When they came back from a tour in raincoats and saw the carriage, Li Wuxing couldn’t help but say to Director Jia, "Director, I suddenly feel that Uncle Zhuang Zi is not so stupid …"

Director Jia nodded his head.
When they passed by the carriage, Li Wuxing’s probe glanced at the car for a long time and said to Director Jia, "Forget it, Director. I didn’t say anything just now."
"What’s uncle Lao Zhuang doing in the carriage?"
"Grab a mobile phone with a monkey" Li Wuxing shook his head.
Jia suo’s long sigh is really sad!
Chapter 25 Prison Break
In this state, watching the sea and rainy nights is full of social networks. In addition to disasters, all kinds of distress messages and touching stories, there are also all kinds of teasing and optimistic people who spare no effort to entertain the public.
Strong and optimistic netizens don’t forget to toss and turn even in this rainstorm. From time to time, some people post videos and photos on the Internet.
Wearing a swimsuit, swimming in the stagnant water, rowing with an umbrella, riding a bucket, sitting in a bathtub, riding a motorboat on the stagnant water road, still insisting on playing mahjong without wavering …
However, there is a way to travel, but in such a large number of bright and blind people’s travel modes, they did not hesitate to grab the headlines.
"Have you ever seen a rubber boat or a motorboat? Have you ever seen a dog pulling a carriage? And it is an amphibious dog pulling a carriage … "
Attached to the back is a video taken from a high-rise building. A carriage gallops in the waterlogged section of Jia Hu city. Several stupid goods rush on the road and swim directly when they meet the waterlogged section. The speed is not slow at all. There are no pedestrians in the middle of the night. The road is speeding.
Because of the rain, the picture is not clear. Many people have questioned, "How can you tell that it is a dog pulling a carriage? False. "
Someone came out to prove that "Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t know the building". Many people in Jia Hu have seen this carriage and driver. Compare your heart! "
"Yes, I have a photo with the thief who is driving the car!"
"I took a photo of the owner, please forgive me."
"Oh, my God, little brother is so handsome!"
"Little brother is so handsome that I want him to take me home!"
All kinds of photos show that the face is big and handsome, and the background is high.
Handsome is justice these days.
"Handsome have what? It’s too dangerous to run wild on the road at this time. Is this guy crazy? "
"This speed surge once an accident is too dangerous! Uncle policeman, go and check him! "
"Even a dog pulling a carriage can’t help but obey the rules!"
There are also several activists who jumped out, "This is dog abuse!"
"It’s too much and cruel for a dog to pull a carriage!"
"Dogs are so cute, why bully them!"
"To grow handsome but inhuman! Bullying dogs must die! "
In all the noise, a man named "The doctor slaps the dog when he has nothing to do" sent a picture.
"Today, I was really touched and surprised. Six dogs and a carriage ran and swam for ten kilometers on a large-scale stagnant water township road, and sent a seriously bleeding injured person to the hospital. If it were ten minutes later, the injured person might not be saved. After hearing that the injured person was in stable condition, the little brothers finally left with confidence. I couldn’t help but take photos of the dog and the driver. The little brothers worked hard and hoped that you would return safely."
On this night, the appearance of six stupid goods pulling the carriage in the rain angered many people and warmed many people.
However, too many things happened this evening, and hot spots kept popping up and moving to a hot spot. When the dog pulled the carriage photo to brush the screen, another hot spot of "Huancheng Hotel Price" was also quietly rising.
Huancheng Hotel is a high-end hotel brand in Huancheng Tuanqi.
Recently, due to the sanctions imposed by Zhuang not far away and the agricultural industry association, the line of Huancheng Group Hotel has been very difficult, and most restaurants have to be closed. Even the breakfast should be affected. In recent days, the passenger flow has decreased a lot, and the hotel department executives have been worried about food.
Today, due to the heavy rain, a large number of tourists are stranded in the virtual city, and all the hotels including Atlas City are full. Atlas City executives are almost moved to tears.
The cause of the incident was that a newly married couple’s honeymoon trip passed through the virtual city, but they had to stay temporarily because of heavy rain. It was not easy to find a hotel with rooms. Who would have thought that the same double standard was more than 300 yuan more expensive than the previous one?