Cháo, the blue sea, continues to rush outward, rushing through the inner layer, middle layer and outer layer of the sea temple, and then continues outward!

At that moment, all the sea animals baptized by Hai cháo stopped all their movements, and the sleeping ones woke up with a tingle. One by one, they seemed to suddenly have a beat feeling, and some even ate a panacea!
Sesame gall is playing with 90,000 people at the edge of the sea field. When the energy sea cháo overflows from it, 90,000 people even immediately feel a special breath in the small body of Sesame gall. It seems to be turning into a monster beast!
Outside, in the ocean, where in the heart of the sea is located, the energy of blue Se cháo water immediately gushed out and quickly spread across the whole sea!
Only people who are very far away from the beginning can see the shocking scene. I saw a light blue Se aperture suddenly spreading from the sea on the horizon, getting bigger and bigger, one mile, ten miles, hundreds of miles, thousands of miles, Wan Li! ! !
When the blue Se aperture rushed past them, they were startled to find that the blue Se was Chao water, an alternative Chao water.
Then, they can only turn their heads quickly, so that they can continue to see that the sea cháo continues to spread outward.
Cháo, the blue sea of Se, does not advance on a plane, but pushes outward in a spherical shape. In almost a few minutes, the top has surpassed the white clouds, but it continues to rise. The farthest has landed on land, but it is still outward …
Standing inside the sphere and looking out, it’s really a breathtaking scene!
For the time being, no one knows that the sea cháo is actually advancing to the whole celestial world!
However, those who have the foundation of the water system and those who have practiced the magical power of the water system have all gained some understanding more or less after the sea cháo overflowed from themselves!
Of course, they won’t know for the time being, and it’s not just them who are flooded by the sea cháo.
Four thousand Wan Li away from Xiao Wen, Nan Yunqing is meditating in the semi-easy-boundary array set by himself.
If she looks out, she can surely see that the blue sea cháo has expanded to infinity, and the pushed sphere has been straight. Unfortunately, she didn’t look out.
Then, the sea cháo quickly reached the periphery of her law, and then poured in, and then overflowed from her in an instant.
Nan Yunqing once opened his eyes, obviously surprised.
She has no water system foundation, but she has more strength than the average Asian god. She feels a different force of law from that sea cháo!
On reflection, although there is no basis, she was reminded of Xiao Wen.
Could it be that Xiao asked what happened?
She quickly denied the answer, because the feeling that cháo just gave her was quite positive.
After thinking deeply for more than ten days, the change came back, and there was a second wave of cháo coming!
Nan Yunqing finally couldn’t help it. He teleported directly from the law to a very high altitude, and then he saw the amazing scene with his own eyes!
On the horizon, the blue sea Chao, which completely cut off the whole world, is coming again. If the sea Chao is substantial, I am afraid that everything between heaven and earth has been erased …
Nan Yunqing watched the blue sea cháo become clear in her eyes, approached her quickly, and then overflowed from her and flew into the distance.
Then, the fourth wave, The 5th Wave …
It was not until the ninth wave of cháo that the horizon finally recovered its original color.
However, it seems that it is not entirely true. Because at this time, the celestial world has already become a mess, and the sky is full of people. As long as they can fly, all of them fly out, trying to figure out what happened.
However, how could they possibly understand?
Don’t even understand Xiao asked himself!
Jiubohai cháo washed back and forth all the creatures in the Temple of the Sea and the Celestial World for nine times, but all those who have the foundation of the water system or the magical power of the water system have benefited greatly or slightly.
However, the benefits of those creatures in the sea temple are obviously more and more real, while those outside get almost all the feelings.
After the nine waves of cháo, Xiao Wen looked at the light blue Se Ding Haizhu in midair in shock, and finally he couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and catch it. (To be continued. )

Chapter five hundred and twenty-one Try beads (the first more 6000 words)
Starting with Haizhu, Xiao asked that there was no special feeling, and then carefully looked inside the beads, and there was no vision.
At first glance, it is just an ordinary fist-sized light blue Se bead. However, its commonness is the real anomaly, because everyone knows that it should not be common.
Xiao asked quickly let the mind connect with Haizhu, and finally had a different feeling. The inside of the bead was very stable!
There is also a difference between stability and stability. A three-legged stool is placed on the ground, and the force is even, which is also called stability, while the stability in Dinghaizhu is a kind of stability that ignores everything! When a stool is kicked, it will fall down. No matter how hard it is, it will be deformed and damaged when it meets a harder one. Even the seemingly unaffected space in the storage ring will shake or even disappear when the storage ring itself is impacted … All the so-called "stability" in this world is relative and can be broken. However, the stability in Dinghai Pearl actually gave Xiao Wen a feeling of "absolute stability", which could not be broken under any circumstances!
His reaction to come over, this set of Haizhu at least has absolute defense. Because its stability is completely exclusive, no attack on it can change it. ..
However, Dinghaizhu can’t be transformed into size, and even can’t be sacrificed in the body, but only in in the heart of the sea.
To this extent, this is really an "artifact", an extremely different artifact.
Xiao Wen can still be calm, but Hainong behind him can’t help it. Just now, cháo in Jiubohai made him feel a little special, but he was more concerned about Haizhu itself.
"Did it work?" Hainong went around to Xiao Wen’s side. Asked.
"hmm." Xiao asked to nod.
Heinong stare big eyes to set Haizhu, also see that this bead looks too ordinary, not frowned. He asked again, "What’s the difference?"
Xiao Wen didn’t care about the feeling of this miraculous place. When he heard this, he immediately said, "I’ll try again."
Heinong also don’t talk, a face of looking forward to looking at xiao asked for.
In the past, the three floors inside and outside the Sea Temple have been calm again, but the calm after the sea cháo is obviously different from the previous calm.
Purple Yan, who has been honestly healing in the eye of the ghost water, has already opened her eyes and stopped absorbing energy from the mysterious crystal of the ghost water. But … This sudden sea cháo didn’t bring any benefits to her inferno, and she was completely awakened.
Look at her face carefully, Se, although she is still quite weak. However, the weather of the evil queen of the inferno has been restored briefly, and it is still possible to swing the spectrum.
Healing was interrupted in such a way, and she also vaguely guessed what should have happened here. Suo xìng stood up. Find the doorway and go to the layman.
At this time, Purple Yan can barely use some magical powers. But she didn’t do that, and if the injury were to expand, the loss would outweigh the gain. She just walked out honestly and looked at the environment in the temple as she walked.
The Sea Temple was left over by the sea clan hundreds of millions of years ago, and the architectural style and all the materials are quite strange even to Ziyan. Perhaps because of her serious injury, she can calmly observe the stone pillars and murals on both sides of the corridor from an appreciation angle.
Hand gently caressed above, there is a particularly cool feeling coming from above.
"boom! ! !”
Without warning, the whole temple suddenly interrupted and almost overturned the purple Yan. Purple Yan is very experienced. At that moment, I even felt that 80% of the tremor was not just the temple where she was. But the whole sea temple!
This temple will not be directly knocked down, will it? If she was buried alive in it, it would be too wronged to die. It is better to die directly without healing …