in the screams. This chapter is published by HarmonyOS Li and Kongtong in Qing Ye, and the power of the seven-star whip of female Juan is much smaller. However, under each whip, the power of the stars directly makes these undead burst the sheep. The necromancer looked at all this dumbfounded and just summoned it with all his magic. Was about to proudly show off a thing or two, only to find that most of them had already died in the blink of an eye, especially the delicate and stunning female Juan who just wanted to be his slave, was so horrible?
Seeing that the undead magic things that he had worked hard for hundreds of years were constantly being killed, the undead magician couldn’t help but grind his teeth, then his eyes glowed green, and his magic skills were held high. I saw that with the completion of his magic spell, more than a dozen undead knights riding a three-headed dog in hell came out of thin air with undead magic guns. Each of these undead knights has the strength of high-order sanctuary, which is his last card. Except for the god level, there is no opponent. Qing Ye and Lady Milk killed most of the previous green-haired zombies and skeleton gold archers in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, the ground trembled, and when they looked up, they saw a dozen tall black armor fighters riding in the dark like big dogs with magic guns to kill them.
At the sight of this, Qing Ye forced the force of faery into the middle of his eyebrows, trying to open the eye of the scourge. In this attempt, the eye of the scourge really floated out. In the shocked eyes of the necromancer, Qing Ye, a third eye suddenly appeared among the young man’s eyebrows. When he closed it, he saw the gray-black lightning break the space with a dark red spirit fire under his arm, and in an instant he twisted it to the few undead knights.
Is since to kill each other’s dozen undead knight long together with sit down powerful hell magic three-headed dog turned into a dark death gas drifted away, and so disappeared!
Are you tired of reading the latest chapter? ! Unbelievable, the necromancer tried to use the magic in his body, but he couldn’t keep in touch with those few necromancers. It was really dead! The original pale face of the necromancer shrouded in the darkness and the smell of death seems to be even paler. It’s not the same reading experience. Seeing the innate robbery of the eye of the scourge with the innate spirit fire, it instantly blew out those undead monsters. Qing Ye couldn’t help but be happy. The eye of the scourge can finally be enabled. Although the force of the fairy in the body is only enough to support the use once in a short period of time, and its power is not satisfactory, it has an extra strength to preserve our health, and the chapter is updated.
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Chapter two hundred and forty-eight Heterotopic Dragon Man
Ten clear open the eye of the scourge, a glance, strong to this, female milk also told for this, "add this, between several interest, two people will all put out the undead magic, in the end, female hinder offering mixed yuan minister small net bottle to inhale the residue of this undead magic, into a mixed yuan jade net bottle filar silk aura.
The second floor of the city of hell is clear and clear, updating chapters, the fastest!
Looking at the necromancer standing on the nearly scattered bone dragon, Qing Ye shot it down with a finger of his hands. In the frightened eyes of the necromancer, Qing Ye said, "You are standing too high."
When Qing Ye approached slowly, the necromancer hurriedly climbed back:’ You, you, how is it possible? , it seems that the world don’t believe what they see, for this sentence, Qing Ye has listened to many times, not much said, with a finger of his hands, directly sent it to the embrace of the ghost god. After the death of the necromancer, the skull dragon disappeared and automatically returned to the necromancer. Seeing Qing Ye and the female milk could actually kill the necromancer, and the several wizards of Sanqu who were imprisoned in the cell in mid-air were all surprised, and then asked Qing Ye for help.
