Kirk got up from the bench and began to warm up on the sidelines. Two minutes later, he was on the sidelines with Flores, and his red and white sword shirt was off, which was very conspicuous.

He’s going to be Raul Garcia.
Not far away, Tomlinson turned his head and saw his one eye. There was peace in his eyes.
Last year, Cork’s choice really disappointed him, but calmly said that Cork’s choice was really wrong, just like Linsen left Malaga last year. Linsen didn’t know what Cork was thinking now, but for him, it was all over.
His heart in ophthalmology is not what Kirk thinks, but what changes he will bring
The characteristics of Cork are clear to Linsen, because half of Cork’s characteristics are created by him according to the Cork in his memory, and there is actually an interesting causal cycle.
While Tomlinson was thinking thoughtfully, Kirk had a simple handover with Raul Garcia.
Running Cork made a Flores impression on his teammates and the referee resumed the game.
Get the ball Antonio Lopez threw the ball to the nearest Asuncion. Asuncion took a few steps and gave it to Cork just now before Manchester City players came to snatch it.
Kirk also took a few steps to catch the ball and then observed the front. He noticed that aguero suddenly accelerated forward without hesitation. The strength was just right, and the ball came directly to aguero.
Aguero was not in the restricted area, but in a position farther away from the restricted area. His catch was not disturbed too much except for vidal.
This is Lin Sen’s way of dealing with aguero, which has been the case since Malaga.
But now Reyes has taken Sabaletta’s attention from the left high speed, and Fran has pulled it out of the penalty area and taken Fred’s attention.
Vidal became a loner.
One-on-one aguero is never afraid
Aguero crossed vidal with a light pull and variable speed, but he knew that only in this way could he not get rid of this. At a speed not inferior to that of many Chileans, he deliberately paused for less than a second when crossing vidal, but after being shaken off by aguero, almost the horse reacted, but vidal completely handed over the center of gravity because of this pause.
At this time, aguero officially started.
Half a body position becomes a body position.
"Beautiful!" The Spanish commentator shouted, although it was a breakthrough, although it was short-lived, it was at least an opportunity to vent his anger.
But it’s not over yet
Aguero moved on, unwilling to be followed by vidal.
Lin Sen got up from the coach’s seat as soon as he got there.
Because he saw the high-speed plug in the back, Corkerd was following Fran, and vidal followed aguero in, which means Corkergen was taken care of.
Although the eye is on aguero’s foot and he has approached the restricted area of Manchester City, it seems that there is no plan for the ball, but it is precisely because of this that almost the whole defense line of Manchester City is focused on aguero, which means that aguero alone has pinned down the whole defense line of Manchester City.
Kong Pani is the second obstacle in front of aguero.
The two men have had many contests before. It should be said that they have won and lost each other, but from the team’s point of view, I’m afraid Kong Pani has a little more advantage, because aguero may have broken through Kong Pani several times, but every time after the breakthrough, Kong Pani left aguero a choice. The prefixes are "reluctant" and "forced"
So this time aguero didn’t want to break through Kong Pani at all. He just posed for a shot.
Moving so vividly
As soon as Kong Pani’s pupil contracted, he posted it directly to try to block aguero’s shooting angle.
But aguero’s shot was a volley. His foot swept past the football side and then he hit the heel hard!
Geniuses are geniuses because they can always do things that most players need to "see" before they can do. For example, no one has seen when aguero knew there was a teammate behind him, but he was so confident that he turned the ball back and just happened to have a person arrive.
When Joe Hart turned his eyes from aguero to the ball, the ball had turned into a shooting star roaring towards him.
His hands blocked his consciousness, but he didn’t block anything.
The ball went into the goal.
Flores jumped up at the sidelines and waved his arms in the middle of the game. At the same time, Atletico Madrid fans cheered deafening …
The Spanish commentator finally found a chance to let go of his throat. At this time, he didn’t need to explain anything at all. A gal was enough to express all the things he wanted to say that Atletico fans were watching the game at this time.
Scoring cork ran to the corner flag area with open arms, and in front of him, Atletico fans surged like a flood.
This time, her hands rested on her hips and she watched others celebrate, and she was replaced by vidal.
This fumble has something to do with him. After he was thrown off by aguero, he took over the defense of aguero in Kong Pani. The forward defense zone of the restricted area should be his defense zone, but he paid all his attention to aguero and neglected to insert Kirk in the back row
Eleven minutes into the game.
The score became one to two.