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Chapter one hundred and seventy-nine Seduction
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"Are you sure?" Xiao asked the thought of the two super ugly dead bodies he had just seen, and asked with a bitter face.
"ok." Play rather nods.
"See death certainly won’t be killed by the fairy beast in this valley. Who killed them? Han Xiuxiu? " Xiao asked doubtfully.
At this time, Ouyang Yue said that Han Xiuxiu came from the upper bound and killed them both. In my opinion, it is likely that the two of them separated from Han Xiuxiu first, and then they were targeted by people with a grudge. "
Playing ning also nodded, and then said, I think it’s very possible. See Han Xiuxiu generous and easy-going, don’t like to do such a thing, that kind of death is too bad. "
"Let’s go quickly, it’s none of our business anyway." Xiao asked.
The four men moved on, but it didn’t take long to fly. Ouyang Yue and Yan Ning smelled blood gas again.
Fly to see, this time was directly saw four bodies, death and before the two people are all the same.
Now they have to get serious. Look at this situation, it’s just that someone did it in a planned way. They chose the path specially to drive to Taniguchi, so it’s unlikely that anyone will pass by. As a result, six bodies appeared in a place like this.
Only the body, even if you want to break your head, can’t guess what is going on. Four people have to continue flying forward, but they have already lost a lot along the way.
There was no accident behind the results, which made the four people really confused.
When it was getting dark, they finally arrived at Taniguchi, and they found that more than a dozen people had gathered there, some of whom were separated from the moment they entered the valley, and later failed to enter the bottom. For those people, the experience after the bottom of the valley is naturally particularly regrettable, so they can only listen to others’ stories. At the moment, all those people are talking with laughter. This is also about to leave the valley, so I can relax.
Xiao Wen and others were still injured, so it was hard to explain, so they didn’t go to the crowd, and directly set up the array and settled down from a distance. There are two small wave people like them, so it is not surprising that they don’t join the big army.
Through the distant firelight, it can be seen that those who are talking and laughing have no sense of crisis. Obviously, they have not seen those dead bodies in the path. Xiao asked and others to observe for a while, then withdrew their attention and lay down comfortably, and they were really tired.
Just as Xiao Wen was about to fall asleep, he suddenly heard a loud noise in the distance. He couldn’t help frowning and turned over and looked over there.
But see a enchanting figure leisurely walked into the distance of the crowd, and sat down generously, it is Han Xiuxiu.
Xiao asked drowsiness disappeared, stare big eyes, but see Han Xiuxiu smile in the crowd, generous, really don’t like a murderer. Do those dead bodies really have nothing to do with her?
However, since this woman said that she came down from the upper bound to find it, and she had found it before entering the bottom, why didn’t she leave? Is this going to go out with these 27 disciples?
Even watching from a distance, Xiao asked that Han Xiuxiu was really much more beautiful than the woman in the celestial world. However, at the thought of Nan Yunqing around him, Xiao asked that Han Xiuxiu had no feeling at all. Nan Yunqing is beautiful to the extreme, but for Xiao Wen, who has seen her force, he often ignores Nan Yunqing’s peerless appearance and only regards her as a Nanwu God.
Thinking about thinking, Xiao asked tiredness and slowly upwelling, and fell asleep groggy.
In fact, it is also a very exhausting thing to recuperate, which can make a person tired virtually. Xiao asked how long he slept until he felt someone patting his arm.
Xiao asked jǐng to wake up at once, opened his eyes, and turned to look, but Nan Yunqing came to his side, pointing to the outside in a crouching position, signaling him to look outside.
Xiao Wen nodded first, and then he looked out. He saw a white Se figure quietly next to a law in the dim light of the color Se miasma at the bottom of the valley, and then stopped there.
In the middle of the night, the white Se figure just stopped there quietly, just like a ghost. If the people in the array suddenly wake up and see such a person standing outside, they are sure to shout with fear.
Although it is far away, Xiao asked that he was afraid behind his back, swallowed water and asked in a low voice. "
"No, when I was conscious of jǐng, the man was already walking that way." Nan Yunqing whispered.
"Wait a minute, I’ll wake them both up."
A moment later, Xiao asked to play Ning and Ouyang Yue all shouted, and the four men looked out together, or did Ouyang Yue recognize it correctly and directly said Han Xiuxiu? "
"I don’t look like a figure." Xiao asked.
"Have you ever seen Han Xiuxiu undress?" Ouyang Yue asks.
Xiao asked to react at once. At that time, the white man was about the same size as Han Xiuxiu, but the hairstyle was changed, and the white Se dress seemed to be slightly loosened, so he didn’t recognize it.
"Is it really Han Xiuxiu?" Xiao asked is completely subconscious tunnel.
"Look, she squatted down" Ouyang Yue suddenly said.
When I looked over there again, I saw the woman in white crouching down, but she reached out and tapped on the defensive array.
Xiao Wen was amazed, and a more amazing scene appeared. After counting interest, someone emerged from the law. Not only was he not frightened by Han Xiuxiu, but he was very close to Han Xiuxiu and whispered excitedly.
The next moment, the man who came out of the law turned out to be a high-handed Han Xiuxiu, strode towards Y and N in the dark while kissing.
Xiao asked, played Ning, and Ouyang Yue all froze. They were all young men in their twenties. Seeing this behind the scenes, they were all instinctively uncomfortable … In contrast, Nan Yunqing had no expression on her face, and even her eyes did not change. As an Asian god, she has probably seen everything, so naturally she won’t have any ripples in her heart because of this kind of thing.
Soon Han Xiuxiu and the man disappeared into the darkness. When Xiao Wen and others saw nothing to see, they withdrew their eyes and then looked at each other.
Ouyang Yue swallowed his mouth, and the waterway will be like this? As early as she is so easy … "
Halfway through, Ouyang Yue realized that there was a Nan Yunqing next to her, and hurriedly stopped, which was an embarrassment.
Xiao asked now is still a virgin, still calculate some concentration, frown way may not be so simple … "
Then they lost their sleep for a while and just waited there.
As a result, he didn’t even get a light tea, so Han Xiuxiu walked out of the darkness again, but the man was gone.
Han Xiuxiu went to another law and waited quietly. After a long time, she bent down again and checked out a person from the law …
After three transgressions, Ouyang Yue has completely lost the heart of Se, and he has already linked Han Xiuxiu’s actions with those bodies he saw on the path.
However, after all, I didn’t see her kill with my own eyes. How can I stop it?
"Follow up and have a look?" Xiao asked.
"She is a true fairy," Ouyang Yue warned.
"Let her kill all the others, and finally she will come to us?" Xiao asked immediately.