And Sarutobi Kurenai was really a little dark when he set fire to the fog-tolerant camp.

However, after the fire, Sarutobi Kurenai frowned and asked the cross-country road, "What should we do if we take the shadow?"
"Yes! Whether we can succeed depends on you! "
Sarutobi Kurenai just question Tatami Iwashi then echoed a.
Obviously, after the rescue of Sarutobi Asuma, cross-country has established an absolute prestige in the team
Sarutobi Kurenai, Tatami Iwashi, if you have something to do, you will choose to ask about cross-country at first.
It is a prestige, but also a dependence of the weak on the strong.
And cross-country actually thought of some follow-up methods when completing the plan.
At this time, I heard Sarutobi Kurenai Tatami Iwashi asking about the cross-country and the dignified eyes fell on Sarutobi Asuma’s death. "I have already made a plan for the red tile. This time, thanks to Asma, since he is so cooperative, we will play along!
Say cross-country is a mysterious smile at Sarutobi Kurenai Tatami Iwashi, and both of them are confused about cross-country meaning.
Then it was cross-country that turned the transformation into a ghost lamp. Sarutobi Kurenai and Tatami Iwashi realized that the original cross-country was going to dress up as a ghost lamp and take the "captive" Sarutobi Asuma to break through the fog-forbearing defense line. If the fog-forbearing dark part was tortured, the cross-country could once again reveal Sarutobi Asuma’s identity, saying that someone had attacked the fog-forbearing camp. It would be nice if they had taken Sarutobi Asuma, an important prisoner, to evacuate temporarily.
I have to say that cross-country counterplot is powerful enough. Sarutobi Kurenai and Tatami Iwashi can’t help secretly nodding their heads. The cross-country plan proved to be perfect.
Then, in the case of cross-country dressing up as a ghost lamp, Tatami Iwashi, Sarutobi Kurenai, disguised his identity and found a fog-tolerant body in the fog-tolerant camp at random, which changed into their appearance.
Don’t change into a ghost lamp?
That’s also a cover-up of the ghost lamp being killed in the second part, exposing the failure of the cross-country plan and others.
In Sarutobi Kurenai, Tatami Iwashi, dressed as Fog Endure, "hijacked" Sarutobi Asuma. Soon, off-road people went from Fog Endure Camp to the last line of defense in Fog Endure encirclement.
In the first few lines of defense, cross-country with the identity of ghost lamp plus Sarutobi Asuma, the important prisoner, passed through the eyes smoothly, and began to cross-country in the last line of defense of Fog Endure, and others were also in no trouble. After several Fog Endure searches successfully, they could break through the encirclement of Fog Endure by just half a step from the defense.
But who would have thought that something unexpected would happen?
Just before the cross-country people just left the defense line and secretly breathed a sigh of relief, they were about to take advantage of the opportunity to escape. Suddenly, there was a fog-tolerant figure appearing in front of the cross-country people, which made the cross-country people successfully break through only half a step!
"Ghost lights are two, you wait!"
"Did you just meet without saying hello?"
Chapter 65 Young Fog Endure
"I almost succeeded in breaking through!"
"Damn this smell."
"Another fog bear!"
When cross-country people were half a step away from breaking through the fog-tolerant defense line, suddenly a fog-tolerant teenager appeared in front of cross-country people, which really made cross-country people’s hearts throb!
Especially when the mental energy perception perceives each other’s strength, it is noticed that the young Fog Endurance is not very old but a Fog Endurance. Don’t say it’s cross-country. Sarutobi Kurenai and Tatami Iwashi have cold sweat in their palms for fear that the Fog Endurance will see through their identity.
However, in the past, when breaking through several fog-tolerant defense lines, cross-country people and others also went through strict scrutiny
At the beginning of the appearance of the fog-tolerant teenager, although the cross-country back was covered with cold sweat, he still quietly made a gesture to Sarutobi Kurenai and Tatami Iwashi, indicating that they would leave with Sarutobi Asuma first, and then casually dressed as a ghost lamp. The second tone was cold to the fog-tolerant teenager.
"Hum you, who are you?"
"Now I have something important to perform. Please make way quickly!"
"If it is really delayed, you will look good!"
Said the cross-country corner caught a glimpse of the rest of the fog around without tracking is a sneer at a way.
Let’s go!’
The words sound just fell and cross-country meet before the young fog endure sneer at slightly had a bad feeling in my heart.
Then cross-country genial smile that let Sarutobi Kurenai Tatami Iwashi leave in front with Sarutobi Asuma, and in Tatami Iwashi, Sarutobi Kurenai, the slightly worried eyes cross-country impressively are facing the fog-tolerant teenager in a person’s situation, which obviously means preparing Sarutobi Kurenai, Tatami Iwashi and others to pad behind!
"Washi Yingying, he won’t have a problem, right?"
Listening to Sarutobi Kurenai’s voice, Tatami Iwashi couldn’t help but reply with a wry smile, "Red Shadow has saved the day. Let’s leave here with Asma first!"
"The shadow is even behind the mat, but now that we have all left the fog-tolerant defense line, it should be no problem to stop the fog-tolerant just now."
"Let’s go! It would be really troublesome if it became a shadow! "
"Okay, let’s go!"
Tatami Iwashi advised Sarutobi Kurenai to clench his teeth and was worried. He glanced at cross-country and soon disappeared in the front with Tatami Iwashi and Sarutobi Asuma.
However, the disappearance of Sarutobi Kurenai and Tatami Iwashi did make cross-country secretly relieved.
But once again, the eyes rested on the young man who endured the fog, and the pupil in the cross-country eyes was slightly tightened and asked directly.
"How did you see that?"
"How can you tell? There are too many flaws! "
Cross-country asked a question, dressed in the fog, the young man smiled coldly and showed his teeth in his mouth. He didn’t care. He replied, "I really don’t know what those idiots in front think. I never like to cooperate with others except my own department. I don’t know what a group of idiots are."
"how can you not say hello to me if you meet me?"
"Do you know? Ghost lamp Zhenger is my servant! "
Almost in front of the fog-tolerant teenager, the voice just fell and the instantaneous cross-country suddenly turned into a ghosting image and directly attacked the cross-country side!
"So fast!"