If we can completely destroy angel in an instant.

Time goes by slowly
A moment later
Zhou Jia grinned.
"It seems that angels can’t be killed."
Chapter 15 God of Light ()
"This is impossible!"
"This is absolutely impossible!"
Thoreau was firmly bound by a spider web as thin as silk and squatted on the ground, muttering to himself, his eyes full of vacant and unwilling to believe.
the other side
Zhou Jia several people are discussing something.
"Elder Zhou"
Jiyaochun handed a piece of stationery to say
"This is the way that lucia, a strange mage, gave it to us. You can find the location of that person through it. If you want to rescue someone, you can get the life box from her. Refining method"
"The matter has been cursed by demons, and even she can’t break her word."
Zhou Jia took the letter and glanced at it.
"What’s your plan?"
"Things have been exposed, even if there are no survivors, we can’t continue to stay here." Qi Yaochun heard a wry smile.
"I hope Elder Zhou will take me in!"
"easy to say"
Zhou Jia nodded
"Shicheng, you are also familiar with taking people there, but you should act quickly, be secret and never be noticed."
"Rest assured" Qi Yaochun sighed lightly.
"Qi knows"
He had planned to leave the divine realm, otherwise he would not have contacted Zhou Jia, and he was prepared for such things as quickly leaving.
In Shicheng.
Lei Mei has announced that he has surrendered to the God domain, but also asked for a position as an angel and built a temple as a cover.
Shicheng is located in the partial courtyard, and the influence of the divine domain is not concerned for the time being, even if it is known that the decepticon gang is insincere, it is ignored.
short time
It’s fairly safe
"Where are you?"
Zhou Jia looked at the side and looked aside to be passive to Nuo Nuo Wang Shuo
"What are you going to do?"
"Ah …" Wang Shuo’s mouth is wide and forced to smile is more ugly than bitterness.
"Do I still have a choice, Zhou Lao?"
Paused, he continued
"I also follow you, not only myself but also my family and … two close friends."
When it comes to being close to friends, his expression is a bit awkward and shy.
Such as an accident
Be a confidante
But …
Zhou Jia chuckled
"Time waits for no man, so the shopkeeper should take two people with him as soon as possible."
The disappearance of one god and the fall of two days’ mission are definitely a big event for the arrival of the market world, and it is difficult to clean it up.
According to the practice of the divine domain, whether the source city is still there or not is both said.