A moment later, the fairy king suddenly felt his soul lighter and finally recovered completely. But when I opened my eyes and looked forward, I found myself in a relatively strange place. There was no one around!

Suddenly turned around and looked back, and the fairy king saw that all the people were looking at him at baizhang. His four companions naturally looked stunned, while most of the people in the zhengxian society were smiling.
A big living person can be controlled by cāo and go out for hundreds of feet unconsciously, not to mention the dead?
Then Xiahou Wuren finally told him something important in detail. Although his ability is not unlimited, he is already quite strong within his limited ability. Really wait for him to reach the acme, probably the people in this valley are no match for him!
Although there are only eight fairy kings in the valley, we must never underestimate their overall strength! There are 193 demon leagues in the Tianlan demon world, and there are even only three or four fairy kings in those demon leagues that rank lower! It was not until the ranking rose to the top 50 that the number of fairy kings rose to more than ten. However, even if it is the top ten demon alliance, the number of fairy kings is hovering around 20 people!
From this point of view, if Xiahou Wuren can exert his ultimate fighting power, the role he can play when he suddenly appears on the battlefield can be imagined.
The two sides finally settled, finalized the next meeting of Li Zi, and then left the valley successively.
Everyone knows that. Success or failure will be known at the next meeting. If it succeeds, the demon world of Tianlan, which has been calm for a long time, will soon enter a new era.
Shengjing, the largest city in Tianlan demon world. Located in the northern part of Tianlan demon world.
This is undoubtedly the most special and sacred city in the whole Tianlan demon world. First, because it was established on the basis of the first demon alliance and the ninth holy demon alliance in Tianlan demon world, it is the first and only city in the whole demon world where shemale and shemale live together. Second, because in the long history of Tianlan demon world, countless demon powers have emerged in the Nine Holy Demons Alliance. No matter which pan-demon scale war, the Nine Holy Demons Alliance is the backbone of the demon world; The third reason is that the Nine Holy Demons Alliance has never failed, which naturally includes the suppression of human resistance in the demon world of Tianlan.
Xiao Wen wandered alone in the sacred city, trying to open his heart and feel everything in the city, trying to find a reason not to go to war with the demon world.
A little girl ran past him with a windmill in her hand and a smile, because only when she ran fast would the windmill keep turning in the wind.
Xiao asked not to stop and turned to look at the little girl for a long time.
A lovely and innocent little girl, if there is a war, her life will definitely change completely. Although the God League has promised never to attack the local residents in this world, it is inevitable that the fish in the pool will be affected. Perhaps, the little girl and her family will probably die under the influence of melee.
This is undoubtedly a good reason not to go to war.
However, running, the little girl met a cow-shaped monster head on. The little girl’s laughter stopped at once, her little head drooped, she hid the windmill behind her, and quietly walked past the monster beast. Look at her posture, is clearly afraid of the monster beast robbed her windmill …
It was not until she walked a long way that the little girl spat out her tongue and smiled again and ran wildly in the street.
This is the status quo of Shengjing. Even if this is the best city where the demon race is integrated with human beings, the demon race is still a noble here, and human beings are still an inferior race.
As the little girl grows up, she will become more and more aware of this gap. If she likes plain, it’s fine. Maybe she can live a quiet life. But it also takes some luck. For example, you can’t meet the kind of thing that happened in Changgan City. Her Daoji had better not wake up too early. Even if she wakes up, her qualifications should not be too good, because there are more monster beasts than people in this day. As long as she has a little skill, all monster beasts have the qualification to choose her as a demon slave. Of course, the other party may be less direct, but polite, but this can’t change the fact that she can’t control her own destiny.
Xiao Wen turned around and continued to walk forward in the vast streets of Shengjing.
I quickly passed a roadside stall selling snacks. It was half afternoon. It’s not a meal, but there are still a few guests sitting on the roadside stall.
These people didn’t take care of having lunch seriously. They only waited until this time to eat. After a busy noon, they probably got some gains, so most of their faces were filled with a happy life.
It can be seen that they are satisfied with their present life and are completely used to it.
These people probably don’t want war either.
But when Xiao Wen squinted and looked more carefully, he felt more and more wrong.
Shengjing is already the largest and most prosperous city in the whole Tianlan demon world, but. What are they wearing and eating?
Even the level of ordinary towns in the celestial world is not as good as that of ordinary towns!
Why? !
Think deeply. In fact, it’s because Terrans are too strongly suppressed in this world! Human talents can’t be fully displayed, and their living environment could have developed better, but they can’t be promoted completely because of the restrictions of the demon race. That feeling is like trying to treat a genius as a mediocrity, and it is no good to behave a little better than mediocrity!
Humans in the Tianlan demon world also have ancestors. What would their ancestors think if they could still see this scene? Xiao Wen also believes that even if there is no positive fairy society, there is no world god alliance. Tianlan demon world will change sooner or later, and the status of human beings will be further improved. It may be a very long period, whether it is 100,000 years or a million years. In short, when it was there, how did humans look at the present?
Probably no one will think that this is a good era.
On the contrary, the demon race. When they look at today from the past and the future, they will proudly say, "That was the golden age of our demon family, and we are the real masters of the whole Tianlan demon world."
Xiao asked to move on, in the evening. Finally, I wandered to a market in Shengjing. Shengjing is too big, and there are eight markets. At this time, Xiao Wen is located in the east.
After coming here, Xiao Wen finally felt a sense of intimacy. There are many shops selling things that monks can use.
He also has to admit that the demon world of Tianlan is not suitable for human practice, so its overall level of cultivating immortals is also low. A little stroll in those shops will show that all kinds of things here are far from the fairy world.
However, the cultivators in this world are not fools. Although they can’t get a lot of Tao power from heaven and earth, they can supply it through monster beasts, just like 90,000 people often do. In this world, the animal way is advocated, so the cultivation of immortals is not so lacking in Tao power. On this basis, even if the other six ways are weak, they should not be so outrageous as they are now!
Based on the six levels of devices, symbols, Dan, tactic, array and ghost in Tianlan demon world, do monks have a fart qualification to negotiate with the demon family? Talk to the demon race with the magical power of the beast? Are you kidding me? The beast-way avatar relies on the demon race!
In Shengjing, Xiao Wen saw too many people, met too many things and thought more.
He has been thinking about many things since he began to practice the Drunk Magic Tactics, and those conclusions have accumulated in his heart and have changed him to some extent.
In fact, everything has two sides, or even more. How can it be all-encompassing?
Sometimes you just need one reason to do one thing, and you don’t need that many.
Even if there are thousands of reasons not to do it, if you find the only reason to do it, then do it well.
Aside from everything, he really wants to make it for Duan Yan.
He is very clear about Duan Yan’s xìng son. This girl, who is becoming more and more calm, has not changed at all.