In the blink of an eye, a glass of milk was poured into her stomach, and Chen Han turned and ran away. Jing Ning Xue retched a few times and screamed: "Chen Han! You son of a bitch, you have the spirit to know that I added ingredients in it. If you don’t drink it, you should let me drink it. I won’t let you go, oh … "

She quickly took out all kinds of antidotes and swallowed them, and ran to the bathroom like a fly. She was not afraid of the poison. Anyway, there was an antidote on her body. The key milk was stirred with the hand that wiped the floor. Isn’t this disgusting?
I have already run out of the cold far away and heard the sound of her retching. I suddenly laughed and couldn’t stand it. Is this unruly girl going against the sky after she doesn’t punish?
Half an hour later, Chen Han appeared in the depths of the forest in Qingmeng Mountain.
"Brother Chen is good!"
More than 30,000 people crowded into a dense pile, respectfully saluting Chen Han, and each of them had the lowest cultivation in the early days of then.
Today is to solve these people’s problems, and they must never stay in Clearwater Bay Villa.
Even if Xiang Lang bought the whole villa area, it would be sky-high to live in two or three thousand people. How can he live in tens of thousands of people?
Not to mention, tens of thousands of fix true people suddenly appear, and those super powers are faced with complicated things in the short term. Although they don’t have the energy to notice the small Tianhua city, they will be exposed after a long time. A person who can build tens of thousands of practitioners in a short period of time will be better attracted by all forces, but it is more likely to be forcibly controlled or even obliterated.
These people can’t stay in Tianhua city, nor can they be scattered around the Chinese people, otherwise they can’t be called at all when necessary, so they must be arranged with the most appropriate practice place.
Chen Han has been thinking about this problem since he completed the overall promotion of 30 thousand people the night before yesterday, or he has already had a prototype, but he just doesn’t know how to find a candidate to take on this important task.
How can we keep these people around at any time without being discovered by anyone?
Forbidden fairy tower!
This forbidden fairy with spatial attributes has enough space to hold tens of thousands of people. The key is that it doesn’t have the real yuan and can’t let people in. Therefore, the best way is to entrust this fairy to someone else. This person must be a true fixer, and he is absolutely loyal to himself and can’t betray him. He also has great strength.
Duanmu Ting is undoubtedly the most suitable candidate, but the Duanmu family at this time is not his decision, and the ancestors who have been separated for more than 2,000 years have come back. He is not sure what attitude these ancestors have towards these, and what kind of descendants who have been propagated from another vein many years ago have.
He is a man of Tianlong, and the loyal object in his heart is also Tianlong. Besides, Tianlong is also facing the same problem as the four big families, that is, the reorganization after the strong entered.
Residual blood?
He also shoulders the trust of reviving Jing’s family. He has no feelings for Jing Yun, but more cooperation with himself, and his friendship is not deep.
Qin Yang is a good candidate, but his cultivation is a little low, and people with families will be worried. What will someone do if they threaten his family?
Even if he chooses betrayal, it is common sense. He can’t take care of his brother and don’t want his wife and children.
Chen cold face solemnly to the extreme, eyes rested on the knife next to him. Today, except for him and the gang members at the beginning of thirty thousand Jin Dan, ninety-three Yuan Ying, and Dong Qian’s nine brothers, even Qin Yang and others were not present.
It is better not to let anyone know about the existence of the Forbidden Fairy and Precious Dragon Tower except those who enter the tower and those who control the magic weapon. This is not just a matter of trust.
Trust is just a boring joke in front of soul searching, even if it is loyal, it is no use!
"Brother Chen, Brother Qin, where are they?" Knife some doubts, how only he a person.
"I didn’t let them come over."
Pointing to the endless forest around, this is the deep part of the Qingmeng Mountain. Everyone has been instructed to gather here. Chen Han said with a heavy voice, "There are twenty experts guarding the Yuan infant outside. There is no one here except us today. I just want to ask you a word. Will you betray me?"
The knife couldn’t help but stare blankly, and soon came to my mind. Hehe smiled and said, "You know what? I’ve been with Brother Qin for three years, and I’m bent on practicing powerful martial arts. However, due to the restriction that martial arts handed down from my family can’t be spread abroad, he can only teach me some moves, but he can’t teach my mind. Of course, I didn’t mean to blame Qin Dage. It would be the same for anyone. Family martial arts can be taught to others casually. What is it called family martial arts? "
"Then what?"
"Then you come, you are younger than me, but I call you elder brother, why? Because you are stronger than me, because you have given me what I want most, because you have given me more than I want, because I am only an orphan, and you have made me feel safe. "
A three-inch long silver knife flew at his fingertips. It was no longer the former fine steel dagger, but a powerful Chinese spirit weapon.
The misty knife gas distorted the nearby space, and the knife whispered to himself, "Yes, I am an orphan, and I don’t know who my parents are, just like Brother Chen. I fight hard enough because I feel insecure. If I don’t, it may be me, so I’m tougher than others, so I’m valued by Qin Dage. What about now? I have a sense of security, and I have become a real strong man, but I will only be tougher than before, because I want to protect my brother, that’s all. "
Flying knife suddenly exploded a knife, leaving a deep blood mark on his wrist, and the blood interwoven into a scarlet pattern in the void.
"I know, Chen Ge didn’t let Qin Dage and them come over. There are very important things entrusted to me."
Knife hands intertwined with strange tactic prints, faint smile: "This matter is too important, related to everyone’s safety. Brother Chen was stabbed in the back by my roommate before, and he already had a shadow in his heart. He wanted to believe people but was afraid of being hurt. Therefore, with the bondage of this blood oath of Yuan Shen, you can absolutely believe me, which is the only thing I can do, because I know it is difficult to help in the battle, even if it is the body of Geng Jin in the later period of Yuan Ying. "
The pattern of blood is scattered in the air, condensed into a blood bead the size of a soybean, and melted into the eyebrows of Chen Han with a swish and disappeared.
There, there is the most loyal agreement!
There, there is an irrevocable contract!
At the same time, Chen Han’s mind moved his eyebrows and sprayed golden glow. The Forbidden Fairy and Precious Tower, which merged with the Yuan God, became more than an inch high and hung in his palm like a toy.
"This thing …"
Knife frowned, with his late state of Yuan Ying, he could not see through a clue and could not judge the attributes of the golden pagoda in front of him.