"Don’t" Korea fat grinned.

"It seems that Pauline is drunk."
"I am not drunk!"
Zhang Baolin waved.
"I think Sister Lei Lei said that it is time for us to connect more." Lu Rong, with fine features and a small face, mused.
"Although I live in the city with my sister Ou, I know it’s dangerous here. It’s hard to take care of a place alone."
"We are all from the earth, so we should unite and help each other."
With that, he picked up a small fist and waved it hard.
"This is the reason!" Dai Lei tapped her hands.
"We have Zhou Jia, the master, and Han Dage, who will take care of the city in the ichthyosaur Club, and you two can help."
"It is always better to be bullied by others!"
A quiet in the field
The original freely let people get serious.
Zhou Jia mused, but he didn’t think it was Dai Lei’s improvisation to see Han Pang’s calm expression. Even they had already communicated privately.
Is Lv Rong up a push.
But …
It’s not impossible.
Several people in the room come from the same place, and only when they are with each other can they feel the traces of their lives.
It is perfect to form a small group.
How cohesive this small group can be is unknown.
"What a pity!"
Korea fat sigh again.
"If only Monkey and Linlin were here."
"Don’t be a monkey, he doesn’t deserve it." Dai Lei snorted.
"It’s a pity that Linlin is so naive to die alone … and pitiful."
"I know who killed her," Zhao Gang immediately responded.
"A man named Caspamu is very lewd and a frequent visitor to the clubhouse, but playing with abnormal hands often kills people."
"Really?" Han Pang squints thoughtfully.
"He fix? What background? "
"Five, it seems that a family in the city is shopping and living in an outer city. What is the background?" Zhao Gang pie mouth
Korea fat suddenly a clap a console table way
"Let’s kill him and avenge Linlin. The same is true. Anyone who is bullied by others will want his revenge."
"such as?"
Zhou Jia eyebrows a pick.
This is …