Not far from Zhuang, he has been busy recently. Zhou Xiangan gave him the role of "expert consultant". In fact, he was not far from the manor development event. He had to worry that he went to Glory Ann’s office almost every day and met his uncle several times.

I feel ridiculous when I see Big Uncle’s respectful and fearful expression not far away.
He was afraid that his big uncle would "suddenly wake up" in front of him, and almost all of them remained in a high cold state.
Sometimes Zhuang feels that his uncle is insane not far away. Or is there a cognitive impairment?
However, not far from Zhuang, I have arranged my uncle’s workload. I haven’t seen his figure in the hospital recently.
However, after all, there are still many things in the hospital that need to be decided not far from Zhuang. On this day, Zhuang called to confirm that his big uncle carried some manor output after he was in the office and rubbed the delivery driver who went to the hospital.
When I got to the hospital, I saw my grandfather chatting with a little girl in the corridor.
The little girl, who is nine years old, is thin and wearing a sick patient, which is obviously the sick patient here.
Not far from seeing Zhuang, grandpa touched the little girl’s head and stuffed a big apple into her hand, saying something about the little girl holding the big apple and leaving.
"Hello, brother." The little girl smiled and asked questions when she passed by Zhuang.
Wow, what a polite little girl called my brother instead of my uncle!
Zhuang soon fell in love with the little girl.
But then his smile froze on his face.
Because he heard my uncle growl at the end of the corridor, "Why don’t you let us join the experiment?"
"Do you know who I am?"
"You look down on people zha drops? Think we have no money? "
"I tell you that money is always there! Buy your quota for a price! "
Zhuang bu Li shou Jia e
Here we go again!
Is it over?
Chapter 541 Stone house middle child
"Sorry, Mr. Shi, this quota can’t be sold."
"This has nothing to do with whether you have money or not, and you can’t sell it without money."
How can this family be like this?
"I tell you that there is nothing in this world that you can’t buy with money. Everything has a price!" Not far from Zhuang, I heard my second uncle shouting, "There are not many things I can’t afford in this world! Say a price! "
"Master Shi doesn’t meet the requirements of volunteers, and we certainly can’t let you join us."
Let’s just recruit volunteers and do a preliminary study on Master Shi’s condition, shall we?
Now the preliminary research has not been carried out yet. What can I say if you insist on putting Master Shi at risk?
Death is not like this!
"Paul! Stop fooling around! " Master Shi roared, "The doctor has his own considerations. Please stop!"
"But dad …"
"I said stop!" Master Shi said that his voice was a little loud, and suddenly he couldn’t breathe and coughed hard.
His tumor cells have already invaded his lungs, and he can’t breathe easily. He needs to bring oxygen bottles at any time.
"Dad, you be careful. I’ll help you go back and lie down. My brother is really how to find such a broken hospital and a virtual city hospital …"
Not far from Zhuang, my second uncle’s name is Shi Youbao. He is tall, and his wine and meat life for many years has made his belly round. He is wearing a suit that can hardly wrap his belly, revealing a golden belt buckle, which is very explosive.
He is really rich, too. He contracted a factory and made a fortune during the labor tide in the early years. Since then, all kinds of ups and downs have been considered as small assets.
Although he now sounds rich and clamoring that he has money not far from Zhuang, he is actually a stingy person who is stingy and stingy to others.
Not far from Zhuang, I remember that when I was a child, I went to my grandfather’s house for the New Year with Zhuang Ma. I don’t know who threw his mobile phone into the fish tank.
My second uncle insisted that Zhuang was not far away, not only forcing Zhuang’s parents to beat him up, but also forcing Zhuang’s parents to lose more than 10 thousand
More than 10 thousand years ago, a family not far from Zhuang is not a small sum. Zhuang Ma almost took the money to my uncle with tears in her eyes
Life was tight for the next six months.
Although Zhuang is not far away, he swore that he didn’t lose it himself, but Zhuang’s father and mother also asked Zhuang not far away several times.
Together, the mood will become very bad.
After a long time, I almost feel that I am wrong.
It was not until the next year that Zhuang Ma knew the truth that my second uncle was forbidden to watch the final exam and threw his father’s mobile phone into the fish tank in anger.
Up to now, Zhuang Ma has kept it from Zhuang Dad for fear that Zhuang Dad would do something stupid when he was angry, and this family would be ruined.
However, since then, when my uncle appeared, Zhuang Ma has never appeared, even if she can’t hide from it, she will never let her husband follow her back to her family.
Zhuang didn’t know the truth from others until after college.