Qing Ye saw it, and offered the HarmonyOS sword. HarmonyOS’s sword in his hand was aimed at those few, and the prison room hit. I saw a dark blue sword shining and surprises, which made the space superimposed. A sword conjured up more than a dozen swords. The magical defense of the prison room was like tissue paper, and the prison room was broken in mid-air. This sword, combined with the laws of wind and space, made countless spaces overlap, and then instantly crossed the distance. The immortals were rescued, Pangu Star Domain, and Qing Ye’s understanding of the law of the avenue, that is, the understanding of small winds, small waters, small time and space, is almost the same as the law of the elements of this world. This chapter was published, so for Qing Ye, the law of this world can only be understood after a little thinking. However, for Qing Ye, the understanding of the law just adds a means of attack. Is not the ultimate way to enhance strength, in Qing Ye’s view, the world, when understanding a certain law is more clear, then his strength will be higher. For example, when a person practices the law of the earth system, when he understands to a certain extent and is recognized by the law of the earth system, he will get the godhead, then become a lower god, and gradually ascend to a middle god, then to a higher level, and then to a higher god. That is to say, in this world, the promotion of strength requires understanding the law. Then you can go up step by step with the approval of the four supreme gods who control the law, but in Pangu Star Field, you can improve your body step by step and accumulate strength with the help of the energy of heaven. Finally, you can feel the heaven.After being rescued, more than a dozen wizards of the Sanctuary came to kowtow to Qing Ye, and Qing Ye spared everyone’s gifts. When Qing Ye asked everyone to leave, more than a dozen wizards of the Sanctuary hesitated, and Ye Qingzheng wondered. One of them, the white-haired wizard of the Sanctuary, said, "This adult, we, we are now in this body, and we are afraid that we can’t get out on the first floor."
Originally, I was worried about this, and the reading experience was different. Qing Ye and Nunai couldn’t help laughing. The prostitute laughed:’ You don’t have to worry, the guard in the first floor of Hell City has already been solved by us.’ Ah! More than a dozen wizard of sanctuary opened his mouth, but they knew that there was light on the first floor of the Vatican that hundreds of warriors of sanctuary were also solved by these two adults?
However, when I think that Qing Ye and a prostitute will easily kill the undead demon called by the necromancer again, I can’t believe these wizards in the sanctuary. After learning that Qing Ye and Nu Nai also cleared the guard force on the first floor of the city of hell, all the sanctuaries rushed to Qing Ye and Nv Juan to thank humbly and bid farewell. However, two people wished to stay and follow Qing Ye. These two people were pale and gray, and they were like a bad old man because of long-term imprisonment. Qing Ye didn’t object, just, Qing Ye and mother plan to go deep into the city of hell again, and take them with them. If they meet the strong gods, they may not be able to keep them safe, while Long Jiu You and Lin Meng and others have already returned to the Mountain of Warcraft. Therefore, Qing Ye can only put them in the best kit first. When two wizards of Sanqu see Qing Ye offering a bag to temporarily earn their income, they are surprised again. After entering the best kit, they are both surprised. The surrounding space is filled with clouds of intense five-element airflow, and the damaged functions in the body are restored at a speed visible to the naked eye under the infiltration of these airflow. Read the latest chapter, please go to what space storage is this? There was such a magical effect. When they were shocked, they deeply celebrated that their choice was right. Along the staircase door from the second floor to the third floor, Qing Ye and Nu Nai came to the third floor. Different from the first two floors, this floor actually had a strange light, which had a power to devour. Qing Ye and Nu Ma looked at each other and couldn’t help but walk step by step. Suddenly, there was a frequent break.Qing Ye god knowledge exhibition, he found a dozen humanoid warcraft flying to his side, body speed, if it weren’t for Qing Ye powerful gods, estimates that it is difficult to capture each other, humanoid warcraft, it is a ……………………………………………………………………………………………………… Qing Ye and prostitutes pay special attention to the long tail that is several meters long behind them. At the end of the long tail, the sharp cold mountain is shining with a green tongue. Is this a dragon man with an ectopic face? Qing Ye remembered that Long Jiuyou had said that some races had appeared in this ectopic face, but unexpectedly she met them here. Qing Ye said attentively, "Wife, be careful, this is the dragon people with ectopic face, and their speed, defense and attack are very strong." Hearing Qing Ye’s warning, female prostitutes could not help but stare at these dozen dragon people with ectopic face.
Do you know that we are dragon people? "Among a dozen dragon people, the dragon people standing in front of him spoke in indecision. Qing Ye looked at this dragon people, which is different from other dozen dragon people. This dragon people are not only taller than other dragon people, but also have a corner in the middle of their forehead. It seems that it is the leader of these dragon people. Qing Ye did not answer, but slowly rose to the air with female milk, confronting with a dozen dragon people. You go.
