The world has changed in Ann’s eyes.

So is Fang You.
He put his hand on the girl’s shoulder and seemed to enter this strange and not too strange world with him.
He has seen this scene with the help of quiet vision, but there is an unspeakable gap between the scene in the mobile phone picture and what he saw and experienced with his own eyes.
The sky suddenly became overcast, and there was a faint fog on it. There were many staggering figures in the streets and playgrounds outside.
Like a walking corpse
It’s another weird walker. They wander through people like playground lights as if they were just phantoms.
Ann saw that you paused, and the deeper the faint brilliance in your eyes.
Second gear!
At present, the sky is even darker, and the fog is shrouded. In addition to the walkers, there are many huge figures wandering around with their eyes popping or roaring.
Third gear!
Hoo ~!
The sun disappeared completely, and the sky and the earth were covered with thick gray fog, and the wind was whistling, and the terror was spreading, and all kinds of terrible scenes were presented
Fang You saw a flesh-and-blood giant stepping over a local ground crack.
Look farther, there are many monsters more terrible than flesh and blood giants!
A huge figure looms in the fog.
There is a horrible monster clinging to the roof of the building in the distance.
A monster like an airship flew through the sky.
Wait, wait, wait!
At this time, his reason will not be affected, as he is at peace, but in the face of such a terrible monster, his heart is still under the impact of waves.
Fang you’s facial expression
Ann is still adjusting her secluded eyes.
She didn’t enter the highest’ fourth gear’, which was so terrible that she once looked at it and dared not enter it again.
But after the second sleep, in addition to being able to "connect" with other people, it is not just to channel evil spirits into the real world.
Not bad …
See the brilliance in your eyes.
In the field of vision, the buildings become dilapidated, the playground runs, the figures, the roads and vehicles outside disappear.
The whole world seems to be left with two people, Fang You and An Jian You, in this world full of all kinds of great horrors.
"ding! 」
"Showing the mystery of being caught in the fog of the mysterious world+6"
"It shows that the law lacks sufficient conditions to enter the paradox."
Of course, he didn’t mean to enter.
Is verifying
After today’s attempt, we can be sure that the world in Ann’s eyes is a paradox, and there are countless paradoxes in the reality.
At this time, Bluestar is like a person with low epidemic power, and its own defense function is that the sieve constantly seeps water.
A paradox is the water that seeps from the paradox.
The water is deep.
They can’t grasp it yet.
Of course, I can’t get in. It seems that it is the key to enter the paradox, but I still lack some necessary conditions.
She woke up twice, and the little blacks could make an update.
Fang You arranged for the black knife and the silver bell to accompany An Jianyou to go outside the city to find a suitable paradox … It was an accident to catch Samsung’s paradox in the city.
When they leave the party and return to the base, they will continue their penance today.
He wielded the sword for an afternoon, and the basic swordsmanship was constantly changing in his hands, and every move and style was murderous.