The sex university is not open to the outside world. When Tang Wenlong came in wearing sunglasses, the doorman didn’t even look at him. Maybe he is no different from a real student in Columbia University now.

There is a faint fragrance of flowers in the air, and the smell of youth fills the campus. Everywhere you look, young men and women are full of vigor and vitality.
Fang Chuxia and Professor Yang Anqi walked in the direction of the dormitory after the last class.
"Let’s go to dinner in early summer? The horse is coming to dinner! " Yang Anqi touched his belly to discuss a way
Fang had a quick laugh in the early summer, swelled the gills and then burst out laughing.
"What are you doing? Laughing silly Xi Xi "Yang Anqi was amused by Fang Chuxia and stretched out his hand to tickle her.
Fang Chuxia didn’t know how to explain it, and then took Yang Anqi to the school gate. "Let’s go and eat outside the school for a change today."
"What?" Yang Anqi a face of doubt was dragged forward.
"Hey, don’t ask so many questions!"
It is the most attractive thing for two beautiful women to walk together, especially Fang Chuxia and Yang Anqi, who are both taller than ordinary women, and are more outstanding in their graceful figure. Young male students don’t know how many stops to wait and see on campus.
While chatting with each other, a tall young man came face to face.
Young people wear a pair of sunglasses, their noses are sharp, their cheeks are angular, their lips are moderately thick, but they are intoxicating. Pedestrians will unconsciously be attracted by his sunny temperament.
Yang Anqi had already noticed a young man taller than ordinary people. She looked at the young man and looked at the place where the two of them were.
This classmate is so handsome!
Yang Anqi secretly praised a admiring look at the youth, but she didn’t know that her sunglasses eyes were also looking at her and her friends condescendingly.
The young man stopped when the three men approached him head-on.
Fang also stopped in early summer, and Yang Anqi was forced to slow down and finally stopped.
I don’t understand the confused situation yet. The young man suddenly stretched out a pair of long arms with muscular outlines and spread them like an eagle spreading its wings.
Yang Anqi established a good image for young people in his heart, and this male psychopath collapsed instantly, didn’t he?
But then something happened that made her fall off.
Fang Chuxia let go of her arm like a bird in the forest and plunged into the man’s arms, holding her head close to the man’s chest affectionately.
The man tightened his arm and hugged Fang Fang’s back in early summer, and his arm was as white as jade in early summer and hugged Tang Wenlong’s wolf waist.
Yang Anqi covered her wide mouth and couldn’t figure it out. Her eyes were wide and her long eyelashes blinked a lot. It all changed so fast!
She has the impression that China has always been a gentle and quiet oriental woman who doesn’t like to talk much, but she has independent thinking standards. She has the impression that Fang has never been in contact with other boys in early summer, although she is occasionally enthusiastically confessed. She has never known that Fang was so close to men in early summer!
"Who is this man? Is Fang Chuxia’s boyfriend? " Yang Anqi looked at the handsome man’s face and guessed his identity and Fang’s early summer.
It can’t be a brother or sister! Yang Anqi maliciously speculated that it would be nice to be a brother and sister. It is just right for such a tall and handsome young man to be a male ticket
Fang held Tang Wenlong tightly in the early summer and smelled his body. Unconsciously, he was intoxicated by a breeze blowing through the petals and falling lightly, glittering and translucent as snow.
"Ahem ~ ~"
Yang Anqi broke the warm atmosphere with a dry cough. "I said, can you two pay attention to me?"
Fang early summer "ah" a reaction to come over from Tang Wenlong arms struggle, but Tang Wenlong arm is like steel imprison her after whatever she can make strength eventually earn.
"Let go!" I don’t know whether it’s the force or the hot weather. A red cloud appeared slightly on the white cheeks in early summer.
Yang Anqi hugged her arms and puffed up her mouth. She felt hurt by ten thousand points.
"Introduce yourself." Fang Chuxia gave up her struggle and hid in Tang Wenlong’s arms with her back against Tang Wenlong’s strong chest.
Tang Wenlong at this time but loose the early summer is big hand shun caught the early summer palm fingers clasped together.
He pushed his sunglasses to the head to reveal a complete bad smiling face, two thick eyebrows straight as swords, and his eyes seemed to be curved with a smile all the time, like a bright string moon at night.
Yang Anqi leng leng sunglasses man handsome and sunshine is still beyond her expectation, and it seems that this face is so familiar, as if I had seen it somewhere a long time ago.
Suddenly a light flashed through her mind, and she remembered something incredible. Her pupils suddenly contracted!
"You are the No.1 Tang 76!"
Yang Anqi screamed before Tang Wenlong introduced himself.
"Oh my god, it’s unbelievable! It’s unbelievable! You are the 76ers, the No.1 NBA professional? It’s incredible! "
Tang Wenlong wry smile a Yang Anqi reaction is a bit like his fans.
The students who walked past the university on both sides were attracted by Yang Anqi’s exaggerated voice. When their eyes converged on the tall Tang Wenlong, several of them reacted and excitedly took out their mobile phones to shoot.
"Hey, hello, I’m Tang Wenlong." Tang Wenlong generously extended his huge right hand and his left hand still clung to Fang Chuxia’s jade hand.