The first step of the plan is to benefit the corpse clan.

The corpse clan association was born here mainly because … the research team caught some corpse craftsmen.
The research team did a lot of research on the corpse craftsman worm, and they discovered the secret of the corpse craftsman worm’s’ channel’.
The corpse craftsman sent the worm to the channel to connect with the eye of God.
But now there have been some changes in the passage of these corpses.
It didn’t disappear, but … it connected somewhere else.
That place Lin thinks may be solidification deficiency.
The research team didn’t know the reason for the connection change, but they detected that the necromancer could benefit from this kind of channel to connect them with each corpse family.
So they can command a fairly large army.
This will also have another effect … If the corpse artisan worm commands a fairly large army, their body channels will become larger due to continuous expansion.
This will also lead to the whole area where the corpse army is located being covered by this kind of delivery channel, and the local delivery energy will produce strong anomalies.
It is this anomaly that the research team wants to benefit.
To get rid of surveillance
Therefore, they threw the corpse-maker worms into this world and let them build an army.
Chapter two hundred and thirteen Further
"These creatures are really … interesting. They are so random, but they create non-random creations."
"Are you? It looks very random. "
"Do you think so?"
This is … virtual.
Lin’s vision is observing a flying fortress, but it’s not just Lin.
There are two other … brain worms.
Lin occasionally asks them to pay attention to the situation here and study some things here at the same time
For example, Qian Lin asked them to study … the research group’ Memory Collection’
The research team has a special memory storage technology, which can give some memories to a certain place.
Qianlin thought she was in a special place, but it wasn’t. Actually, she was … in some places.
For example, this virtual fortress
It’s a branch that stores memory information.
To be precise, this place of information distribution will regularly release some to the members of the research group. When these members stay in their minds for a while, they will soon erase their memories and send them back to this place from the brains of the members.
Can find here mainly because of Lin’s previous research on the escape plan of that base.
Many necromancers were thrown into the place called’ Border Star’, where they created an army of necromancers and this army besieged the Ershimin base.
However, this time the base is specially made, which can completely defend against the attack of the corpse clan, and the worms continue to create more corpses because they can’t hit the base.
As a result, there are a large number of corpses … covering a large area.
And the interconnecting channels between the necromancer worms and these corpses also make this area in an abnormal state, which will interfere with the local energy transmission.
This is also what the research team thinks … this is that they can get rid of the Walsh bond.
Walsh can monitor them all the time mainly in a similar way … The research team mainly thinks that Walsh observes them through a similar connection, but it is not to monitor each individual in detail, but to monitor their overall state.
Lin found that the research team here studied it in detail.
They have a special study, that is, studying Walsh, monitoring them … and got very detailed results.
The research team believes that Walsh feels about them just like ordinary people feel their own body cells.
Although we can know the overall situation, we will not know the situation of each individual in detail.
That is to say, Walsh didn’t care what everyone in Walsh did, but just felt them.
Therefore, the research team felt that their plan would be successful.
The research team also prepared a special device when the corpse artisan worm made the corpse clan army … that is the’ coffin’ that Qian Lin saw.
The coffin department is equipped with a system that can … disguise itself as a corpse clan.
This is mainly made by studying the whole state of Ershi people becoming corpses before the research team.
This system can make the Walsh monitoring system … identify errors.
They will be recognized as’ corpse clan’ by Ershi instead of’ Ershi people’ when they are waiting for coffins.
Usually, there may be no way to fool Walsh’s surveillance, but the interference caused by the passage of the corpse army is possible
People lying in coffins … they will put the coffin life support equipment into a deep sleep and wait for the second step of the plan.
At this time, they have completely hidden themselves, and they are considered to be corpses rather than Ershi people, but they have set everything up before they come to sleep.
The corpse clan will continue to attack this base, and sooner or later they will defeat the external defense system and enter the base.
At this time, the interference of their connecting channels will cover the whole base … and all coffins in the base will start a special delivery.
When each coffin is completely covered by interference, it will be sent out of the planning pool, and they will … reach a new world suitable for their life.
This place can get rid of Walsh’s surveillance and let them live a new life