The little ferret is naturally very happy to be free. After all, no one wants to be controlled by others, and no one wants to die because his master is dead.

"Little fellow, you will follow your sister in the future. I will definitely not bully you, and I will not allow others to bully you." Qing Xuan is a spoil tunnel.
Xiao Lingyu, Peng Lao and Qing Xuan were all made to laugh by the little ferret’s antics, and then the three of them packed everything up and flew over to the fragrant mainland.
This trip to the fragrant mainland, although experienced a lot, also suffered a lot, but the harvest is still quite big, even if you don’t mention that Qing Xuan was treated by Shen Dan, it is the treasure of Mao Zhen’s storage ring, which is a wealth that even the immortal will be greedy.
It took eight hundred years to complete the distance from the fragrant mainland to the Eastern Emperor’s mainland, even though there was no need to wait in line.
After Xiao Lingyu returned to Xianmen in South China, another quiet day passed, but it didn’t take long. He was meditating on the second floor of his attic when he suddenly sensed something had changed in his storage ring. His mind sank into a look and his face was not happy.
In other words, the touting organization has found Anya.
Get to the East Imperial City as quickly as possible, and then go straight to the humble shop.
Zhong Zhi or sitting in a chair on the second floor, see Xiao Lingyu arrived and got up and said with a smile.
"The key is that we attach importance to this task and naturally do it quickly. If ordinary people publish the same task, it is estimated that it will take at least tens of thousands of years to find it." Zhong Zhiruo pointed to the tunnel.
"It’s very kind of Xiao Xiong. After all, we are a family. Your business is what we inquire about, and it is also the business of all our descendants." Zhong Zhi shook his head and said.
"Brother Xiao, don’t worry, she is doing very well now, and we also have experts who have been secretly protecting her."
"Brother Lao Zhong has bothered." Xiao Lingyu or a face of gratitude tunnel.
"I’ll just go by myself, and I dare not bother Brother Zhong any more." Xiao Lingyu shook his head and said.
Xiao Lingyu replied: "I am not a qualified leader, but that’s the same sentence. I will never refuse anything that is useful to me."
Zhong Zhi didn’t persuade again, and now he told Xiao Lingyu the exact location of Anya.
After getting the exact location of Anya, Xiao Lingyu didn’t dawdle any more. First, she returned to Xianmen, South China, asked Qingpingzi for a token, and explained that she was going to leave for a period of time, and then left the East Emperor mainland.
Still as before, while continuously transmitting, I refined all my artifacts with chaotic true fire, which was not only calm along the way, but also the overall strength was constantly improved with the deepening of refining of various artifacts.
For more than 2,000 years, there is no need to wait in line for transmission. How far can Xiao Lingyu cross? It is hard to calculate how many celestial continents he has passed. It is also uncountable. The overall area of celestial space can only be described as boundless.
Wanhua Mainland is famous because colorful flowers and plants can be seen everywhere in the whole continent, and the scenery is extremely beautiful. For immortals who have a leisurely life and have always been very comfortable, this is undoubtedly one of the most suitable places for long-term life.
Today’s Wanhua continent is also a prosperous continent of the celestial world, not only because of its beautiful scenery, but also because there is a very strong sect-Tianxiangmen on Wanhua continent.
Tianxiangmen is different from other top schools in the celestial world. They don’t control the mainland in the celestial space, and they don’t arrange their own business on each continent to grab the fairy stone. Their monks are all at ease practicing in Wanhua mainland, and they don’t walk around other continents at ordinary times. The reason why they need a lot of fairy stones for cultivation is only clear to themselves.
There are also many male monks coming here, looking for one or more female monks with good qualifications to become their double-cultivation targets.
Just a few hundred years ago, Anya also took part in the test of Tianxiangmen, but Anya not only failed to pass the test of Tianxiangmen, but was forcibly detained by Tianxiangmen for cheating and contradicting the examiner of Tianxiangmen, and has not been released so far.
"Originally, we always had someone secretly protecting her, but at that time, she went into Tianxiangmen’s station for testing, and our people couldn’t keep up, otherwise there would be no such accidents." The head of the touting branch explained to Xiao Lingyu helplessly.
Xiao Lingyu first left a soul mark on each other with the person in charge, which was convenient for arraignment, and then went out of Wanhuacheng with a sullen face, all the way to Tianxiangmen’s compound.
It took two days for Xiao Lingyu to fly to the gate of Tianxiangmen’s compound.
On that huge white jade boulder, three characters of Tianxiangmen are written. It is said that this white jade boulder is not a friar of Tianxiangmen lying between two mountains, but it has been like this since ancient times, and Tianxiangmen is named because of the three characters of the white jade boulder.
"Tianxiangmen rules don’t accept male monks, and no male monks are allowed to enter the Tianxiangmen compound. I wonder what your purpose is?" A red female monk asked with some pride in her cold face.
