Zhao Lingxiang always remembers that she was humiliated at Zhao Erhu’s house. At that time, she swore to double what she had suffered and return it to the place where Zhao Erhu and his wife stepped on their feet. Even if Master Wei didn’t tell her, she would go to find Zhao Erhu and his wife. This time, Master Wei told her again and again, which made her more confident.

Because of thinking about things, Zhao Erhu and his wife bowed their heads in front of her and made a mistake. Zhao Lingxiang was a little excited last night. She didn’t sleep well for a night, and she got up with a black eye before dawn and asked the maid to dress her up.
"Aunt, it’s still early, even if you go back to Zhaojiacun, it’s not so early, or go to sleep again."
"What can I sleep if I don’t sleep? I can’t sleep even if I sleep. Hurry up and help me dress up and take out my best outfit. By the way, when the moon is full, the master didn’t give me a set of golden noodles. You also take it out for me. I’ll bring that set today," Zhao Lingxiang said sitting in front of the dresser
The servant girl was a little surprised to hear Zhao Lingxiang say this. Let’s not talk about this set of golden head clothes, but it’s really strange that Aunt Zhao’s most precious things are usually reluctant to take out. How can she go to the countryside instead?
"It’s my aunt’s handmaiden. I’m going to marry." The servant girl was surprised in her heart, but since Aunt Zhao said that she would take care of it, she didn’t have the guts to ask anything. After all, she didn’t have the face to speak in front of Aunt Zhao as Xiaocui did.
Zhao Lingxiang, this is intended to show off in front of Lin Yue, and she will take out all her best clothes. She just wants to make Lin Yue admire herself for dressing up for more than half an hour.
Lin Yueri, the same woman, is really enviable. Although it is a second wife, it is better to have a husband who loves a few children who are not his own, but they are all filial and sensible. On weekdays, the husband dotes on her and treats her like a baby. Who doesn’t know that Zhao Erhu is a pet wife? It is Zhao Erhu’s image outside that is quite cold and car-scrapping.
When Zhao Lingxiang thinks about it, it doesn’t taste like a farmer in the mountains. To say that her condition is better, Yue-gen Lin was sold to Zhao Erhu by her family. Why can Yue-ri live like this? Fortunately, Master Wei is paying more and more attention to her now, which makes her emboldened. Other things she values are Wei Fufu’s wealth, and now it is possible to crush Yue-ri on this side.
"Aunt Zhao, the owner’s mother, came over and clamored to see you being stopped at the door now. Do you want her to come in?" Zhao Erhu and Lin Yue are getting closer and closer in the room. The more inseparable they are, the knock on the door suddenly rings. People are outside the house, and Lin Yue is startled. Zhao Erhu pats Lin Yue’s back and soothes it for a few times before he opens the door.
"You mean Zhao Lingxiang is coming?" Zhao Erhu asked with a frown that this woman is definitely not good. 46 Chapter 46
"Yes, the attitude can also be arrogant, saying that it is necessary for the owner and the owner Niang to meet her at the gate. Brother Niu asked me to ask the owner and the owner Niang to drive the woman out with a broom."
Lin Yue imagined that Zhao Lingxiang smiled sloped, but it didn’t really make people do this. They left Xin ‘an City for more than two months before they came back. It wasn’t long before people from Weifu came to see them. They must have had a plan or played some bad idea. Although now she thinks that Weifu is no threat to their family, she still can’t be too careless. It is really necessary to know more about the enemy’s movements.
"No, let her in. I’d like to see what she wants to do when she comes."
Zhao Lingxiang brought enough people to Zhao Erhu’s house. I didn’t expect to be stopped by someone before entering the door. I was a little flustered. In her opinion, her master has lost the magistrate’s adult, and Zhao Erhu has lost his backer. She should be rushing to Pakistan. It’s really unknown that she still dares to put on a fight with her.
"You are so ungrateful. My aunt condescended to see your master regardless of her status. Even if your master didn’t meet you, he would still keep the guests out of the door. What is the reason? I’m not afraid that our aunt will punish you if she is angry. My aunt is Wei’s favorite aunt. If the master knows that you dare to be angry with your aunt, you won’t be spared!" Maid Xiao Fang is a new school of Wei master who served beside Zhao Lingxiang for a short time, but she learned to bully others. When she came over, Aunt Zhao came to power and naturally became more rampant. She served Xiaocui beside Zhao Lingxiang, and now she has become Zhao Lingxiang’s confidant and was arranged by Zhao Lingxiang to stay in Wei Fu’s care.
