"Not if you want to kill the top 20 and top 10 in the overall list of dragon and tiger, then the teacher on duty in the genetic evolution environment will not be afraid.

It may not be enough for one of the professors of genetic evolution to come and watch.
I have to give a notice, "said the teacher on duty.
"Then let me know."
Xu tui doesn’t know how to deliver the news.
But fifteen minutes later, the whole classroom of Huaxia Gene Evolution University exploded!
In particular, there are also public classes, freshmen and sophomores, and students will discuss with the teachers who are giving lectures on the spot.
Watch the game!
Increasing actual combat experience
Watch the master fight!
Various reasons
Many teachers agreed to stop the class.
Some teachers don’t like this situation and continue their classes.
But the horse was defeated by reality. Bold students have various reasons to leave.
Headache, urgency, hypoglycemia, abdominal pain in menstruation and so on.
The question is, there are several male students. What do you mean, you have a terrible stomachache?
Naineng temporarily suspended classes.
The reason for all this is that there is a struggle for dragons.
Some people say that they will retire today and go straight to the top ten in the overall list of dragons and tigers.
This kind of war is really not missed.
The crowd is surging!
This is the sudden induction of sitting in the rest position of the Dragon and Tiger General List and waiting for Xu to retreat.
Suddenly, people poured into the surrounding area of the Dragon and Tiger General List from all directions.
There is a grab for the position and holding high the live broadcast equipment to prepare for the live broadcast of the popular video master.
At the same time, the personal communication equipment also started to drip.
"Brother Wocao, you are not authentic. You don’t want to fight the dragon and tiger master list, and you don’t give me a seat before me.
Your special assistant today is that I reserved a seat for me in the front row. "Cui Xi sent a short message.
"I … go … or not, brother. Don’t inform me about such a big event! ! !” Chai Xiao
"I am waiting for you" Luo Mu
"Keep a seat!" Yan lie
Message after message.
In less than ten minutes, the surrounding positions of the Dragon and Tiger General List Challenge were occupied, even the corridors were occupied.