"Wait" Jin Douna finally spoke out against it.

Chen Yi naturally took his helmet and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"You should see this." Jin Douna gave up her position so that she could see the organizational requirements in the communication.
Chen Yi turned angry and said, "What’s the matter?"
There’s a D7 name in front of that line
This is obviously not a song wish code name.
"It’s a good thing" Liu Xinyu held out a finger, which is both a guarantee and an explanation. "Apart from the credit, the most important thing for the promotion of the organization department is the degree of genetic Excellence.’ The best gene has the most resources’ is the motto of the organization. You just proved that you can keep your nervous response at a fairly high average, and you will be rewarded. You will have to try it again, otherwise … they will be suspicious."
"Maybe, but I’m not comfortable with your bad manners." Chen Yi said, pulling out his belt and handing it to Liu Xinyu, pointing to the top of his head and saying, "Hang yourself upside down in the lampshade."
"Tie yourself to the lampshade with your feet facing" Chen Yi’s tone was cold and sure.
He will never consider the tolerance of lampshades. Of course, specially installed lampshades should be able to withstand all kinds of abuse.
As expected, Liu Xinyu thought that he might be punished, but he didn’t know it was such a proposition.
She noticed that Chen Yi looked serious and made one last effort. "The Human Development Research Association is a secret organization. Now that you have my identity document, you have to deal with the inspector unless you are promoted to the headquarters. No one can find you, but the higher your position, the more resources you get …"
Chen Yi gave a way: "Let’s not talk about that hanging."
Liu Xinyu knew that he was indefensible, but he had to wrap one end of the belt around his foot and then performed a word horse on one leg, and slammed the buckle around the lampshade above his head, so that the whole person was hung upside down.
"That’s amazing." Chen Yi tied her second foot with emotion.
Liu Xinyu hummed, "We trained more than this."
She thought to herself, "It would be a shame to be undressed in front of Jin Douna."
Chen Yi smiled and turned to grab the helmet and asked Jin Douna, "Can you play this?"
It’s like she said they’d be suspicious.
Chen Yi hummed a helmet and came again.
Liu Xinyu took two breaths in the middle, holding her chest in her hands and saying, "I’m the head of Jiangning area now, but I’m not a member of the organization. If your genetic level is high and you get the attention of the organization’s top management, you may get some promotion inspections. Believe me, the Human Development Research Association is definitely a great help for your development."
"It’s just a secret organization." Chen Yi can be distracted even during the test.
Normal people can reach the limit, that is, the level of body art is only level 9. The level of fighting skill is definitely a huge leap. Even if Chen Yi’s original genetic composition is not very superior, it has now exceeded the threshold of Excellence. Plus, the scroll-up contains the magic net source energy, and the body can beat these scientific and technological products quite freely.
He held on for three minutes at a stretch, and then he gave up and failed.
Liu Xinyu suddenly has a heart feeling.
As if he were about to get an organizational promotion.
With a smile, she said, "President Bush of the United States also joined the secret organization skull and bones and got a lot of help. Believe me, human development research can bring you a lot."
Chen Yi raised his eyebrows without refuting.
It took Song Yuan about 5 minutes to say "Good, it seems to be improving" in the right corner of the screen.
He was totally shocked.
Hanging upside down, Liu Xinyu hummed, "The old pervert really dares to say."
"Did he pass you?"
"He’d rather not talk about it. You should ask him."
"Don’t ask him if he’s asking you for help," said Chen Yi. "There’s no news from that D7?"
Liu Xinyu shook her body uncomfortable. "When will you let me come? They took the data and analyzed it for a few days, right? Don’t worry. Although the nerve reaction speed can’t rise, the best state is floating. I once reached 11 seconds. Although it was a little exaggerated, it didn’t. "
She said and laughed several times.
Chen Yi was not worried at all, shrugging sarcastically. "It seems that you will be promoted soon. Besides, is it worthwhile for you to ask for help?"
"Of course," Liu Xinyu said proudly, "The Human Development Research Association is a harmonious organization with common goals and ideals."
Chen Yixiao said, "I know a lot about this ideal organization."
Jin Douna interrupted their conversation and said, "Song would like three sets of modifiable identity documents."
"It’s quite clever," Chen Yi thought. "Ask him if he wants a certificate for Jiangning University employees."
"Wait," Liu Xinyu said quickly before Jin Douna knocked out. "You can’t do this. There is no need. After all, he is on patrol and we offered to help."
Chen Yi shook his head and ignored, "How to deal with it if you don’t push him to the wall? Hmm …"
He wanted to change the sentence and said, "Let him give me the information of the road kidnapping case department and give you a set of identity documents."
"Three sets!" Song is willing to wait a little impatient.
He doesn’t care much about "department" information, and it’s not up to him to decide whether "department" or not.
Liu Xinyu sighed, "It’s usually compensation."
Chen Yi waved his hand and said, "Deliver information."
After a while, the file came from the secret channel.
Chen Yi laughed. "I didn’t expect your organization to have a sense of mutual trust. Give him three sets of ID cards."
Jin Douna immediately rushed to do it. This is what she knows. All kinds of information have long been in her mind and belong to Jiangning’s resources.