Her mind kept replaying yesterday’s events, and she couldn’t help jumping about in her heart.

Yesterday, Zhao Huilai knew that she was hiding Zhao’s whereabouts from him, but she still didn’t say anything. She took the initiative to break the barrier of sound insulation and soul force in the bathroom to lure Zhao over.
In the past six years, with the familiarity with Zhao, she has been tempted by Zhao.
But this is completely beyond the temptation. Now even if Gu Yue, the silver dragon king, wants her to give up and go back to the stars forest, she doesn’t want to go back.
When she was in the starry forest, she never thought that she could live like this.
Go shopping with your good friends and then be responsible for three meals a day.
Although the sun is dull, it makes her feel full and warm.
She didn’t resist Zhao’s arrival yesterday afternoon, and she still had a little expectation in her heart.
Looking forward to being his woman.
"Breathe" gently and calm yourself down. Bridget doesn’t think much anymore.
After washing, Zhao walked around the building. Zhao knew something about the structure of Tianyi Pavilion. Tianyi Pavilion had the first floor, which was the place for shops. The second and third floors were the place for stacking goods. The fourth floor was the place where Brigitte lived and moved. The fifth floor was also the top floor, which was the bathroom. Zhao estimated that Brigitte was transformed. After all, Brigitte was an emerald swan, which was hydrophilic and naturally fond of soaking in the big bath.
When Zhao came to the restaurant, the aroma of the food had permeated the room, and many dishes had been placed on the hall table. The color, smell and taste of the dishes could make people’s forefinger move just by looking at them.
Of course, the most important thing is to have two beautiful women on the side.
Don’t talk, don’t look, you can see enough
"Why hasn’t Yaya come yet?" Looked at no Tu Shan yaya figure Zhao Weiwei way
"I’ll get her," Bridget said.
"I’ll go." Zhao Yixiao knew Yaya was jealous.
"Feed Yaya to eat" Zhao knocked Yaya door.
"I’m not hungry, you can eat first." A cold voice came out of the room.
Zhao Yixiao naturally won’t believe her.
Gently push the door and the door didn’t lock creak a zhao came in.
At this time, Yaya was sitting in a chair staring blankly in front of the mirror in an icy blue robe.
Zhao Yi went to their place when she came back last night, and she didn’t come to see her.
At the same time, she is also asking herself whether it is time to make a change.
She doesn’t know if Zhao Xi likes her now, but she knows that if she keeps indifferent, Zhao will definitely be occupied by them.
These things kept her in a state of boredom last night and kept her awake.
"What happened to Yaya?" Zhao went to Tu Shan Yaya’s side because she was a little flustered and she didn’t notice it.
"Nothing" Tu Shan Yaya opened Zhao on her shoulder hand cold way.
"Then why don’t you go to eat?"
"I’m not hungry" Tu Shan Yaya cold way.
"If you are not hungry, just accompany me to eat," Zhao said, pulling Tu Shan Yaya’s little hand.
"Well, I know I was wrong. Zhao’s intimate behavior surprised Tu Shan Yaya and wanted to take his hand back, but the thought of Zhao and the two of them yesterday made me feel bad.
"Don’t be angry. I’ll come to your head office first when I come back." Zhao Yixiao calmed down.
Tu Shan Yaya’s face softened a lot when he heard this from Zhao.
Zhao and Anfu for a while to coax Tu Shan Yaya.
Chapter 93 Dai Mubai is a beast (a)
However, although the people are already here, the atmosphere is surprisingly strange. Except for the iceberg face, Tu Shan Yaya Waiyan Lingji and Brigitte are also very detained.
Yesterday, things were still shameful for them, and things needed some buffer for them.
In order to break this strange atmosphere, I am also interested in Tianyi Pavilion. Zhao Dao "Tell me about Brigitte Tianyi Pavilion."
"We just rented this store these days, and then we mass-produced a few pieces according to the drawings you gave me. I saw them yesterday." Bridget felt a little burned.
Yes, I have, but there’s still someone who hasn’t worn it for me! Zhao suddenly thought of her eyes scanning towards Tu Shan Yaya.
He has known Yan Lingji and Brigitte too well in the past six years.
Although they are all perfect, they are all in one million.
But it lacks some feelings, which is the sense of exploration.
Zhao thinks he is a man with great spirit of exploration. How can he stop exploring?
Yaya’s figure is also great.
To tell the truth, he is a little greedy
"What do you want?" Be Zhao straight eyes see some flustered Tu Shan ya ya hurriedly way
"Nothing" Zhao smiled and returned to Brigitte’s elegant personality. He knew it was urgent.
"I’m sure our products will be well received by the market if they are launched, but I’m afraid that even if we open the market, other forces will pick peaches because of lack of funds," said Bridget.
"If you don’t worry about money, we will have enough gold soul coins in a few days." Zhao refers to the fact that Zhao has 40 thousand gold soul coins in Flanders’ place. Flanders won money, after all, it is not small money. Zhao estimates that he still needs to go through some formalities to get the money.
Promoting words is really a big trouble.
But Zhao already has a plan.
Zhao thought for a moment, "Go to Notting City and call Wang Sheng and others. Just ask them to do something when you have something."
Wang Sheng, these people were not bad with Zhao when they were in Notting City. It is also considered that Zhao came to know a group of people first when he came to this world. Calling them over to do things is also considered to help them.
After a day of lingering with Brigitte and them again, Zhao returned to Shrek College instead of staying in Tianyi Pavilion.
Now that Zhu Zhuqing has just had such a problem with Dai Mubai’s relationship, he naturally has to keep an eye on the final blow to Dai Mubai and stay at Shrek College.
And Dai Mubai now estimates that some become angry from embarrassment, and he is worried that Dai Mubai will do something too much to his baby Zhu Qing.
But Zhao may be thinking too much.
He has been much more honest since he hammered Dai Mubai, but he often has a sullen face all day, and he rarely speaks when he comes to the big soul fight field. Even Oscar and Ma Hongjun, who have always been familiar with Dai Mubai, are afraid of that gloomy expression.
You may not see any change in Zhu Zhuqing’s face, but Zhao can see that Zhu Zhuqing should be in a better mood than before.
But these days, Zhu Zhuqing didn’t know whether it was to avert suspicion or why he didn’t come to Zhao again. Zhao sent Zhu Zhuqing back and gave Zhu Zhuqing the scriptures from the system. Zhao also came to him to guide the cultivation, but obviously Zhu Zhuqing controlled the desire for strength.
A week ago, Zhao Hening’s glorious enemy group also made a name for itself in Soto’s big fight field. After all, it’s incredible that a great soul master with a soul-respecting group has been winning in a row in the soul-respecting group and it’s so easy to win.
However, since Zhao Hening Rong Rong’s age attracted attention in the first game, they began to wear masks. Except for the audience who watched their first game, few people knew their age. Otherwise, just relying on their age could stir up the whole soul fight field.