"That probably passed the test, please be patient." A female guard said.
Chapter 522 is in it.
? Chapter 522 is in it.
At the gate of Tianxiangmen’s compound, there are two female monks who are dressed in a bright red soft armor, who can be compared with flowers and delicate and charming. Xiao Lingyu just walked to the door and was stopped by the two female monks.
"Tianxiang Gate Rules don’t accept male monks. Tianxiang Gate compound doesn’t allow any male monks to enter. I don’t know …
Chapter 523 Move the soul seal
? Chapter 523 Move the soul seal
Tianxiangmen’s strong nature soon surrounded them, but they were blocked by nearly two thousand armored puppets.
These armored puppets are expressionless. As long as they see someone approaching, they will directly bombard with divine light, and they can’t get close to the emperor level. Even if the emperor level is strong, they want to rush into the garden, but also …
Chapter 524 You said we would fight.
? Chapter 524 You said we would fight.
That circle of fog should be what Mei Ling said, a kind of printing method similar to magic spell.
Xiao Lingyu doesn’t know anything about the soul-shifting seal, but she also knows that the soul-shifting seal is definitely bad for Anya. She said to Dan Rong, "Is this soul-shifting seal really only lifted by Lanyao Fairy?"
Dan Rong looks very complicated at this time …
Chapter 525 For a breath 1
? Chapter 525 For a breath 1
"The speed of this God House is actually much faster than before!"
Fairy Lanyao just wanted to chase after her, but she was startled to find that Shenfu had already flown out of the range of her gods.
The speed of Shenfu is indeed much faster than before, because Xiao Lingyu has almost completely refined Shenfu, and the quality of chaotic real fire has been extremely …
Chapter 526 For a breath 2
? Fairy Lanyao is very aware of the power of Tianxiangmen to protect the clan array, and it can’t last long under the lineup of the other side, especially when the other side still has a fairy statue.
Therefore, after reminding Tianxiangmen disciples to prepare for the battle, Lanyao Fairy rushed out again, first sending a message, and then directly looking for Qi Lao.
Lanyao Fairy and Qi Lao fought and fought, and they were far away from Tianxiangmen’s compound, and they didn’t know where to go for a decisive battle.
Qi Lao doesn’t want to affect Xiao Lingyu’s strong attack on Tianxiangmen because of his struggle with Lanyao Fairy, and Lanyao Fairy doesn’t want to affect the defense of the large array of guardians, and even more don’t want to spread to Tianxiangmen’s disciples, so they can play in the starry sky of Wanhua Mainland very tacitly.
There was no chaos in Tianxiangmen’s compound. The strong immortals such as Dan Rong gathered together and presided over the large array of guardians, while those disciples in the Xianjun period gathered the elite disciples of Tianxiangmen to prepare for the war.
Fairy Lan Yao has sent someone to ask for support. Whether the support can arrive in time depends on how long the guardian array of Tianxiangmen can last.
Nearly 200 immortal emperors from the descendants of the earth, plus more than 2,500 armored puppets who can release the divine attack, are constantly bombarding at the same time, and are not subject to any restrictions. The offensive is absolutely not to be underestimated. Breaking this large array is definitely not a problem, but everyone knows before coming, and it is necessary to break this large array as soon as possible, so their attacks are particularly hard.
Xiao Lingyu has not been idle. While controlling the constant attack of armored puppets with his mind, he has also cremated his own chaos into a purple-black dragon attacking Tianxiangmen’s guardian array.
Some people dare to storm Tianxiang Gate, even with their feet. The storming side is not an ordinary force, and no one dares to get close to the battlefield easily.
Without more than 2,000 armored puppets and Xiao Lingyu’s purple and black chaos, it is difficult to break through the protector array of Tianxiangmen with nearly 200 immortal emperors alone, but the fact is that there is no if …
Tianxiangmen’s emperor masters suffered some internal injuries. The strong descendants of the earth have been madly attacking for so many years in a row, which naturally consumes a lot. However, Xiao Lingyu’s armored puppet is different. Xiao Lingyu has left a lot of magic stones in their bodies to provide them with energy support, and they are almost always in their heyday.
More than 2,500 armored puppets took the lead in killing Tianxiangmen, followed by Xiao Lingyu, who led nearly 200 descendants of the earth. Tianxiangmen’s resistance was just like a piece of tissue paper.
The strong descendants of the earth are not. They are distributed all over the celestial world and often have to perform some tasks. Almost all of them are battle-hardened, and their fighting consciousness and skills are far more than those of this group of female monks who are usually Yingying Yanyan.
Lanyao Fairy knew that Tianxiangmen’s disciples had no fighting capacity, so she would send someone to ask for support. But now that reinforcements have not arrived, the large array of protector cases has been broken, and she finally realized the seriousness of the problem.