Go? Qing Ye shook his head and said,’ There are eighteen floors in the prison city, and now it’s only the third floor’. Suddenly, the dark golden eyes of the dragon head shot out a golden light. However, this golden light touched the body and spirit of Qing Ye and the female milk, and it was like an ox entering the sea. When the dragon head saw this, he was surprised. For a long time, he said: Eighteen floors of hell, no, you can reach it. Lord of the city of hell again?
Read the latest chapter, please go to Qing Ye and see that the strength of the Dragon Man is the inferior god, and it is a breakthrough in cultivation, and he can be so admired. Then it seems that the duke of this hellhole has at least the strength of the median god and even the superior god. The median god, with the strength of Qing Ye and Nu Nai now, relies on HarmonyOS Sword and other treasures, and cooperates with the magical powers such as chaotic world, and may even win. If it is the superior god, then there is only one result, which is to fail. Even so, it is impossible for Qing Ye and Nannai to retreat. When they heard that Qing Ye and his mother were unmoved, the dragon man, led by him, flashed his body and instantly crossed the distance of hundreds of meters. Then his hands came to Qing Ye, and the dragon man moved as fast as lightning. However, Qing Ye saw clearly that he was binge drinking now, and his whole body muscles rose, flowing with a series of streamers, and his fists popped out. With the sound of crashing and depressing, the dragon man returned. The two men met in an instant, but it was as fast as if they had never moved. After the Dragon Man returned to his original position, he could not help secretly shocked. Previously, he had come up with a surprise blow to seriously injure this human being, and then let him quit the city of hell. He didn’t want to blow at full speed, but this powerful force of the other side made him retreat. They Dragon People have always been famous for their defense and strength, even though there are countless planes, they are also in the front. "Led by the dragon man slowly, strong voice David tang,Say that finish, and then attack to Qing Ye again, this time, the shape is faster than before, and the bombarded fists with a terrible wind blade, the female Juan saw the speed and strength of the dragon people led by this, and it was also a surprise, but she didn’t worry, she knew the strength of Qing Ye, so she also stepped aside, and was bombarded by the dragon people again. Qing Ye now showed Pangu himself, and he was oppressed by the breath of the universe, and the thunder muscles were strong. Fists against the dragon man’s fists again, and the two fists collided. The wind blade on the dragon man’s fist could not cut the defense of Qing Ye Pangu’s body. However, subsequently, the dragon tail behind him was like the scorpion tail of a scorpion, shining with a deep and green light, and violently tied to Qing Ye’s chest. This chapter was released by Qing Ye, who couldn’t help but flicker and hide. As early as before, Qing Ye paid attention to the dragon man’s tail, according to Long Jiuyou. Nothing is not much different from the attack of a god. In an instant, the two men attacked each other several times, and in mid-air, they saw the ghosting, and the huge impact of power made the space shake up. After several times, Qing Ye, who had previously made power purely, had to use the power of the faery in the body to cooperate with Pangu’s true body to suppress the dragon man’s disadvantage. When the two men hit each other again, the dragon man stood firm after being shaken out of hundreds of meters. Qing Ye and the female milk look weird., different reading experience! Different reading experience,
Chapter two hundred and forty-nine Powerful flame king
Towel dragon people say that finish, I saw the dragon horn above his head flashing a series of demon gnawing "mans, that series of rare light like lightning around the dragon horn, constantly gathered, and finally, more dazzling, will light up the third floor space of the whole city of hell.
This, what attack? Just like the dragon language magic of the dragon, it seems even more terrible than the attack of the beaten tail. Qing Ye felt a mysterious force being saved. Qing Ye did not dare to be careless, and fully operated the force of the fairy in the body. Then he sacrificed the HarmonyOS sword, holding the HarmonyOS sword and stabbing it forward. A dark blue sword awn, like a wind column, kept twisting and rotating, just like a hurricane, whistling, and this wind column, vaguely. This chapter released this sword, which contains the law of wind and the use of light and darkness. It seems to be slow, but in fact there is no real shadow. At this time, the dragon horn of the Dragon Man broke out with a strong light, and a golden light with dark lightning came to Qing Ye. The wind column of the sword and the golden black thunder suddenly collided.
The gas storm exploded, and countless cracks on the ground continued to extend, which made people stunned.