Ling Youdao longed for Yan ran to know that things were important and serious. "Grandpa, rest assured that we will solve the troubles in the meteorite waters as soon as possible."

If all the Sendo forces can’t suppress the troubles of foreign Godsworn as soon as possible, those Godsworn will doubt the strength and ability of Sendo forces in various sea areas.
Once we let them know that the forces in the nearby waters are as vulnerable as those in the flying sea, those who are still afraid to come out of the flying sea will definitely come like carnivorous piranhas.
At that time, Ling will have to face a large number of magic monks and be in a very dangerous situation.
Therefore, all the immortal forces including Ling’s must solve the trouble as soon as possible, so as to scare the flying spirit waters, and let them be afraid to pour out of the flying spirit waters early.
Although this is a temporary solution, it is also available at this time. At least, it can be delayed for a while, so that the various Xiandao forces in the nearby waters have more time to prepare.
The more preparation, the more security. Everyone knows this truth at this time.
At this moment, a middle-aged man came in and went straight to Ling Yuansheng and said, "The heads of the fathers have just heard from Baiyun Square City that a magic monk attacked Fang City."
Hearing this, Ling Yuansheng looked shocked and quickly asked, "What happened to Fangshi?"
The middle-aged man said, "Brother Magic Way is a good attack from the outside. Our reaction is fast enough. Many scattered repairs in Fangshi have already wiped out Brother Magic Way in Fangshi and blocked the incoming Brother Magic Way from the outside of the large array."
Those magic monks should be going to surprise and see that they can’t immediately break Baiyun Square City. They didn’t choose to read the war but quickly withdrew. "
After listening to Ling Yuansheng’s cold hum, "Let them escape quickly or the old man will make them look good."
Baiyun Square City is too close to Baiyun Mountain, where Ling’s resident is located. It can be said that Baiyun Square City will build the end of Baiyun Mountain, and the real person of Ling can get to Baiyun Square City from Baiyun Mountain without a lamp of tea.
It is estimated that those monks who raided Baiyun Square City also know that they failed to break Baiyun Square City at one fell swoop and decided to withdraw.
Mu Yan ran wondered, "How can there be a Taoist priest in Fangcheng?"
The middle-aged man said, "Elder, I don’t know. Recently, many people came to our store from Baiguifang, and those who made trouble in the store were almost those who sent them."
Ling has been buying all kinds of resources from Baiguifang City to satisfy himself, and at the same time, he has also given a hand to the very medium-sized forces in Xiandao nearby to send troops to Baiguifang City to purchase resources with the help of Baiyunfang City.
Therefore, the two places have not been banned, but have been running, which makes some magic monks seize the opportunity to directly penetrate into the Baiyun Square city.
In addition to practicing the evil skill, Brother Magic Road is easy to identify, but Brother Magic Road is really difficult to identify, because it is difficult to judge because of people’s ulterior motives.
This makes it easy for the Godsworn to blend in with the Godsworn, and it is also easy for the Godsworn to blend in with the Godsworn.
Because of this, the Godsworn of the Magic Road in the middle section of the Thousand Islands chain, even in the south section, can swagger and go directly to the meteorite waters.
"Grandpa, it’s urgent to ban the sending of troops in Baiyunfang City to prevent more magic monks from directly entering Baiyunfang City through sending troops."
Mu Yan ran immediately said to Ling Yuansheng that the latter nodded, "Then seal it. Anyway, you can’t get much resources from Baiguifang City."
"Send array must be banned is now not only have ethnic Bai Guifang city procurement resources and black dragon door auditions and other forces brother Bai Guifang city.
If we want to ban the sending of troops, we need to inform these forces in advance and ask them to recall their brothers as soon as possible. "
Ling Yuansheng immediately said, "Inform black dragon Gate and other forces to recall his master’s younger brother to do what you have to do when it is urgent to suppress those foreign magic monks as soon as possible."
After the short discussion, Ling Yuansheng flew off to the sea outside the meteorite. He was going to visit the nearby medium-sized forces.
In addition to letting these forces recall Bai Guifang’s master brother as soon as possible, we should also wake up these medium-sized Xiandao forces, and we must suppress those foreign Taoist priests in the sea area or we will be poor in the future.
After Ling Yuansheng left, Ling Youdao immediately called his people and divided them into several teams, each with several monks in the foundation period and nearly 100 monks in the practice period.
They flew out of Baiyun Mountain and headed for all parts of the meteorite waters to wipe out the foreign Taoist priests in the cholera meteorite waters.
At the same time, Ling also urgently ordered the various immortal forces in the meteorite waters to cooperate with each other to clear up the magic monks in the area. If they encountered anything that could not solve the trouble, they quickly reported it to the Ling family and sent then real people to solve it at the shortest time.
Yu Mu Yan ran and she went to Baiyunfang City for the first time after leaving Baiyun Mountain to understand the specific situation of Baiyunfang City.
When she arrived, she saw that many houses had collapsed in Fangcheng, and some mortals were following the orders of the monks to clean them.
Friar Ling, who was stationed in Fangshi, came in a hurry, and his hair was gray and his face looked pale. Obviously, this friar Ling was injured in the battle of the former Taoist.
"The injury doesn’t matter, does it?"
"If you can’t bear it, I’ll let someone come here to replace you. You should hurry back to Baiyun Mountain to recuperate."
I heard that the friar of Ling’s foundation period waved his hand. "That’s it. It can’t be better. Let me do something in my family before I die."
Mu Yan ran nai nodded "ok"
Friar Ling’s foundation period stationed in Baiyunfang city certainly doesn’t know that this person is the highest in seniority and the strongest in cultivation.
If this person is seriously injured, it will be the first time that Ling’s clan stationed in Baiyunfang City is the strongest.
Mu Yan ran learned something from him, and the other party also knew more than words.
She is going to return to Baiyun Mountain, and the other party asks her to look around Baiyun Square and probe it carefully to see if there is a hidden magic monk. If there is something, it is better to solve it as soon as possible.
Mu Yan ran felt that what he said made sense and nodded in agreement with "good"
Then she flew a circle in Fiona Fang, Baiyun Square, and flew three hundred miles in the direction of the sea to explore the situation