"Hey, which dog barks here is nothing but a concubine who runs out and shakes around and wants to punish us." It’s really a joke that the former Wei master sent a housekeeper to make trouble when Zhao Erhu threw people out of the village. Wei master didn’t have any fear at all, but he really didn’t like Zhao Lingxiang’s arrogance as a concubine.
"How dare you humiliate my aunt? It’s hateful to wait for me." Xiao Fang has a lot of face in Weifu since she was with Aunt Zhao. Few people are so rude to her, pointing to Zhao Erhu’s side.
It’s a joke to go in outside and report that someone got Lin Yue’s words. This time, no one stopped Zhao Lingxiang. When Zhao Lingxiang saw Zhao Erhu and his wife, they really didn’t take her seriously and went in by themselves. Speaking of it, it’s the first time that Lin Yue Zhuang was built. Zhao Lingxiang was so jealous again when he came to see this Zhuang Jian.
Zhao Erhu and Lin Yue wanted to understand what Zhao Lingxiang was doing, and they understood Zhao Lingxiang’s purpose, especially the threatening meaning of every word in her words, and they did not hesitate to drive people out.
Zhao Lingxiang screamed and she came to demonstrate and show off. If Zhao Erhu and his wife didn’t know enough, they drove her out and made her even more embarrassed than before. "Zhao Erhu Lin Yue, how dare you treat me like this? Now the magistrate’s adult is on our master’s side. My master doesn’t want to disturb the magistrate’s adult. Let me come and persuade you. Since you are so ignorant, just wait for the magistrate’s adult to send someone to come and list any charges casually!"
Zhao Lingxiang left with these words and left angrily without going to Zhao’s old house. He directly went back to the city, probably in a hurry to tell on Master Wei.
"Sir, you want me to make the decision. That Zhao Erhu couple is so rampant that they kicked me out. There are words that belittle your master. You don’t mean to take your master seriously. You also say that if you stop the magistrate’s adult and can’t take them, if the Wei people dare to take the broom out again, my face will be lost." Zhao Lingxiang sobbed and said that she was very sad and angry, and she still remembered to keep crying aesthetically when she complained.
"Hang it all! I didn’t expect Zhao Erhu and his wife to be so ignorant. So it’s no wonder that I didn’t want to disturb the magistrate’s adult. It seems that this matter has to be stepped forward by the magistrate’s adult. However, Sir, I have to make up for it in their body. This time, I won’t ruin the arrogant peasant couple. What face does Wei Xingye have in Xin ‘an City?" Master Wei didn’t say this before, but now I have to rely on it to be so confident.
"Sir, you have to teach these two people a lesson. It doesn’t matter if they don’t know how to hurt my face, but I’m a master. They’re hitting your face. They must not be let go easily. They and those people in their family are also naughty slaves."
"Xiang Xiang, don’t worry, master, I will definitely export it for you." Master Wei patted Zhao Lingxiang’s hand and promised, and then told the outside, "Somebody immediately prepare the carriage master. I want to go to the government."
When the housekeeper heard that Master Wei was going to the official residence, it was certain that he would go there so many times. He also had experience in doing this, so he went to the warehouse to prepare what he needed and then sent it here to show Master Wei.
"Sir, when you look at the office, you bring something, all of which are selected according to the precedent."
Master Wei glanced at the housekeeper’s gift. "This time, things to be done are different. Some people in Zhao Erhu’s family are staring at this fat. If you don’t count the blood, the magistrate’s adult will not let go. Press this, add another 50% and prepare another 1,200 silver tickets."
When Master Wei arrived at the government office, Cheng Lu was still teasing and having fun with his concubines in the room. He was told that Master Wei had come over, so he let the noodle man bring Master Wei in without considering it.
"Go and let Lao Wei come in quickly. This old thing is a gift for adults. Of course, I have to see it." Although Cheng Lu doesn’t necessarily respect businessmen like Master Wei, he still likes what he sends.
"Your honor, Master Wei is really rich. From time to time, he sent people to send things to the house. I don’t know what good things he got this time to honor your honor. Your handmaiden has served you so hard. You must let the handmaiden follow suit." Although this concubine’s words are implicit and disguised, everyone in the house knows that Cheng Lu has always been generous to women and is happy to serve them. So one or two things are not worth it. Chapter 461
"The right people have seen the magistrate’s adult for some days. I wonder if the magistrate’s adult is still smooth these days?" Master Wei saluted Cheng Lu and said with a smile that he had no awe of the magistrate’s adult in his heart, but it was just a profit. Compared with the former magistrate’s adult Chen, this adult is a straw bag and a debaucher who indulges in eating, drinking and being merry all day long, but only in this way can people get up and ask a silver woman to coax him to do anything.
