Aphrodite has arrived at the Bailin plane. She didn’t follow the caravan to Dodan town.

She bought a Gubolai horse at the Wilkes City Horse Market and walked alone on the prairie road with some simple salutes.
Aphrodite is going to arrive in the northern occupied area of Bailin plane in front of Duodan town, and this land is wandering around.
When Surdak came out of the imaginary gate of the summoning circle, Aphrodite had just got up and set up a marching tent on the grass. She curled her long hair and squatted in front of the tent in a close-fitting nightgown and cooked a pot of porridge by herself.
Chapter 1151 Value
The morning mist hasn’t cleared yet. She stepped barefoot on the wet grass, and because she was worried that her skirt would be wet by dew, she put up her loose skirt to reveal a round gray calf.
"Why are you so early … Yesterday, when you were buttering up Commander Sakaram, you were injured?" Aphrodite asked cheerfully, her tone full of teasing.
Surdak frankly admitted that "there is such a thing! But one thing I want to clarify is that I am not trying to curry favor with him. I want to know more about Chivalry Road! "
"Not all the same! You humans like to make some reasons grandiose … "Aphrodite caught a glimpse of Surdak and then squatted on the grass and scooped out a bowl of porridge from the iron pot, constantly blowing hot air.
Surdak didn’t say much to her, so he took out the magic box that Commander Felix gave him and looked around. When there was no one else, he set up a sacrificial altar at the tent door and called out a double-sided four-armed fiend to sacrifice a hellhound’s head and once again had a real eye.
Seeing that Surdak dragged three bodies of shadow demons out of the magic box, Aphrodite went over and squatted aside and rummaged through two soft tentacles on the back of a shadow demon. Some people were surprised to say, "These three shadow demons all have two stinging tails, and they are all limited to approaching the three powerful assassins. Did you meet them yesterday?"
"Well, look at this. I almost got stabbed by it!"
Said Surdak patted the armor. Although the blood on the two holes has been wiped off, the remaining holes still seem shocking.
Aphrodite pulled out a dagger from the porridge bowl in her hand, held down the dagger of a shadow demon’s corpse, and cut it off instantly.
Surdak hurriedly protected the body, which had given birth to a complete life. The shadow demon took out a peeling knife and quickly peeled the magic skin from the shadow demon. He wanted to cure the magic skin before it disappeared completely.
It was only when Surdak solidified the magic tattoo of life that Aphrodite got together to take a closer look at the magic tattoo.
She stretched out a hand to run the magic in her body and slowly sent it into the magic skin.
When they met, the magic veins lit up one after another, and several runes appeared in the magic skin. Then this magic skin actually disappeared in front of two people.
When Aphrodite took her hand from the magic skin and stopped the mana transfer, the magic skin actually reappeared in front of them.
"Invisible life magic lines …"
Surdak and Aphrodite said almost at the same time
Surdak still remembers that Harper exorcist and Morrison exorcist told Surdak that there was a certain chance that the shadow magic body would have an’ invisible’ life magic pattern to make an invisible cloak when the cloth was on the Sayruoman Plateau.
However, the chance of this life magic tattoo is extremely low …
Surdak Gambu also killed a lot of shadow demons. Those shadow demons have just reached the level of 12 soldiers and can completely hide themselves in the shadows.
And the assassination of Commander Felix, the three shadow demons, is two steps higher than the plateau encounter, which is many times stronger and less graded.
Three pieces of leather were peeled off in a row, and Surdak put these Warcraft materials into the magic box and drank a little porridge with Aphrodite before he hurried back to the battlefield.
"How about it?" Samira jumped from a stone and asked Surdak
"I got a magic skin with stealth effect!" Surdak doesn’t hide it.
"Are you going to take it out to make an invisibility cloak or a cloaking?" Samira asked in some surprise that she didn’t expect Surdak to be so lucky.
Surdak shook his head and said, "I haven’t thought about it yet. I’ll talk about it then and do whatever I need!" "
Two people continue to ride the road …
It is rare to have such a chance to come out alone. Samira is in a very good mood.
The only deficiency is probably that there is almost no scenery around the battlefield, and there are rugged rocks everywhere. There is a thick layer of dark clouds on the top of the head, and the mountains in the distance are all black. Even if there are occasional shrubs, they can’t grow under the oppression of hell plants.
"Has Aphrodite arrived in Dodan?"
Samira would chat casually with Surdak when there was no one else.
"Not yet …" Surdak said.
Samira smiled lightly and casually said, "She walks so slowly!"
"She wants to visit the grassland more …" Surdak explained a little
Surdak said to Samira by pulling the reins of the war horse, "I found that the inferno army in this big battlefield is a little stronger than I expected. I’m afraid it’s hard for you and Andrew to get better protection in this primary magic pattern structure."
"So I want to prepare some black magic spar and ask old Hyman to help me. It’s best to buy two sets of secondary magic grain structures from Chaos fortress."
Samira looked down at the magic tattoo structure and turned to Surdak and asked, "Don’t you want to set up the Knights? Aren’t you going to save more magic spar? "
"Having said that, but at least let your big battlefield have some security!" Surdak replied
Two war horses moved forward in tandem along the stone road. Although the wind rolled up and gravel hit the face, people could feel a little pain, but Samira’s heart was warm at this time …