"Scared to death" Just now, the chief of staff bent his back and almost whispered.

"Chen Yi didn’t ask?" The commander calmly turned the topic to the right direction.
Political commissar thought and shook his head.
The four men didn’t have a clue at the moment, or the deputy commander discussed the checkout. Whether they were full or not, they shook their bellies and left.
Four cars filed into the naval base and found Chen Congyu waiting in the lobby of the office building with members of the joint investigation team.
Commander and political commissar scolded 1 smiling face to meet at the same time.
"Let me introduce you. This is the chief procurator of cattle, Director Yang, representing the sea. General Mi is the representative of Jiangning Military Region, plus the representative of navy. Our joint investigation team structure is finished." Chen Congyu smiled as flexibly as the shopping mall’s experience.
"Haihe Military Region of the Procuratorate?" The commander nodded his head and got a handshake. "Let’s talk inside," he said strangely.
Chen Congyu walked head-on without any humility.
Generals can also follow behind with dark hatred.
The political commissar walked slowly, and when he was about to enter the door at last, he heard the familiar and unfamiliar voice shouting, "Comrade political commissar, please wait."
No one would call him that at the naval base.
Political commissar turned to it was Chen Yi.
Chen Congyu and his party went forward.
The political commissar thought for a moment and asked, "What’s the matter?"
Based on your conversation, I decided to give you more information.
"What information?"
"Gold" Chen Yi shrugged. "I put 2 kilograms under the mattress in your little wife’s room."
Naked beauty blackmail
Political commissar "hum" around a car to leave.
Sure enough, there are two 1 kg central bank gold bricks stuffed under the bed in his favorite foreign house.
The young and pure little girl was surprised and cried out, holding the BRICS reluctantly, as if it was very comfortable to sleep late.
"Aren’t you afraid I’ll get it back for smelting?" Dealing with stolen goods is a compulsory course for public officials, and there are ways for both public and private.
"I’m not going to take this 2 kilograms of gold anyway."
"What do you want?" In addition to threats, there are inducements to the political commissar to feel relieved.
Chen Yi smiled easily, and after driving the young and pure little girl out of the bedroom, she said, "It’s simple and simple, so I want to ask the fleet officers to please reduce the budget."
The navy stationed in Jiangning, which is not under the jurisdiction of Jiangning Military Region, is a problem. For example, if the central bank buys gold at present, they will ask the fleet to help and replace it with other army field troops without being sold by them.
In addition, the navy’s initiative to reduce the classics just gave Chen the opportunity to attack and then expand his plan to the west-expansion is a very necessary development measure for Chen Yi who owns the western continent
At this time, it is not enough to base on the national defense strategy, and it is meaningless to launch a war against Southeast Asia.
Comrade commissar knows that Chen Jia has always come to advocate that his heart is cold at the moment.
This is a naked political struggle, even more naked than a beautiful blackmail.
"I …"