And the wrong nerve connection will cause a fixed twitch from time to time when doing a certain movement, or a certain situation will have a momentary grip. There is no way to understand this problem-when it is set so much, it will always get used to it.

It is also normal that the interface of smart weapon is not in good contact from time to time, the prosthesis is unhooked and slipped due to poor welding, or the base is slightly deviated by one or two degrees, which leads to the error of arm precision.
Happy Island City’s volunteer business pays attention to going out and not returning, unless the problem is obvious and can be found immediately and solved on the spot-if there is any problem after going out, it will be regarded as a non-quality problem.
Of course, if you want to point a gun at the doctor’s head, you can still ask the other party to change it, but then you have to have more people … After all, the patient can’t move when the nerve connection is resumed.
If you really have a teenager holding a gun to force the doctor to assemble a prosthesis for yourself … There is a high probability that a shot of anesthetic will be accurately divided into packages of fresh goods in less than two hours and sent to the urban black market to ensure that the remaining five minutes of life value will be maximized.
"… how long will it take, doctor?"
Strangulation waited for a while and I felt a little pain in my right shoulder.
He frowned and asked in a low voice
"Soon, soon"
The doctor invariably replied, "Hold on one more time … or shall I give you another local analgesic?"
"… OK"
Strangulation thought for a moment or should come.
While the door was pushed.
Strangulation vigilance looked at the door and found that it was Xiaoya who came in.
I wonder if he was quietly relieved.
"Good morning, Mr. Strangulation!"
Lesser show clean and laugh "you will no longer sleep? This is just a little. "
They operated at 3: 30 in the middle of the night, and it has been four hours since now.
I haven’t slept well for three nights in this strangulation.
But there’s nothing I can do
He can’t shake his head, but he can whisper, "I feel very little."
"Then get enough sleep, too, Mr. Strangulation."
Miss Mermaid taught a serious lesson.
If it’s for the inferior, the repetitive strangulation here will be sprayed back directly-if it moves, it’s probably a punch
To be good at jujitsu strangulation, his fist is a symbol of friendliness. When he really moves his heart, he always touches others with his palm.
But I don’t know strangulation at the moment, but my heart is not as angry as I expected
He tilted his head slightly and closed his eyes.
I probably have my own audible voice muttering, "What a grandmother …"
"What’s the matter, Mr Spider?"
Xiaoya has some concerns about asking questions to the righteous doctor.
"It’s very smooth. The nerve connection is almost finished. There are less than half of the welding contacts and the shell, so it’s no problem."
The man told Xiaoya the words of strangulation again.
Xiaoya thought for a moment and asked accurately this time, "Can you finish it at 9: 30? There will be a cake shop at 9 o’clock in a minute … I want to buy a cake for Mr. Strangulation, but it may be 9: 30 when I come back when the first furnace is ready. "
"Then you should wait in line first."
Dr. Spider simply replied this time, "It’s ten o’clock fast."
-that his mama you said almost finished!
Strangulation feels like my blood pressure is coming
Chapter seventy Whale Man
"Cake what …"
Hear lesser strangulation is frowned low muttered.
Don’t buy me that kind of thing-he meant to say so.
But he was silent for a moment and saw Xiaoya’s sparkling eyes.