Seemingly satisfied, but also seemingly helpless, "Hades, you also have to do it, Taize, and act as planned!"
One raised his hand and stroked the sphere gently, soothing the two bright lights full of agility. It took a long time to calm down again …
"Yin …"
"Yin …"
"Yin …"
Facing the broken pieces of the sky, the sound of dragons running through the earth’s sky is so violent that every sound of dragons is a violent natural disaster, which deduces the true meaning of extinction.
"Ha ha, make my achievements!"
The huge dragon eyes of the extinct black dragon are shining with joy, like a duck to water!
"The clear air in the sky washes and practices my magic way of destroying the world and achieving magic gas."
"The turbid air of the earth casts my magic way of exterminating earthworms and concise the magic body."
"The original sin of the world of mortals has increased my magic way of exterminating the world, which constitutes a magic thought."
This is supposed to be extinct. At this time, Leviathan almost subverted the avenue of heaven and earth. Every move can trigger infinite natural disasters, and every corner where Nora collapses, Leviathan’s breath becomes more violent!
Through the heavens and the earth, resounding through the sky, the deep and dark dragon body is soaring, cheering for the extinction, the original sin of the world, and the power of extinction. Everything swarmed away, nourishing Leviathan, whose ferocity was increasing.
The dragon body, winding and straight, covers the sky and is devouring the last light in the world!
Leviathan, the world-destroying black dragon, achieved its magic spirit, magic body and magic thoughts by the way of heaven, earth and man, and built a perfect cycle of three talents. Every time the process of world-destroying is accelerated. Leviathan’s avenue will be a little more perfect, and it is unique, and the destruction of the world will prove it!
Blinking constantly, folds like paper. This is the violent fluctuation of space, and the laws of space, the rules of space and even the deepest order of space bearing are facing the most severe challenges. Dark and deep flashes from time to time.
Space carries everything in the world, even …
In this shallow affiliated world, the position of space. Even higher than time!
Space carries time, and time pushes space!
Once the order of space collapses, Nora has only one result-return to the original point!
In the raging waves, a golden light shines with lofty divine glory, ignoring the ravages of natural disasters and going crazy towards one celestial pole.
"Wang, that black dragon is getting stronger and stronger. If you don’t do it, it will be too late!"
Sheltered under the list of gods, a pale sage looked anxiously at the scales covering the sky. "That black dragon hasn’t reached its peak yet, so we should still have hope!" "
As a great sage, the will of the mind is earth and indelible. Even in the face of the extinct Black Dragon, this kind of peerless ferocity close to conan the destroyer has the courage to fight!
"It’s no use!"
At that time, a middle-aged man with a white black belt vetoed aloud, and his eyes were black and white. "At this time, the black dragon is almost immortal. In my opinion, its way of extinction has almost reached its peak, which is close to perfection. Even if it is dismembered into ten thousand pieces, it is still useless. Nowadays, the whole Noella that is about to collapse is its nourishment. Even if we erase it, Nola will be infinitely destroyed.
Calm voice, still in an orderly way, no panic.
"Unfortunately, Ruth’s unique god of extinction, coupled with such terrible talent, if we can successfully survive this robbery, I’m afraid the future is limitless. Even among the super overlords in the void world in the future, there is no place for it. It’s a pity …"
In the eyes of black-and-white middle-aged people, there seems to be a wonderful balance between yin and yang in heaven and earth, which can penetrate the mystery of the source and look up at the figure in the sky, which is quite regrettable in my heart.
He doesn’t think that this guy can survive the disaster. Over the years, with his way, he has found a trace of the end. At the very least, so far, the hand can only be the former Taize king in front of him, but today’s king.
Now this situation, those kings who are full of wisdom, can’t have never thought about it. In other words, everything is under control!
"Ha ha, I didn’t expect you to be able to see so many things. I’m afraid it’s near the threshold of the wise, isn’t it?"
Blue hair fluttering, Taize Wang looked at the middle-aged man in black and white admiringly, and he was amazed at the great power that he put into his own hands early. He didn’t know all the ins and outs of leisure rain, but he was able to rush to the peak of the great sage in just a few hundred years. Anyway, it was enough to make him look askance. However, looking around, Taize Wang’s heart center twitched with pain and sat around him, almost less than two hundred!
As a result, King Taize’s heart was almost bleeding, and Noella’s accumulated heritage over countless years was almost exhausted after World War I!
"Never die!"
Hearing this, many mighty faces began to look ugly.