The cry for help was covered up by the torrential rain, causing people behind them to be manic.

"Ah ha ha ha ….."
Help! Help!
Tears blurred her eyes. Xiao Jing stumbled several times in the heavy rain and got up again.
In fear, he dialed the phone again.
Fortunately, the bell rang three times and was answered.
Jiang Yuanhua was bored. "Are you finished?"
One sentence will chop up his hope.
Xiao Jing sobbed and held her mouth tightly and trembled uncontrollably. She said the last time in her disgust, "Manager Jiang, I’m outside … Can you pick me up?"
Well, it really doesn’t work.
Xiao Jing’s heart is like dying embers, lost in the rainstorm, like losing his mind.
Soft hands and feet, the phone fell to the ground.
Hear strange noise Jiang Yuanhua frowned "hello? Hello? Hello? Hello … "
Hang up?
At first glance, it’s still connected.
Suddenly, when a piercing scream crossed, it hindered Jiang Yuanhua’s ears.
Oh! Scared!
Jiang Yuanhua rubbed his ears and wanted to ask if the call had been disconnected.
Hmm? What’s going on?
Suddenly a burst of indescribable chemistry not flustered surges in my heart.
Jiang Yuanhua frowned and called back but nobody answered.
Is it an accident or a farce?
To tell the truth, Xiao Jing has been cautious with him for several years, although he can’t make mistakes on the table.
Tonight is an exception.
Suddenly a prayer echoed in my mind, "President Jiang, I am outside. Can you pick me up?"
This demands too much that he can’t promise naturally.
Then he dialed again.
Have a chance to talk.
At that time, the sense of panic intensified as if something bad had happened.
Jiang Yuanhua suddenly got up and walked out of the office while recruiting a personal assistant "I want to go out to drive."
Hum Xiao Jing, you’d better not play tricks.
Otherwise, he will never spare!
You have something to say.
It’s a new chapter. I hope the children will continue to like it-
Chapter 3. Chapter 3
Jiang Yuanhua held his breath and strode out without wearing a coat.
Clever assistant pushed the gold-rimmed glasses and respectfully asked, "Manager Jiang, where are you going?"
Jiang Yuanhua paused, and looked out of the window with some guilt.
"Yes" gold medal assistant, Fei Li doesn’t ask much and drives quietly.
The luxury car is driving slowly in the city center, and the heavy rain slaps on the roof.
Jiang Yuanhua tugged at his collar and said, "Don’t drive this car again. It’s noisy."
Fei Li nod should be.
Before this, manager Jiang loved this car very much, but everything was an eyesore when he was in a mood.
Through the rearview mirror, it is rare for Fei Li’s heart to jump and make manager Jiang upset.
Suddenly, Jiang Yuanhua became angry. "What are you looking at?"
Fei Li withdrew his sight and remained calm. "Does General Jiang still have to go around?"
Smell speech, Jiang Yuanhua for a long time not to talk.
There was silence in the car. They had worked together for many years and had a certain tacit understanding.
After a while, Jiang Yuanhua said to himself, "Just now, Xiao Jing asked me to pick him up, but I didn’t agree."
"What is his status, and he deserves me to pick it up?"
"Then what?" Fei Li asked.
He called for the fourth time, but after screaming, he couldn’t connect.
It’s hard to feel angry, wronged and worried.
No matter how unbearable he is, it is difficult for Diao Ji to be sad if something happens to his family.
Jiang Yuanhua swore that he would hold Diao Ji in his hand in this life. How can he be sad?
Fei Li said quickly, "Manager Jiang, I may know where he is?"