"I’m very well, dragging the old Wei. Those two twin beauties you sent me are really good at serving people. They are really very poor." Cheng Lu talked about the twins beauty face sent by Master Wei and looked satisfied. Recently, most of Cheng Lu stayed in the twin sisters’ room, even in the daytime, and often called them over. These two days just happened that the twin sisters were a little uncomfortable and didn’t appear here at this time.
"It’s good for adults to like it. It’s a blessing for the right-handers. The right-handers were worried that the sisters would be short-term and serve badly. Now it seems that they are not worried."
"What are you doing here today?" Cheng Lu knew that master Wei couldn’t come straight and said
"Adult English is like this …" Master Wei spoke rudely about his plan. "Adults can rest assured that Zhao Erhu’s fortune is not bad. After that, the right people won’t take your share alone, which is indispensable."
Cheng Lu just didn’t care much about it. It can be seen that this kind of thing is not done less on weekdays. It is familiar to listen to Zhao Erhu’s name and meditate twice for a long time. Suddenly, "No, you can’t move this family."
Master Wei didn’t go to the magistrate first, but suddenly he promised to talk back. His heart sank. Zhao Erhu’s gift to the magistrate was not light. If he couldn’t take it back, it would be a loss, and more importantly, he couldn’t swallow his breath. Zhao Erhu and his wife were so rampant that they couldn’t do it without giving him a lesson.
Master Wei, although a little anxious in his heart, is still calm. Listening to the tone of the magistrate’s large population, there seems to be some reason. "My Lord, is this what this family and adults have?"
"What’s the status of fart adults and what can a pair of farmers and women have? But this family is a face-to-face account and can’t move the news from the capital. The couple not only rely on the Jiangfu behind their backs, but also the woman loves Princess Yongle and Princess Jou-chia with the emperor. It’s not easy to offend or my cousin in the palace can’t get good." The magistrate’s adult didn’t hide the reason for the incident.
Master Wei is a little silly. I didn’t expect Zhao Erhu and his wife to go to the capital for such an errand. Not only did Jiang Gulian climb the princess and the princess.
He has stayed in the capital and naturally knows what the Jiang family is. It is like squeezing an ant to death. On weekdays, even if he is rampant in Xin’ an City, he will not dare to be contaminated with the Jiang family industry. For him, figures like Princess Yongle and Princess Jou-chia are unattainable and can look up to people. He said that he had heard their stories in the teahouse. Princess Jou-chia is still just a sister.
"Why? Your honor, your news is correct, but it’s just about farmers and women. How can that happen? What is the identity of Princess Bajiang and the princess? Is it a little peasant woman who can know this? It’s incredible. Wrong person? " Master Wei still believes in the facts.
Cheng Lu was unhappy when he saw Wei Xingye dare to question his words, and he lost his face before laughing. "You are so confused that you can’t even figure out such things!"
Master Wei saw that the magistrate’s adult was unhappy, and he knew that he had lost his manners. He quickly accused himself of "the adult’s calming down is that the right people are abrupt, and he thinks that things are too strange for a while. Some can’t believe that adults don’t care about villains. Don’t care about the right people."
"Hum! I don’t care what you think in your heart, but to tell you the truth, if you provoke this couple, what will happen then? Adults won’t care about you. My cousin said in her letter that even the princess in the palace was punished for offending the peasant woman. What is her status? Even if she can’t be loved, she can still see how hard the peasant woman is behind her. Listening to what you just said, it’s not easy to celebrate with the peasant couple. Don’t really offend people. Adults won’t save you then. "
Although Cheng Lu is good at wine and greed, he is also the one who doesn’t like trouble the most. He doesn’t have any ambition, so he thinks about settling down in Xin ‘an City to collect money and collect beautiful women. After three years, he returns to Beijing and meets Zhao Erhu and his wife, who are unwilling to provoke and don’t allow Master Wei to bring him any trouble.
"Thank you, magistrate. Don’t dare to do the right thing with Zhao Erhu and his wife again, magistrate. Rest assured."
Master Wei accompanied the magistrate’s adult for a while before coming out of the gate of the government. Master Wei also didn’t have to continue to hide that his face was really ugly and he didn’t say a word. He got into the carriage on a whim and came back disappointed. He wanted to teach the ignorant couple a lesson. He and his peasant couple didn’t expect it to be such a fruit. Even if things were not done well, they would never take it back, otherwise they would have offended the magistrate’s adult.